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■ PS2 SONY genuine D terminal cable ①
Auction ends over
Current price ¥780 $8
Start price ¥780 $8
Buy-now ¥780 $8
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xxeeoo +4683
Leader j*j*p***
Start time 2019-07-17T21:03:01+09:00
End time 2019-07-17T23:04:43+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number 398766637
Seller position Saitama, Saitama prefecture

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■ PS2 SONY genuine D terminal cable ①
Description of item ・ Cable only
・ Initial operation confirmed
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
● Several other items are exhibited. If you make a successful bid together, the shipping fee will be discounted, so please see my booth.
Notes ● Please read before bidding ●
※ I am going to display the scratches etc.
There are individual differences in how to feel the wound. Therefore, it is possible that the state is worse than what you imagined.. Those who care too much about the state, nervous people who care about trivial conditions, please refrain from bidding to avoid trouble. ■ Please offer a bid after understanding that it is a used item to the last. ■ Basically I need your help by a no claim no return.. (This is not the case if we have a habit.. )
■ If there is no special note, there is no plan to pay by postage or hand. ■ We do not sell roses for products sold as a set.. ● If you have any questions, please ask a question. ● You may not be able to answer books, games, etc.. ● We do not accept discount negotiations from the question column.
Shipment details Letter pack plus¥ 510Letter pack light360 yenClick post185 yen
■ We plan letter pack plus light, click post. Since it will be a shipping method without compensation, we will correspond to other shipping methods with compensation if you wish. Please contact us separately. ■ For those who wish to ship without compensation, such as non-standard-size, ゆ う mail, click post etc.
Thank you. We do not have non-delivery at present, but if non-delivery occurs, please specify only those who can check and contact the shipper etc. by themselves.
Payment Method Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
This item's guide is "■ @ spot sale kun 5.00 ■It was created with.
Since it has otherwise sent, please have a look, if very well.
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