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Koizumi Kyoko ♪ sing! sing! sings! TIMELESS WORLD! 2 vol set mill around on the
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Current price ¥1,300 $13
Start price ¥1,300 $13
Buy-now ¥2,600 $25
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Seller fuzitaka7 +1295
Leader c*I*.***
Start time 2018-11-10T21:28:23+09:00
End time 2018-11-13T21:28:23+09:00
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Lot number b324573483
Seller position Tokyo

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Koizumi Kyoko ♪ sing! sing! sings! TIMELESS WORLD! 2 vol set mill around on the
Description of item VHS video Koizumi now Kyoko ♪ sing! sing! sings! TIMELESS WORLD! 2 vol set mill around on the (1) Koizumi's child sing! sing! sings! (5500 Yen w/tax) (2) Koizumi children TIMELESS WORLD (3378 Yen w/tax) in total volume 2, is a product of 8,878 Yen. Product was purchased as a collection, so only dubbing using the purchase early and at play in fewer viewers, much better. Keep on the Bookshelf was long term storage products per case dust, dirt, etc.. The yellowed and Tan felt. At the time confirmed the playback image of the deck (Toshiba SVHS deck) that no issue in the speech, video. * Product listing the photo reference please. * If questions, such as what chance upon the arrival of the goods before the assessment please contact the. * Relationship, such as mischief, a replacement of the contents, we cannot accept returns.See if you encounter a difference information description and physical errors, mistakes and misconceptions, we will prioritize the physical state.
Notes * New and evaluation 5 or less tender are prohibited. However, if you purchase decision capped posts questions ago bidding on this as long as there are no. * If you cancel a bid by the details of the transactions in the past.. ★ use trading information after the end of the auction, please first contact the highest bidder. ★ rapid response (to end within 12 hours after the initial contact and the next day settlement) are available for bidding, please. ★ * products you receive always received confirmation please. • Be personal listings, auction specialist are no. Products or transactions particularly nervous, fine cannot accommodate more information about us, so sorry, but please refrain from bidding. * * Auction is perusing the goods description and notes and understand the contents of this auction please. Please bid with your consent in question is in principle no claim, no return questions. Please refrain from bidding is even a little fear, distrust,.
Shipment details ☆ yavneko: 60 Yu ☆ nonstandard-size (nonstandard): less than 1 kg (without delivery guarantee) * email is not available. ☆ payment confirmation, shipping will before the day. (Japan post is above plus 1 day on. ) ☆ card payments will be Yahoo after it has shipped. (Review the past approximately half a day takes about. )-Adjustments occur in stated shipping shipping, but will not be liquidated, bid on the consent to you please.
Payment Method Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts Payment methods are described above only, not for cash on delivery. be careful.
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