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KFC Suzie Zoo Mug 2 pieces set 2012
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥500 $5
Start price ¥500 $5
Buy-now ¥500 $5
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller reuse_analogue +23216
Start time 2019-05-20T20:18:43+09:00
End time 2019-05-26T20:18:43+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number b194876349
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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■ State Rank "B"

■ Specifications, etc.
Size: φ 9.5 x h 6 cm
Accessories: This product has no accessories other than those shown in the photo. What is reflected in the photograph is all. Restrictions: There are minor scratches

■ Rank Description
(N +: unopened article, N: unused item, A +: almost new article, A: pretty used, B: normal second hand, C: dirt / scratch stand out, D: junk, damaged item)
(Junk is absolutely no guarantee in the sense of garbage · garakuto · no returns)

■ Please be sure to read before bidding ■

  • ■ recycled secondhand goodsThis is a web recycling shop. We exhibit products purchased from the general public (Osaka Public Security Permit No. 621281402750). Scratch, dirt, feeling of use according to rank. Even in the rank of N or more, the contents may have scratches and dirt on the exterior etc even in new condition.
  • ■ Simple check ■Please offer a bid after acknowledging it beforehand because it does not check perfectly to offer cheaply.
  • ■ 1 month warranty ■Product warranty for one month from the date of bidding. In the case of check omission, defects, breakage within the period, malfunctioning, returned goods correspond (except for junk items and expendable items).
  • ■ Reserve Included OK ■Even if any number of end dates are different reserve OK. Shipping charges will be bundled. Exhibited items with the following IDs are included in the package so please do not hesitate to contact us.[reuse_analogue] [reuse_analogue 2][reuse_analogue 3]
  • ■ same day shipping by 11 o'clock payment procedure ■Ships same day as payment procedure by 11 AM. However, shipping on weekends and national holidays will be closed.
  • Temporary holiday ■ Self-introduction pagePlease check the schedule with. Shipment, contact, payment confirmation etc can not be done, it will be corresponded on the next business day.
  • ■ Reusable packaging material ■Please note that re-use products etc. are actively used for packaging materials.. We also provide sufficient water wetting countermeasures and shock countermeasures, and we will do packing that takes into account the contents of the product as much as possible.
  • ■ Post office is OK ■
  • ■ Specific record correspondence ■

■ About dealings ■

  • ■ Before bidding ■When there is an uncertain point certainly please question from Q & A before bidding. Please note that we can not answer any questions including personal information such as e-mail address. Please see all the explanation of this page and offer a bid after consent.
  • # After the bidding successfully #In dealings Navi, after selecting your desired delivery method, please payment procedure. If you have a request for enclosed hope, promise by Q & A, and other dealings, be sure toBefore payment procedurePlease inform me from the transaction message column.
  • ■ Bid cancellation · cancellation · returned goods ■In principle we can not accept cancellation of bidding. In case of cancellation with highest bidder convenience before shipping, we will perform "Deletion by highest bidder convenience" processing. In this case, since bad evaluation automatically enters to the successful bidder from the auction system in advance please understand it. In addition, in the case of returned goods with the highest bidder convenience after shipping, you will be responsible for the refund transfer fee and the return shipping actual expenses.
  • ■ Our contacts ■Location: 5-5-31-216 Nanko-ku Suminoe District, Osaka City Representative: Kazunori Goto TEL: 06-6614-7564 (weekdays 10: 00-17: 00)
  • Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions LawHere(It is the same content as above description).
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