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Oh, I was in trouble! [Basic same day shipping] PX-435A Waste ink pad replacement kit (no release key)
Auction ends 9 hours
Current price ¥980 $10
Start price ¥980 $10
Buy-now ¥980 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller erjiebao +2329
Condition New
Start time 2019-08-13T16:00:19+09:00
End time 2019-08-20T16:00:19+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 283745407
Seller position Kyoto

Cost estimation



From Japan
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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


① Completion (excluding printer and bottle) ② After installation (excluding bottle) (3) Waste ink pad (not included in delivery)
① Completion (excluding printer and bottle)

① Completion (excluding printer and bottle)

Waste ink pad replacementkit Release key is not included A work kit that bypasses waste ink outside the main unit.


Includes a set of waste ink pad replacement tools
Included work and commentary DVD for kindergarten children
980 yen for now only (including postage)Click post)
Why ink should not be taken outWhat?
This printer has no waste ink disposal place,
Just sucking into a small absorbent pad at the rear. Please see photo ③. So if you keep using it, it will leak from the absorbent pad
To use the printer with peace of mind
Waste ink pad needs to be replaced
*The waste ink error cannot be reset only by replacing the waste ink pad.
Separately paid release key (separate listing) is required
Work procedure
Remove the waste ink pad and storage box inside the printer.. Next, install the remodeling kit you sent, and discharge the waste ink with a silicone tube to the PET bottle outside the final printer.. The work is done while watching the explanation video and the explanation book, so it can be done easily..
Sending contents
Release key is not included
+ One driver (total length approximately 9cm)
-One driver (total length approximately 9cm)
Thousand sheets, one (total length approximately 9cm)
1 set of disposable polyurethane gloves
Waste ink discharge tube x 1
Tube connector x 1
Connection silicon tube x 1
Specially processed plastic bottle top lid x 1
Cord hook for preventing fall off × 1
Other necessary tools
DVD (all included in one disc)
Replacement kit installation instruction video (wmv)
Replacement kit installation instructions (pdf)
Release software (Wic Reset Utility)
Release software operation manual (pdf)
Release software operation video (mpg)
Introduction (txt)
Thorough support
Phone support Even PC beginners & womenEasy remodeling is guaranteed.If you are in trouble, please call the telephone number specified in the seller information after a successful bid Just connect a special tube to your printer. Since the main body is not scratched, it can be restored with confidence.
From buyer
At first I was very anxious about whether I could do it, but when I first started it was explained in a very easy-to-understand manner, and all the tools were in place so it took me less than an hour to finish my work ♪ Thank you. hin ** zu (187)
I did it! ! I feel tears and tears! ! Lol
It was really easy to understand and smooth. thank you very much! !
I'm really happy because I was thinking about purchasing a new ink pad over and over again..
ma ** rnna (8)
Goods received successfully. I'm sorry to give you a waste ink pad work kit for beginners with tools and gloves.. I think that it is an exhibitor who has enough reliability in dealings. Thank you very much. t *** uiso (363)
I was able to rest assured that we had good support until normal operation! I ’m a savior who ’s suffering from the same symptoms.. go ** eli9 (247)
This is the second transaction. Since it is a very conscientious seller, I think that everyone should apply with peace of mind.. Thank you for your support.. fuji ** 50t (2)
I succeeded in releasing today, but I contacted immediately after it made a successful bid, shipped the kit immediately after payment, the progress report was also frequented, it was an exhibition that felt the most consideration so far. I will definitely take care of you again! umin ** u8c ** (68)
I received a compliment. Now you just have the courage to open the back of the printer!
Release key is not included The waste ink error cannot be reset only by replacing the waste ink pad.
A separate pay release key (separate listing) is required
● About processing
The printer itself is not scratched, so you can always restore it
● Installation
Processing is at your own risk. We are not responsible for the results. ● Operating conditions
Windows PC with USB terminal
∙ Operation confirmed after Windows Xp
● successful bid
If you make a successful bid, contact the bulletin board within 3 days
In addition, please make payment within 5 days (excluding weekends) from the date of successful bid.. If any of the above deadlines are exceeded
”Procedure to Yahoo at“ Cancellation due to successful bidder ”. Automatically evaluated by customers on YAHOO system
Please understand that "bad evaluation" will be sent
Sending method
Click postFree shipping (included in the price)
Trackable ・ Delivery on Sundays and public holidaysTransaction contact will be made within 1 hour
(Except midnight and early morning),
YAHOO notification delays, personal circumstances
It may take an hour☆ If payment can be confirmed by 3:00 pm, we will ship the same day
The evaluation column is as quickly evaluated by many people
(Saturdays and Sundays may not be able to ship on the day)Please refrain from bad evaluation due to delay.
method of payment
■ Yahoo! Simple settlement
Please select your preferred payment method from Yahoo! easy settlement credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer, etc.
Antique dealer license Kyoto Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 612351630005
Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
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