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W923.EPSON/ Colorio printer / ink-jet multifunction machine / EP-707A / L-size ~ A4 / wireless LAN (Wi-fi) /1.44 type / high-quality six-color / copy
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,000 $50
Start price ¥5,000 $50
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller katadukesense01 +6520
Leader N*i*y***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-05-20T19:08:00+09:00
End time 2019-05-27T19:08:00+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number b382786863
Seller position Kameoka city, Kyoto prefecture

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Description of item
Dimensions (approximately): W39 × D33.8 × H16.3cm
Weight (approximately): 5.9kg
Made in 2014
SD, is available USB connection does not have confirmation
Copy only we confirmed
It is seen overall flaws
For more information, please check with the manufacturer, etc.
ProductSpecification information← manufacturerHPSuch
This product is D rankProduct rank (There are items with no rank description)
A:New article · unused item.
B: Near unused.
C: Second-hand goods, but there are no noticeable scratches or dirt.
D: There are some scratches and dirt for second-hand goods.
E: There are many feeling of use such as scratches and dirt for second-hand goods.
F: Overall condition is bad.
☆ Please be a reference degree as it will be subjective evaluation by individuals.
※ Confirmation required ※ There are a lot of inquiries below (I have stated in the terms of the transaction)It takes time to pack if you are replying. Please note that we do not answer.Q When will you send it? A day can not be promised, but it is within 2-8 days after payment. Q We want you to send early A I always pack quickly. We are sending in order so please wait. Shipping takes up to 8 days. ※Please contact us before bidding if you are in a hurry.
■ State
New, unused, second-hand goods Any repayment / returned goods will not be supported for any reason.
Please tender after understanding it as a thing with dirt, scratches, stains, wear, rust, aged deterioration
It is current delivery including the point that we do not notice, oversight, lack of explanation.
We can not respond to refund / returned goods for any reason. Please acknowledge it beforehand, please bid it. * Since the state depends on individual differences, I would appreciate your reference level. ※ There is a possibility that there are other troubles and accessories defects. ※ After sales service is not done We are completely selling out. ※ It is not detailed operation guarantee as it is only simple confirmation of only electricity supply, operation confirmation product such as electric appliances. We do not check the operation of all switches, buttons, functions, plugs, etc. ※ The thing in the photograph will be all. ※ Please also check the following notes. (We regard as having agreed upon after bidding and after bidding successfully)
■ Other
I need your help by a no claim no return.If you have trouble understanding the terms and conditions, we will respond in good faith
Delivery / packing method
This product is scheduled to ship in the 100 size.
◆ Because it will be packing after payment, there may be a plan size and an error
Please note that we will not make additional payments or refunds.
◆ Shipping fare is based on the above shipping size, for your own trouble prevention
Please check the charges of each shipping company even if it is more troublesome than the following URL etc. (From Kansai / Kyoto)
Regarding shipping, we plan to ship within 2 ~ 8 business days after paying the successful bid price.Packing will be simple packing using used cardboard etc. If you wish to specially pack strict packaging we will separately charge the packing fee. ◆ We do not cope for trouble prevention except the mention contents such as bundled, e-mail facilities, postage cash on delivery, cash on delivery. We have basically refused direct pick-up except for products specified by us. (Please contact us if you are near or more than one successful bid)
◆ Non-arrival, damage, etc. ◆ For prompt shipping, it may be shipped by a different supplier from the shipping company you are planning
Please note that there is no change in shipping etc.
About payment
■ Total payment
Successful bid + shipping = total payment (consumption tax not received)
If there is a special request request on the occasion of the transaction, there is a case to be charged separately.
◆ ◆Payment within 3 days after a successful bid] I am asking. We will prepare to ship in order of payment (shipment will be delayed if payment is delayed)If it takes more days, please contact us. If there is no contact, we will [canceled by the successful bidder convenience]. We sincerely hope to deal with you, thank you for your cooperation.
We refuse cancellation after it makes a successful bid.
It is a transaction condition 確認 be sure to check before bidding ↓ please be sure to read our self-introduction.
I personally exhibit while enjoying Yahoo auction. By minimizing maintenance and cleaning and reducing labor and expenses
We do not offer services and quality like stores because we are selling at low prices. (The product may be dirty)
Terms and conditions are absolute. There are no exhibitor and successful bidder up and down. (Please do not bid for your mood)
Please refrain from bidding if you can not keep the terms of the transaction, nervous, or if you are concerned about the details. (Not a good deal)Bids are requested only to those who can strictly adhere to the exhibition page contents and transaction conditions.
Please be sure to check your self-introduction, I write the necessary information for the transaction. If there is any trouble in understanding the terms of the transaction, I will solve the problem with sincerity
I do not correspond at all to the person who has not read the condition, the rudeness, the rude attitude, the rudeness and the rudeness that the trade terms are ignored.
☆ Please send me a greeting after making a successful bid so please check ☆
Because Yahoo auction is not the main business, in relation to work
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, New Year holidays can not correspond. (As per the basic calendar)
I am asking questions on multiple accounts and confirming successful bid information on weekdays, but there may be a delay in reply.
workWe send greetings from us to those who made a successful bid for efficiency
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
◆ shipping method will be only our designated contractor. .
We are planning to ship within 2 to 8 business days after confirmation of successful bid price payment for shipping.(Excluding weekends, summer holidays, and New Year holidays)
◆ Correspondence date and time 【[10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays]
◆ There are people who call me sometimes but it is very annoying. I will never refuse the phone!(If you call us even if we refuse, we will stop dealing and respond as annoying,
We will report to Yahoo!
Although it describes a lot of details, please understand that it is to avoid trouble.Those who bid and make a bidding will correspond as dealings as those which you consented to above description. - Please give me my evaluation.
Evaluation will be evaluated in the same way. Evaluation unnecessary, only from us evaluation
Please let me know so I will withhold.
Sorry to trouble you, but please notify us if evaluation from us has not been done.
■ Other
Since we have sent several treasure products and various kinds of products
Thank you for registering new arrival notice!
Since it has sent variously besides this product cheaply, please check it at once (^ ^) /
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