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Seller qdqng385 +2378
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Start time 2018-02-22T23:44:53+09:00
End time 2018-02-23T23:44:53+09:00
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Lot number 233606140
Seller position Saitama

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All the items will not be packed the same. All shipping and transaction methods are listed below.

Thank you for seeing. * It seems that the goods are more visible than the real one. * The things in the photograph are all.Degradation and bruising due to aging. Those who do not mind the state, those who think that it is good to read.* Please confirm that there are comment stated in "state of goods" and "under the photo". * Since it will be kept in a state that it can be individually packed and shipped after exhibition,
There are things that you can not answer to questions that you must unpack. * It is a used article. Those who wish for new items and perfect products, nervous people and those with commitment,
Please refrain from the tender such as those who do not consent to the carriage, those who do not read the explanatory note well.Guide of dealings ★I hope for a speedy and pleasant transaction.

Business navigationIt becomes dealings with. Following the guide after a successful bid,
Please start trading from the highest bidder. About packing ★Basically I reuse things in my house. I can not do packing with awareness like a shop. Moreover, I will not do the same packing even in case of two or more successful bids.
Yu-Mail may open some packaging and ship it.

If you are worried about water wetting by post posting etc
We will arrange for sure "Yu-Pack" by personal delivery.About evaluation ★Only those who got it will be wrapped in comments We will evaluate uniformly. Those who do not need evaluation do not have each other. When it is impossible to contact you, we will call "from neither" evaluation.Shipping flight ★Japan mail handling
Yu-Mail (it may be more than one) 【No pursuit uncompensated】
Yupack 【pursuit possibility compensation equipped】
Because we do not attach special addition (special delivery, record etc) to Yu-Mail
Please use Yu Pack if you need it.*Question and Yu Pack by highest bidder's wishes, please inquire from the question column and transaction message with arrival place.*We will not respond or compensate for accidents such as non-delivery and breakage of delivery flights.*We do not refund etc for excess or deficiency of shipping fee.*It will be shipped after arrival.Guide of payment ★ Payment Method Bank transfer (Yucho Bank, Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank)Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accountsNotes ★*Please contact transaction information within 48 hours after it makes a successful bid, payment within 3 days after it makes a successful bid (excluding weekends and holidays), thank you for completing the transaction within 1 week.

If you do not contact or pay, it becomes cancellation of the highest bidder convenience,
The evaluation of "very bad" automatically sticks from Yahoo! Auction. It is not my evaluation. Those with circumstances please consult from the question column before bidding.
Please disclose your personal information as it will be published.

Please understand beforehand because we will not deal with any circumstances after it makes a successful bid.*Please refrain from the question after it makes a successful bid. Question before bidding please. I will not reply to questions about the stated things. It may be impossible to answer questions just before the end or not noticed. * We do not do dealings other than dealings Navi.*Price negotiation, rose sale, shipping flight change, shipping discount, cash on delivery, cash on delivery, stamp payment, cash voucher payment etc are not allowed.*I will not do leaving, packing same. * We may change shipping flight without notice due to our convenience.*Though we keep in mind the polite dealings, those who are asked for correspondence as shop-like,
Those who ship or hurry please refrain from bidding.*The bid of the worse one of evaluation and those who felt uneasy about dealings may be canceled.*Dealings. No claim, no return, please.*The latest information is described in the self-introduction column so please check.*Matters not stated, matters listed, may not be able to respond with various circumstances. Please note.I am waiting for a bid after approving the above to the highest bidder.

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