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Over 798 times better fuel efficiency★the★ UCF21UCF11UCF31UCF20UCF10UCF30 Arte content GXE10 Mark 2 chaser JZX100 Estima Alphard
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Seller pcjr +21901
Condition New
Start time 2019-04-23T00:52:48+09:00
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Lot number 322904016
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★Air conditioning performance of the Up・fuel efficiency★
★Air conditioning performance of the Up・fuel efficiency★

★Air conditioning performance of the Up・fuel efficiency★


Yahoo!オークション 2010年5月度 出品マスター ゴールド Yahoo!オークション 2010年6月度 出品マスター ゴールド Yahoo!オークション 2010年7月度 出品マスター ゴールド

Yahoo!オークション 2010年8月度 出品マスター ゴールド Yahoo!オークション 2010年9月度 出品マスター ゴールド Yahoo!オークション 2010年10月度 出品マスター ゴールド

ヤフオク! 2014年4月度 出品マスター ゴールド ※ It is continuous gold master more than 50 months from January, 2010.

Super-large-capacity, high-speed capacitor
Equipped with the latest electric storage EDLC capacitor!
Next generation EDLC specification!Strongest 798 times! ******Guidance****** Gas prices the national average also goes down all
More than your car's fuel efficiency increase per year of gasoline to significantly reduce the have,
"Fuel economy improvement device" Super-ETR high spec・high grade version created. Fuel economy by 10%~30%increase due to the addition of gasoline to 130 units/L to you and your wallet also will be pleased by it!
From the launch,
20000 or more(ETR / EDLC Series)Let me sell you a repeat (family, friends etc)
Purchased and received great popularity. Please try!
・ 2 stations, 3 stations socketCan also be worn.

Other manufacturers are also in magnificationCalculation method is the sameis. MoreoverThe latest high-speed EDLC withsoLarge capacity not to compare! Overwhelming high power than old electrolytic capacitor products of other makers!Easy installation in 10 seconds with a cigar socket type! It does not cost expenses such as advertisement expenses, More than thatHigh performance partsWe are carrying.<< equipped with high performance parts >> Please be careful about cheap inferior goods. Domestic car · foreign carRegardless ofAll car correspondence(Title is for search)

"Review"It is this sales result in!

Easy installation Improved fuel economy! Demonstrate maximum power for your car!

Latest model strongest high performance / high quality high spec
798 timesVersion Cutting-edge, next-generation parts of the era
EDLC Loaded-
High power overwhelms other manufacturers (electrolytic capacitor products) We will offer you low prices. General road"Town riding"The latest type that also supports multi!

------------------------- With EDLC,

"Long life",
In case
"Small size",
In case
"Large capacity",
In case
"Durability against charge and dischargeThere is]

It is a new product developed with the latest technology. The performance of storage capacity has been dramatically improved, so Electrical system stability · Acceleration / low torque · Audio quality improvement
Demonstrate its power!
To demonstrate the effect with our own technology and development capability
A very high effect is achieved with the optimum configuration!

Thorough analysis of other companies' products!
Achieve Optimal Design with Integration & Solution
We pursued further effects than other companies' products!
Equipped with next-generation parts EDLC different from other companies' products (electrolytic capacitor products)!
We have achieved 798 times the amazing. EDLC, cable, etc., relay without direct contact portion connected to
Stable high performance in..
Do not incorporate extra equipment such as negative ion equipment,
In order to improve the original performance of all products, without multiplying commercial costs such as publication of magazines,
Selection of high-performance parts to achieve high performance and high quality!
Although there seems to be a product incorporating a negative ion device although it is the same product size, Negative ion devices effective in car space can not be incorporated. (It will be bigger than the fist at least if you make it using the parts in the world)

Developer's"Commitment"It was designed and developed.

