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Oh, I was in trouble! Same day shipping PX-435A Waste ink putt replacement kit (without release key)
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥980 $10
Start price ¥980 $10
Buy-now ¥980 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller erjiebao +2246
Condition New
Start time 2019-06-14T18:47:31+09:00
End time 2019-06-20T18:47:24+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 283745407
Seller position Kyoto

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From Japan
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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


1Completed (Printer, bottle not included) After installation 2 (does not include bottle) 3Waste ink putt (not included in delivery)
1Completed (Printer, bottle not included)

1Completed (Printer, bottle not included)

Please wait in front of your computer
We will reply within 1 hour of basics
(May exceed 1 hour in various circumstances)
Waste ink putt replacementkit The release key is not included A work kit to bypass waste ink outside the main unit


A set of waste ink putt replacement tools included

Work, commentary DVD that even preschool children understand
Only now 980 yen (including postageClick post)
Why not use the ink outsideWhat?
This printer has no waste ink disposal area.
I just suck in a small absorption pad at the rear. Look at picture 3. So if you keep using it, it will leak from the absorption pad
To use the printer with peace of mind
Waste ink putt replacement is required
Waste ink error can not be reset with waste ink putter alone
A separate pay cancellation key (another exhibition) is required
Work procedure
Remove the waste ink pad and storage box inside the printer. Install the modification kit sent next and drain the waste ink with a silicone tube into a plastic bottle outside the final printer. The work is done while watching the explanatory video and the manual, so it is easy to do.
Contents of sending
The release key is not included
+ One driver (total length about 9 cm)
-One screwdriver (total length about 9 cm)
One thousand pieces (about 9 cm in total length)
Disposable polyurethane gloves 1 set
Waste ink discharge tube x 1
Tube connector × 1
Connection silicone tube x 1
Specially processed plastic bottle top lid × 1
Drop prevention cord hook × 1
Other necessary tools
DVD (all included in one below)
Replacement kit installation instruction video (wmv)
Replacement kit installation manual (pdf)
Cancellation software (Wic Reset Utility)
Release software operation manual (pdf)
Cancel software operation video (mpg)
Introduction (txt)
Thorough support
Telephone support Even PC beginners & womenWe guarantee remodeling easily.If you are having trouble, please call the seller information phone number after making a successful bid Just connect a special tube to your printer. As we did not damage the body, we can return to security in peace
From the buyer
At first I was very worried whether I could do it with a woman, but when I started I was very explained in an easy-to-understand manner, and all the tools were complete, so I finished the work in less than an hour ♪ Thank you. hin ** zu (187)
It was possible! ! I'm scared to tears! ! Lol
It was really easy to understand. thank you very much! !
It is bothersome to change the waste ink pad many times, and I'm really happy because I was considering whether to buy a new one.
ma ** rnna (8)
Product received safely. We are sorry to give you the waste ink pad work kit for beginners, with tools and gloves. I think that it is an exhibitor of sufficient reliability in dealings that do not have a shame. Thank you very much. t *** uiso (363)
We will support you well until it works properly, and I was relieved! It is a savior of the person who is troubled with the same symptom. go ** eli 9 (247)
It is the second transaction at this time. It is a very conscientious exhibitor, so I think it would be nice if everyone was relieved and applied for. I think that I will be indebted again, thank you. fuji ** 50t (2)
Although I succeeded in today's cancellation, I received an inquiry immediately after making a successful bid, I received an immediate shipment of a kit after payment, and I was also distracted from the progress notification, and it was an exhibition like you could feel the most consideration so far. I will be indebted again by all means! umin ** u8c ** (68)
Thank you for your compliment. Well, it's just your courage to open the back of the printer!
The release key is not included Waste ink error can not be reset with waste ink putter alone
A separate pay cancellation key (another exhibition) is required
● About processing
The printer is not scratched, so you can always restore it

● Installation
Processing is your own responsibility. Not responsible for the results. ● Operating conditions
Windows PC with USB port
Tested on Windows Xp or later
● successful bid
If it is made a successful bid, we will contact you on the notice board within 3 days
In addition, payment will be made in principle within 5 days (except weekends) from the successful bid date. If any of the above deadlines are exceeded
We will file with Yahoo on "canceled by the circumstances of the successful bidder". Automatic evaluation of customers on YAHOO system
Please understand that a "bad evaluation" will be sent
Sending method
Click postFree shipping (included in the price)
Trackable · Delivery on Sundays and holidaysDealings will be made within one hour basic
(Except midnight and early morning),
Delay in notification of YAHOO, in personal circumstances
May exceed 1 hour☆ If payment can be confirmed by 3:00 pm, basics will be shipped that day
It is as the evaluation column evaluates quickly from many people
(It may not be possible to ship on the same day such as weekends)Please forgive the bad evaluation for the reason of being late.
method of payment
■ Yahoo! Easy settlement
Please choose your preferred payment method from Yahoo! Easy settlement credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer etc
Antiquarian permit Kyoto Public Security Commission No. 612351630005
Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
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