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Book and piggy bank.
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Seller siro3333333333 +2648
Condition New
Start time 2018-02-21T12:55:37+09:00
End time 2018-02-22T11:55:37+09:00
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Lot number c641784253
Seller position Tokyo

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Book and Piggy Bank
Description of item
  • Piggy bank for coins
  • Convenient key attachment

Piggy bank for coins, imitating English dictionary mini type!
You can use it as a glove compartment. It is safe because it has a key. About 200 coins for 10 yen coin, about 240 sheets for 100 yen coin, about 120 coins for 500 yen coin can be saved. You can put it in a desk, book shelf, display shelf, etc. with an interior feeling. 【size】
Product size: 114 × 80 × 45 mm
Weight: 260 g
made in China

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