The main effects that can be expected are as follows. ① Engine torque · Power up ② Improve fuel economy
③ Engine response improvement
4 battery life up ⑤ Improve sound quality and sensitivity of car audio
⑥ Reduction of car audio noise · Sound quality up
⑦ Increase the brightness of the headlight
⑧ Reduction of power-down when using air conditioner ⑨ Improvement of engine startability ⑩ Reduction of electrostatic bee (11) Reduction of shift shock of automatic transmissionDuring idlingofEngine vibrationWill be quiet tooFuel consumption improvement of "air conditioner operation time"Can be expected further

Gasoline price has also become 160 national average price. If you can improve the fuel efficiency of your favorite car more!
If you are traveling 10000km a year, by improving from 8km / L to 10km / L,
You can cut costs down to 30,000 / year!
Therefore, as a product that can be easily attached by anyone, fuel efficiency improvement and torque improvement can be obtained,
More than 26 times the capacity of Hot Inazuma Pocket! We developed high power type products.

High spec798 times type! Available for all vehicle types (domestic cars, foreign cars) It is a very popular high power type!
Please try!

Equipped with best-in-class high-performance EDLC.

・ 2 stations, 3 stations socketCan also be worn.·This product is a general purpose product,"Regardless of domestic car, foreign car" It can be attached to all cars. The titles are some examples that have been well received by the fitted vehicles.

This product is an electrician for many years engaged in the professional developer in the product development,
Reasonable price for sale in our establishment..

・ Because it is installed in the car ・ ・ ・ ・ The main body (capacitor storage part)
・ Lightweight compact size that is about one size larger than single battery
We designed it. ・ High quality high power EDLCAdopted! ・ We adopt built-in fuse of safety circuit.Please do not worry. ● From low rotation to high rotationFull supportToMulti typeAnd we are.

● Installation is easy. ① Just install it in a car cigar socket. It will not take as long as 1 minute. Even on rainy days OK!
It corresponds also to cigar socket of 2 series, 3 series type.

■ Super lightweight It is designed to be lightweight and compact so that it can also be mounted on a motorcycle. The size of the capacitor storage is about one size larger than the size of the AAA battery.

■ With installation instructions! It is safe with installation instructions!


Thank you very much for your very popular reception.Dedicated car "Earthing system" "Electrical equipment" includingResearch on fuel economy improving equipmentOn a daily basis for high-performance products
I have been allowed to sell it. Also, thanks to everyone, in 2003
15th anniversary in October 2018 from the start of fuel efficiency device salesCan meet. We are also selling the "Super-ETR Series",Total number of sales2,0000 or moreWe let you sell,
I have received very popular.

We are looking forward to your continued support of this product.

"Example of improvement in travelable distance"

(Driving situation / condition / depending on the condition of the car)

"Example" Before installing the cigar plug ○ Average 7 Km per liter
○ Annual travel distance approximately 10,000 Km
○ Regular gasoline unit price 1 liter 140 yen

Annual 10000 Km ÷ 7 Km / 1 L =Approximately 1430 liters a year is required.

"Example" After installing the cigar plug ○ Average 9 Km per liter
○ Annual travel distance approximately 10,000 Km
○ Regular gasoline unit price 1 liter 140 yen

Yearly 10000 Km ÷ 9 Km / 1 L =It will be about 1111L a year!

Annual difference 319 L × 140 yen = How about45,000 yenofYou can save money!

Various types of products are "under exhibition". Please choose according to your car / budget! Please check other products from [★ ★ Click here ★ ★] below.

=========================================================== =================

● Ultra large capacity type A =>10 times Type(It is a new high performance type. The cost performance is popular well for further fuel economy improvement, power up!)

