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Slipper Cover Set Neckline Cover Slipper Pad Sucking Pad Hug String Ergo Adapt 360 Omni admi (Adumi)
Auction ends 9 hours
Current price ¥2,950 $30
Start price ¥2,950 $30
Buy-now ¥2,950 $30
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller o_yukiko0524 +508
Condition New (Hand made)
Start time 2019-07-18T22:28:26+09:00
End time 2019-07-19T22:28:26+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 197223059
Seller position Kanagawa ken Yokosuka-shi

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Thank you for seeing. * Sliding pad set (The neck cover and the siding cover will be set. ) ... 2950 yen
Please let us know what kind of hug you use at the time of purchase. It is at the bottom of the corresponding career. Also available separately.
There is an additional option.
There is an additional charge.
If you wish, please contact us after a successful bid. * Additional purchase option · Coolant storage pocket · · · 500 yen
* Additional purchase options Styling for hug strings with the same pattern, bodyguard · 1400 yen
(It is the same pattern as the drool pad. )
[Features of the work]
As we use double gauze and towel, it is fluffy and gentle touch. Since the baby's neck is completely covered, the base of the shoulder strap is always clean as it is dirty and often licks the neck. Easy to remove and wash. Not only as a drool pad, but also as dad and mommy's fashion. But the function is firm, you can use it all year round as winter measures as winter measures as summer sweating. You can also enjoy the celebration of your birth. Please feel fluffy and gentle to your baby. [About the material]
Outer material: 100% cotton fabric
Lining ... double gauze
Inside ... towel place
Fastening ... plastic snap
※ Available baby carrier
All made to suit your career. Ergo Original, Ergo Organics, Ergo Designer, Ergo 360, Ergo Adapt, Ergo Performance ,, Beko, BOBA, sun & beach,
Koran CTS, Koranbighi, Koranhagu, Uprika, Combi Join, Scholluk, Cuesbury, Fambury, Fara Baby
Lucky Industry ,, Greco, Manduca, Napnap, ukiuki, Nin Ninna, Theote, Sat, Mamite, On Baby, Action Baby, Huggy huggy, Sank Maniel, Buddy Buddy Side Plus, Lil Baby, Eye Angel, Urban Fan, Symbiay etc. Baby Bjorn one series, baby Bjorn original will be +1500 yen. ● ○ ● Please be sure to read for pleasant transactions ● ○ ●
※ hug strap is not sold. ※ Please feel free to ask questions before ordering if you have any concerns. Of course we will respond in good faith, such as initial failure, and exchange. ※ Because it is a handmade item, there are slight shades of color, individual differences, etc. How to take the dough is always individual differences. Of course there are no significant individual differences. ※ The color of the actual image and the work may differ depending on the light at the time of shooting, etc. The image is a product for shooting. Of course the item you ordered is brand new. ※ About shipping method
 Other shipments will be Kuroneko DM flights. There is also a tracking number. You can use TA-Q-BIN, but additional charges will apply. Please contact us. ※ If you are in a hurry, please fill in the message or remarks column. As soon as you know the size, you can ship the next day depending on the situation. I can not order. Your carrier, storage cover is after lining decision. ※ For neck cover
 It is an original work that has been produced several years ago. I made it for the second woman of the sweat that licks the root of the hug strap. Recently there are counterfeit products
 Customers have many years of experience in use. For sales, we have grown up for many years of customer requests and suggestions. While using it for the mother of four children, it has become the current product while repeatedly improving over the years. If you have any concerns, please request. Thank you very much for watching until the end. Surround pad, sucking pad, teasing pad, birthday, lapping
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