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Oh, trouble! Basic ships same day PX-404A waste ink pad exchange & waste ink error release
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,980 $20
Start price ¥1,980 $20
Buy-now ¥1,980 $20
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller erjiebao +2360
Condition New
Start time 2019-08-14T21:12:11+09:00
End time 2019-08-21T19:44:39+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c611547388
Seller position Kyoto

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① complete (printer, does not include the bottle) ② waste ink error ③ waste ink pad (not included in delivery)
① complete (printer, does not include the bottle)

① complete (printer, does not include the bottle)

Waste ink pad exchange&Error releaseBypass the waste ink to the outside of the body (bypass) Then at the same time
This tool kit to release error


Waste ink pad exchange rig accessories
Paid release key × 1 are attached.
(This alone equivalent to 1,250 yen)
Work-commentary with a DVD that can be seen in kindergarten
Now only 1,980 yen (including postageClick post)
◎ Why error release is the need?
Epson's printer to prevent the leakage from the absorbent pad, and are using
Out error that waste ink error, all the feature is turned off, it will not do anything. (In this manualsmallHas been written)
When this error is using a long printer, you get always. In it is 1,980 yen (including postage)
To recover in 10 minutes
Why useless and does not emit the ink on the outerWhat?
This printer has no place discarded waste ink,
Just so sucked into the small absorption pat on the back. Please look at the pictures ③. So to continue to use it come leaking from the absorbent pad
In order to use your printer with peace of mind
Waste ink pad exchange & error release both is required
Work procedure
Inside the printer waste ink pad, and remove the storage box. Next, attach the retrofit kit that was sent, to the outside of the bottle of the final printer, and then discharge the waste ink in a silicon tube. It works because you do while watching the Reference and commentary video, you can easily.
Error releaseprocedure
Free cancellation
When the operation beginning video as the following site, it will be immediately displayed in the usage percentage of the waste ink pad. Download sitehttp://supportweb0709.main.jp/If you enter a trial (TRIAL) as a release key, it will be reset to the available 10%
(Only once)
This trial (trial) may not be released by the model, etc.
Paid release
(Description of the release software)
★ Wic Reset Utility (new version)wifi, can be released in a wired LAN connection
USB cable, such as the old is unnecessary
(However, the type of USB connection only required)
And installed on your computer the above-mentioned release software from the DVD, if you enter a release key send the Reference and YOUTUBE video as a reference, the error is released, restored printer is available. Paid release key is I will contact you in dealings Navi
Easy operation while watching the commentary video accessories + instruction manual that can be seen in kindergartenWhen we have a problem of will telephone supportAfter a successful bid,Telephone number of successful bidder informationPlease contact
Release key to reset once can not be used twice
Release of the actual sales 9.99 $ (1,250 yen) key × 1 piece !! accessories
(No expiration date)
Cancellation can be a personal computer environment
Windows PC with a USB terminal
Windows Xp and later Tested
Mac, but Linux is not supported because there is no environment
Released software can be downloaded from the following. (Release key is available in the common)
Send content
Unlock key
Release key × 1 one !! (This alone equivalent to 1,250 yen)
Please contact me from dealings Navi
+ Screwdriver (total length about 9cm)
- screwdriver (total length about 9cm)
Awl one (total length about 9cm)
Disposable polyurethane gloves 1 set
Waste ink discharge tube × 1
For tube connection connector × 1
Connecting silicon tube × 1
Special machined plastic bottle lid × 1
Dropout prevention code hook × 1
Other necessary equipment
DVD (following all included in the one)
Replacement kit installation instructions video (wmv)
Replacement kit installation instructions (pdf)
Released software (Wic Reset Utility)
Released software Operating Instructions (pdf)
Released software operation video (mpg)
Introduction (txt)
Thorough support
Even PC beginners & WomenAnd effortlessly guarantee the clear error & remodeling. And telephone support To release the error in the software to send, only connect the special tube to your printer. You can revert to the original with confidence because you do not have to scratch the body
○ case, some people do not know the difference between the lower case
Success cancel the copy and paste also telephone support in those who do not know
Telephone support over ○ Okinawa and Miyako Island of the successful bidder and two days. ○ elderly as the successful bidder's over four times, but was dating a half-day, successfully completed!
○ This is also other successful bidder and many times on the phone support, was successfully completed.
From the purchaser
Although the beginning was very anxious whether I even can the women, are described very clearly When I started, Thank you ♪ tool also was also working quits in less than one hour because I have everything. hin ** zu (187)
Thank you very much. I was able to safely release. A quick and polite, is the best seller like even in my dealings. Really Thank you very much. Also please let us dealings when there is a chance. jboy12 ** 1959 (322)
I was able! ! Tears of gratitude to is likely to tears! ! Lol
It was really easy to understand and smoothly. thank you very much! !
I'm really happy because that change the waste ink pad over and over again was considering what to buy in a tedious and new.
ma ** rnna (8)
Products, was received successfully. Tool is also even with gloves, the waste ink pad tool kit of exactly beginners in Mashi transfer it Kudasari, it is proposed to excuse me. I think that it is reliable enough exhibitor in dealings there is no graduation. Thank you very much. t *** uiso (363)
I firmly support until the normal operation, you can rest assured! It is the savior of the people who are in trouble with the same symptoms. go ** eli9 (247)
Second it is trading at this time. Since it is a very conscientious seller like, I think that may be subscribed is everyone peace of mind. Also, because I think that will take care, thank you. fuji ** 50t (2)
Although I was succeeded in the release today, as soon as We contact after a successful bid, payment after the kit is also ship immediately, elapsed contact also will be the beans, was the most consideration is felt exhibition like ever. Be sure to also Thank you for your help Ne! umin ** u8c ** (68)
We understand you praise with. Well, only if you have the courage to open the back cover of the printer!
● For processing
Because I do not have to scratch to the printer, you can return at any time based on

● Mounting
Processing, use of the waste ink bad cancellation software is self-responsibility. Also in the release target of the printer, the successful bidder of finesse and PC installation history of
By the registry and the personal computer environment, it may not be able to release rare cases. We are not responsible for the results. ● Operating Conditions
Windows PC with a USB terminal
Windows Xp and later Tested
● successful bid
The dealings connection on the bulletin board within If awarded 3 days
In addition, payment, asking is added to the principle within five days from a successful bid day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). The above If you exceed any of the time limit
We procedures to Yahoo in the "canceled by the successful bidder's convenience.". YAHOO on the system, to your evaluation automatically
Please note that the "bad evaluation" will be sent
Sending method
Click postFree shipping (included in the price)
Trackable, Sunday, national holiday also delivery☆ If a payment check will take up to 3 pm, basic, and then shipped the day
It is as is our assessment and quickly from many people in the evaluation column
(And it may not be shipped, such as Saturdays and Sundays)Evil evaluation on the grounds that the delay was, please pardon.
method of payment
■ Yahoo! Simple settlement
Please select your preferred payment method from Yahoo! easy settlement credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer, etc
Antiquary permit Kyoto Public Safety Commission No. 612351630005
Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
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