● Ultra large capacity type B =>26 times Type(Newly developed ultra-large capacity type, best-in-class spec that further evolved. Fuel efficiency improvement, it is a very popular product for power up! )(It is not a design that simply increased the capacity, but it is an optimum design for cars by selection of carefully selected parts. I also supports light cars. )

Long-awaited! Now on the topic of the next generation of parts EDLCofStart selling new products!It can not be manufactured by a manufacturer without technology. ● Ultra large capacity type C =>798 times Type(The next-generation parts EDLC is installed, the best specifications far beyond electrolytic capacitor type products. Improve fuel economy, power is now popular item of attention! )(It is a design that demonstrates powerfully to the performance Up of electrical system due to the amazing improvement of the storage capacity. )

▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽★ ★ Click here ★ ★▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽

=========================================================== ================= === How to transfer === "Yahoo easy settlement"=== Shipping cost === Non-standard-size mail : \250Yu-pack:¥730~(In case of non-standard-size mail, there is no guarantee of trouble during transportation) Yu-Pack facilities available [Delivery from Hyogo Prefecture] (Non-standard-size Mail,2 or more pieces are uniformly 300, therefore any quantity, the shipping flat rate is) In addition, consumption tax, successful bid fee are not necessary at all. (It is transfer of winning bid + shipping only)

Very delightful voice has arrived from everyoneI will introduce you! ※ We will give you the permission of publication and introduce the impressions received from customers actually used. ***************************************● Domestic and foreign cars in general Used car dealers Customers from sports cars to minivans are very popular with customers! Hiace / Alphard / VOXY / Serena / Elgrand / Mark X / Crown / Sienta
Celsior / Supra / Mark II / Skyline / Cedric / Notes / Tiida / 180 SX / cube
Odyssey / Step Wagon / Thats / Fit / Bamos / MPV / Atenza / Premacy / RX-7 / Benz / BMW / Alfa Romeo / Mini

Always I am indebted. We recommend it to customers who sold cars and have installed many, but it has been very well received. We handle several kinds, but the best reputation is good and we propose with confidence.There is also the same type of socket type, but by far the cost performance is overwhelming at the highest level.Hokkaido IJ***************************************

● Nissan Serena16 years I will run Swiss in a feeling that the body of the BOX car got lighter.

You were very helpful the other day. It is an impression after installation. Honestly I was surprised!
As soon as I installed it, the sense of acceleration increased at once. It is as if it is not a BOX type car. I switched from a sports type car to such a type of car, but I was deeply impressed by the long time! Thank you!
MB in Mie Prefecture

● BOXY14 years The city ride is also GOOD. Long distance fuel efficiency is more GOOD.

It is a long time ago. I informed the thing that acceleration was good, but it is the result of fuel consumption after running 1000 km. This is it. It's GOOD. It is roughly a town ride, it got better by 1 to 2 Km / L. With high-speed riding, 2 Km / L is always. During this time, when I got on a long distance to Shizuoka, the best record! , 3 Km strong / L is getting better ~ ~. It is great. It will be Very GOOD because season long-range ride will increase. Acceleration of the city ride is GOOD as usual. K. I. I

● Estima13 years You can get it right away. I did cheap shopping.

I took a lot of it. This item is cheap. Because the car body is a heavy Estima Depends on how you step on the accelerator
The fuel economy was getting worse soon. However, after installing Thunder God, fuel efficiency has improved. ■ Improved from 10 Km / L to 12 Km / L. Because I am using it for commuting, I ride about 3000 Km in a month, so I got about 4000 petrol fee a month. Now the product fee is free (free). Family members are delighted with the help of households. Next time, I will also attach it to my daughter's car. We will also recommend you for acquaintances during the Bon Fest holiday, so thank you again. M. Y I

● Serena 19Model year 1.5 times the fuel efficiency ofAchieved!・ I bought this fuel consumption improvement cigar plug, thinking that I could improve the fuel consumption as much as possible with the recent rise in gasoline prices. And for the first time after purchasing the oil from,purchase before 1. 5 times the fuel economy improvement was recorded!
This Goods is other goods more cheaply also respond quickly and polite,it is recommended that you buy it..

● Stream15 yearsImpressed by the rise of high revolution! ! !

I was impressed. ETR is the best!. . Honda exceeds the original acceleration? What? This acceleration. Acceleration was fine from the beginning, but I can not believe it will still be so good. I can not wait to see the tachometer 's prey. Super satisfied. I thought it was "2 pieces" attached. It did not change dramatically, but it certainly got better. This bodily sensation ultra super satisfaction. One car of HONDA car

● Legacy B4 Turbo Turbo's acceleration is restored. No complaints.

