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HG 1 / 144 gouf ignited (EVA) [未組mi立te Edition]
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,200 $22
Start price ¥2,200 $22
Buy-now ¥2,600 $26
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller uji_ss +1281
Leader Q*a*Y***
Condition (It is an inner bag unopened item)
Start time 2018-12-02T18:55:24+09:00
End time 2018-12-08T20:54:56+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number b214245167
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture
HG 1 / 144 gouf ignited (EVA) [未組mi立te Edition]

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Thank you for your interest in exhibiting ■. ☆ HG 1 / 144 gouf ignited (EVA) [未組mi立te series]. ○ For the collection item adjustment, we will exhibit. ○ after purchase, in unopened bags that is what saved the remains of. For what was saved in * individuals out-please understand beforehand the scratch box, pain, etc.. (Those who care about the state of the box as a collection item, please be careful)
○ Although the delivery method is planned for the following method, please consult as we will consider if there is any other method that is desired. (However, please acknowledge it beforehand because there are delivery methods that can not be used due to size, shape and other problems depending on the exhibit)
* For the three types of Yu-Pack, there are differences, such as shipping fee date, whether date can be specified, anonymous shipment, size upper limit, etc. (Specifically, please check with the following explanation)
※ In case of this single bidding successfully, the packing size is scheduled to be 80. (1) Yu-Pack (Otaru Version) ※ Although it responds, there are times when you receive some days until shipping because the reception desk is far away. ※ It is limited former payment. On account of the window, we do not ship Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays. Basically, we will limit size 120. Individual counseling will be required if the size exceeds 120 due to shipping etc. It will automatically be anonymous shipping. In addition, it is not possible to specify the only date in the Yu-Pack type. (2) Yu-Packs Mahohari ※ Prepayment is limited. On account of the window, we do not ship Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays. ※ In terms of specifications, basically the size will be the upper limit, and in order to receive some notification services you will need to inform us of your email address. ※ If you have hope for delivery date / time zone, please inform us your request in the transaction information column. (3) Yu-pack (special charge) ※ advance payment is limited. It is possible to ship even on Saturday, Sunday and a public holiday. Basically, we will limit size 120. Individual counseling will be required if the size exceeds 120 due to shipping etc. ※ If you have hope for delivery date / time zone, please inform us your request in the transaction information column. (4) Non-standard-size mail (500 yen for shipping fee, +160 yen for specific tracking request) ※ For convenience of the window, we do not ship Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays. Although it is subject to size 90 by the standard of Japan mail, it is targeted to something of about size entering 380 × 420 mm envelope due to our shipping convenience. Also, please understand that the packaging method will be somewhat simpler because of the delivery method whose price changes by weight. * Yu-Pack Various shipping fees will be as follows. · (1) Yu-Pack (Otaru version) ※ Please confirm the specific shipping fee in the price list of the link destination in the delivery method column. · (2) Yu-Pack Maho share ※ It is actually equivalent to Yu Pack (Otaru version) that is not anonymous practically. * Since the continuous discount is applied after 12/1, it is the most inexpensive way in most cases as a courier service. . (There are discounts by post office receipt as a service ※, but due to specifications that are not easy to use too, we will not correspond for the time being. ), Hyogo Prefecture: size 60. 558 yen, 80. 747 yen and 100. 972 Yen area A (Kinki, Tokai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, and Shikoku): size 60. 603 yen, 80. 810 yen and 100. 1017 B ¥ ARIA (Kanto-shinetsu-Kyushu): size 60. 693 yen, 80. 900 yen and 100. 1107 circle area C (Tohoku): size 60. 810 yen, 80. 999 yen and 100. 1215 Yen area D (Hokkaido): size 60. 1197 yen, 80. 1386 yen and 100. 1602 circle area E (Okinawa): size 60. 1035 yen, 80. 1278 yen and 100. 1521 Yen fee * from 12 / 1.. Wait, buy it now bid earlier, ships vary. And (3) than other cheap with Yu-Pack (special rates) * 120 larger sizes are often. Moreover, shipping on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is possible only in Yu-Pack type. Hyogo Prefecture: size 60. 719 yen, 80. 908 yen and 100. 1,132 yen, size 120. 1348 circle area A (Kinki, Tokai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, and Shikoku): size 60. 764 yen, 80. 972 yen and 100. 1,177 yen, size 120... 1,402 Yen ARIA B (Kanto-shinetsu-Kyushu): size 60. 854 yen, 80. 1060 yen and 100. 1267 circles the size of 120... 1493 circle area C (Tohoku): size 60. 972 yen, 80. 1159 yen and 100. 1,375 yen, size 120. 1591 circle area D (Hokkaido): size 60. 1358 yen, 80. 1546 yen and 100. 1762 circles the size of 120... 1979 circle area E (Okinawa): size 60. 1195 yen, 80. 1438 yen and 100. 1681 circles the size of 120... 1915 Yen
○ If transit accidents that still available at our. Please contact the shipping company. (Please note that no guarantee or tracking method)
○ If sold in multiple listings, as much as possible with capable efforts please contact. (Leaving for enclosed will correspond to within 5 days from the first successful bid)
* Although it is rare, though, I think that it is a rare case that a large box that exceeds size 120 is necessary due to a large number of successful bids, and if there is no corrugated paper of exact size that can be reused even more, I will purchase a cardboard box So there may be times when you ask for some time and purchase actual expenses of the box. ○ When shipping, we will package as much as possible using bubble wrap, old newspaper or other cushioning material so that damage will not occur during delivery, but basically the designation of the packing method is based on individuals Please be advised that we can not accept it. (You can choose whether or not to use the cardboard box only when notifying multiple packing sizes)
* Depending on the shipping method, the packaging may become the minimum due to the size and weight relationship. ※ Please understand that packaging materials including cardboard are used for recycling as much as possible. ○ As soon as payment can be confirmed, shipping is usually done within 2 days (non-standard-size mail etc excludes Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays due to window contact), but to respond by using amateur's leisure to the last There is a possibility of being late. ○ In the case of the shipping method in which the shipping cost changes by weight or size, we will inform you of shipping fee by rough estimate before packing. Therefore, although there may be a difference between the shipping fee you paid and the actual shipping fee, even if there is a case, please understand that we can not respond to refund of shipping costs etc. (If difference occurs, we will allocate it to expenses such as packing materials)
Those who are worried that the difference may occur occasionally, please refrain from bidding. ========================
○ Since this exhibition uses dealings Navi, please contact from the highest bidder after a successful bid. In addition, please contact us beforehand with a transaction message before entering business navigation for bundling hope and shipping method consultation. Please note that due to system specifications, there are items that can not be changed once input. ○ About the evaluation after the end of dealings, we are going only for those who normally do evaluation. Those who do not need evaluation, please be careful not to evaluate here. * Excluding cases such as bid cancellation by highest bidder convenience. * Please acknowledge that other dealing methods can not correspond. (For example, correspondence of the payment method other than the above, and early termination of the commodity not deciding prompt decision price etc are not done)
※ We do not ship overseas. (Seller will not ship internationally...) * cancelled preferred bidder must contact within 3 days after the auction, may be cancelled. ========================
○ Because it is preservation · inspection by an amateur, there may be an oversight etc. ○ Since it passed over to a person's hand once, please bid it only for those who can understand. 0 no claim, no return, please. ○ Dealings with extremely bad evaluation may be allowed to withhold. Then thank you very much.
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