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★ new Iwako eraser BOX Japan-made snowman snowman snowman fun eraser
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥100 $1
Start price ¥100 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller bcckun +3572
Condition New (House custody)
Start time 2019-09-15T21:12:30+09:00
End time 2019-09-22T21:12:30+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 357493739
Seller position Okayama Prefecture

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Thank you for seeing. Buy new: is "Iwako eraser BOX snowman". About 3.2cm. Please forgive me some errors because it is amateur measurement. Here it is a house article in custody because I need your help by those who can understand, such as fine scratches and initial dirt. Although I have specified points that I noticed, please understand that I may have missed it. ★ so many other are being exhibited products, or would like to join us?
Dispatch, but we believe the postal non-standard-size 120 yen (with no compensation) in simple packaging to the extent that wrap in plastic so as not to wet, please consult if there is the dispatch method of hope to other. We recommend a shipping method with tracking and compensation to avoid problems. If you wish, please be sure to let us know your preferred shipping method in the question column or in the trading navigator first. We will contact you again for shipping costs. (However, it may not be possible to respond, so we recommend that you check in advance from the question column). Payment canceled when no compensation dispatch do not receive the goods, please refrain from. (If you press the missing button, it may be in the form of payment cancellation, so please do not press it. ) If you need reinforcement with an air cap or cardboard, please be sure to let us know at the first navigation. If you do not have it, you will be charged the actual cost, and if the weight changes, the shipping cost may also change. I will correspond within the possible range. ◆ If there is little evaluation, new one, or if you decide that this is inappropriate, we may delete it. If you are new, please be sure to let us know your purchase intention in the question column. We will delete it if it does not exist. ◆ Only those who can receive money within 3 days from contact & successful bid within 24 hours from successful bid so that smooth transactions can be made. (If you do not contact us within 24 hours, we will cancel by "successful bidder convenience". )
◆ no claim, no return, I hope in a no cancellation. (The cancellation after a bid is also sorry, but I will carry out the notice)
◆ Since it becomes amateur survey with respect to shipping, if different from actual postage, please understand that it does not do It does not make difference claim travel deals. ◆ The shipping cost specified in the product details is mainly for simple packaging. ◆ In the case of exhibition of a new product or an unused product, no responsibility can be taken even if the product is defective or the battery is exhausted. Please bid only if you are still good. ◆ If there is no particular contact you (for tracking and compensation, etc.), but I have indicated as much as possible cheap postage, I think you to be able to understand that no compensation will dealings. If the item has not been received by the shipping method without compensation, please do not press the button that you can not cancel the payment. In the unlikely event that it is pressed, you will be required to pay in another way. ◆ Air caps and envelopes used for packaging are reused. ◆ handing is not possible. ◆, etc., etc. exchange of business communication, when here was the successful bidder to feel the anxiety, but the delivery method will change, such as in some of the with delivery record and compensation, in this case plus shipping content is of the highest bidder I hope in the bear. Please give me a bid after approving these points.
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