Hello. I was sorry to trouble you because I was not able to make a deal. I received goods. I will report it as soon as I tried it. · Acceleration: It is five ★. A little car was getting old, but it revived. Speed ​​and torque to get in close contact with the seat when it comes out and the Turbo hangs. There is no complaint. · Audio: It is five ★. Audio is the latest model, but its sound quality has also improved. It is as described. The reverberation and elongation of treble is outstanding. · The engine is also stable. · I did not feel knocking. I'm looking forward to the reactions around the party. B4 Phu

● Porsche Carrera Dynamic car driving after installation.

We are indebted the other day. I'm worried since before, as I'm working on cars,
We purchased RAIZIN which is rumored among the concerned parties. It did not disappoint expectations in the rumor and the street. Cheap but bulky body. Dynamic car driving after installation. With the heavy tone from the muffler increased more than before, I'm running a love car Porsche just feeling it while feeling the wind. You can feel comfortable running and high fuel efficiency even with the Benz in place of our home. I will also be fitted to the next car. that's all. Ashiya (stock) representative

● Odyssey13 years Even when the air conditioner is fully opened, it is perfect.

Thanks. I always felt this season was a drop in accelerator response when the air conditioner was fully opened. Especially when everyone gets on, the air conditioner is fully open including the rear. But, after attaching the thunder god of this rumor, it was released from frustration. Everyone was surprised to drive in turn (laugh). Besides that, I was able to experience acceleration / acceleration response improvement. It is a surprise and pleasure to have this effect with a little investment. I think cost performance is best for the best. Especially this season is an essential item. I will order again at a time so please take care of that time. Saitama M. Y I

● Chevrolet Camaro Run Camaro swiftly with Swiss.

High exhaust volume Camaro. In retrospect, it was not easy to find anything. There is a guy who has captured this kissemono brilliantly. Something is wrong. There certainly was a change. Pull this heavy snail of Camaro swiss and run it excellently. What is that···. This tremendous splendor. I'm getting more and more into Camaro. Kumamoto I. T's

● ToyotaHiace16 yearsI used a different product before, but the effect is quite different. H16 Toyota Hiace wearing it. Fuel consumption improvement, improvement of the sound quality of the audio, the growth of the beginning has changed considerably!
That's a great word. Even before, I used a different product, but the effect is quite different. I tried replacing it with a few cars of my friend,
Everyone was surprised. I replaced it and was right!
Kanagawa Prefecture NK(Changes from other auction items)

Legacy B 4, RX - 7 (FD 3 S)I installed it. The torque was improved, and it was an outstanding effect. I am satisfied, thank you. ● Today the item arrived. It was a nice feeling to install it immediately. In addition, please. (Volkswagen Golf) ● I am indebted. I was able to experience that the torque rose immediately after installation. Thank you very much. ● The product arrived and installed immediately. Idling became quiet and stabilized. I am looking forward to driving. Thank you very much.(BMW) ● I was surprised that the idling was so stable and the blow up was better! (11 years Integra) ● Torque from the start · Accelerating pushing up is the best. I was impressed to have such an experience. Thank you very much.(Gloria Gran Turismo, March)● What kind of equipment is it! Acceleration feeling coming up with this scurzkan, Feeling which has never before
I was able to feel. I draw out the secret power of my car.
(Estima Lucida)● Excellent effect. I'm happy with weekly driving, is not it ~. Turning on, I put it on all my family's cars! It is perfect. It is a really good product.(Crown, Ipsum, Passo) I appreciate your kind response. Moreover, the performance of the product is also wonderful. Although it ran the car for 80,000 km in 3 years, I was deeply moved by the torque up all over the area and the comfortable rise of low and medium speed!
I was surprised that I put it on my friend's car. It is a very satisfactory item. Everyone likes friends, so please do again.
(Elgrand, Primera, Odyssey)

We are doing many happy reports etc etc!The product is compatible with all vehicle types (domestic cars and foreign cars). In addition, depending on the model year and condition of the car, there is no guarantee that all the effects are there.

High grade high specStrongest 798 timestype!Further demonstrate the performance. Highest fuel efficiency! Very popular!
Please try!

Thank you!

▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽★ ★ Click here ★ ★▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽

Thank you for many nice ratings!

Everyone has experienced the high power of EDLC products!

6 months planning a new 128 times fuel consumption Up Hiace 200 Series 100 series Prius comment:Sorry for the late evaluation. Thank you for the hand of love for me who was in trouble because the item did not arrive. It is a wonderful shop truly conscientious. When I tried to attach it to the old Toppo BJ, it ran comfortably even with the air-conditioner, and the fuel efficiency was up to 11 to 12 km / l, which was 9 to 10 km / l in the past. (Evaluation date: 15:31 on July 23, 2011)Reply:Thank you very much for your transaction. It was good to be able to confirm the fuel consumption improvement and to be useful. The power of the powerful power of carefully selected parts different from other manufacturers. (Evaluation date: 22:06, July 24, 2011)

7 on planning a new 128 times fuel consumption Up Hiace 200 Series 100 series Prius comment:I received the product yesterday. I am very happy with the effect I used it for the day yesterday. When you raise a car please again. Thank you very much. (Evaluation date: 22:30 on July 23, 2011) Reply:Thank you very much for your transaction. It was very good to be satisfied with the effect again. The power of the powerful power of carefully selected parts different from other manufacturers. (Evaluation date: 22:05 on July 24, 2011)

The latest type 26 times! Fuel consumption Up _ Legend KB 2 Fit GE 6 Insight Zest comment:The product arrived the other day. As a result of using it, I am worried that the battery will keep running even after the engine is turned off, but I am very happy because the speed of the car became easy to come out so that I could understand it without any problems while driving. Thank you very much. (Evaluation date: 20:55 on July 24, 2011)Reply:Thank you very much for your transaction. Moreover, I was very satisfied with the powerful specifications different from other manufacturers' products and it was good to be useful. (Evaluation date: 22:01 on July 24, 2011)

★ ★ Latest type _ Strongest 78 times Fuel efficiency improvement up / Sound quality improvement / Noise cut ★ ★ comment:Thank you for your kindness this time. We compared other advertising with products doing flashy, but the performance of this product is overwhelmingly so much that it can not be compared at all
It was expensive. I think that it is still the strongest product. Everyone is really satisfied. I think that the price is also conscientious and you can get original. We will continue to ask you to repeat, so thank you! (Evaluation date: 22:52, August 13, 2011)
Reply:Thank you very much for always taking care of me. Thank you for your feedback. It seems that you always experience powerful specifications that are different from other manufacturers' products.Thank you in the future.(Evaluation date: 20:41, August 18, 2011)

The best 78 times better fuel efficiency Fried GB 3 GB 4 Fit GE 6 GE 7 GE 8 GE 9 Civic comment:I will write honestly what I thought after installation. The accelerator response is light and can be accelerated smoothly. Also fuel economy is about the normal 5. 8㌔/L from May 7. 2㌔did you know..... (Evaluation date: September 16, 2011 0 o'clock 11 minutes)Reply:It was very good to help improve fuel consumption with multiple cars. I am very happy to experience the power of high power that other manufacturers do not have. Thank you in the future. (Evaluation date: September 17, 2011 0 o'clock 33 minutes)

8 months planning a new 128 times fuel consumption Up Hiace 200 Series 100 series Prius comment:Benz E500 is! Catalog value 7. 9! I 7~7. The 5-position is currently 8~8,5 not. I think that there are people who are suspicious and cautious like me, but I think that this is buy and there is no loss. I'm not even riding while thinking about gasoline, but I'm pretty happy (^_^) (Evaluation Date: September 27, 2011, 23:49)

This product isYahoo auc! All-in-one listing tool "Oak Town"It is sent at.
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