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☆ Bulk Rice ☆ Yamagata Prefecture Daehan Mountains Farm Eco Farmer Cultivated to Exceed Special Cultivation Special Cultivation of Organic Compost Application 4.5 × 2 × 19
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Seller position Yamagata ken Southern Shonai Plain

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☆ Bonus ☆ September 29 Heisei 30 Harvest
Yamagata Prefecture Shonai Plain (at the foot of Mt. Aeha mountain) Solar farm production
Beyond special cultivation and close to organic cultivation Princess Tsuya
I will introduce you.
Our farm, we have been aiming for delicious and safe rice production for 30 years.
Eco Farmer certification is acquired. Certification number D1-2392
What is Eco Farmer
Submit to the prefectural governor "Plan on introducing highly sustainable agricultural production method"
It is the nickname of the farmer (certified farmer) who received the certification that the introduction plan is appropriate.
On our farm we can cultivate ourselves and be ecstatic to be "delicious!"
I've been working on rice making.
Especially stick to taste and safety and cultivate.
This Tsuyoshi
It also has sweetness and also tastes dry as moist, so it also appears in the taste.
Considering things of those who can eat with brown rice, it is a safe and delicious rice of fine pesticide!
<<< Cultivation method About special cultivation beyond special cultivation >>>
In order to grow healthy growth of each seedling
For example, how to raise general seedlings
A method to put 20 people in the 8 tatami room and grow it up
It is how to grow general seedlings
How to raise our seedlings is a way to give eight to tatami room for 3 to 4 people
Growing seedlings in an environment that can be spared
Like healthy seedlings and planting in a rice field
We are raising aiming for rice making even more delicious.
As a cultivation method of our farm
Special organic active silicon material to derive the vitality of rice &
Utilizing ripe organic compost which is said to act on the sweetness of rice
It is said that it relates to the taste of rice, the water that raises rice
We have you from the mountain of 2000m class Longe Mountain where remaining snow remains in summer.
There is a fertilizer called "snow" that the area where snow falls in thus went in during the winter.
It will be useful for cultivating rice.
The growth method itself
It is growing by cultivation method which treasures about one share and one stock about twice as much as the cultivation of ordinary farmers.
About agricultural chemicals, we are cultivating farm pesticides that minimize agricultural chemicals.
Although the number of basic agricultural chemical ingredients of general rice cultivation farmers is 20 components
In the case of special cultivation, it is decided as 10 components of 50% reduction.
This rice is reduced to 2 components of insecticide 0.5 times, 3 components of herbicide 0.7 times, 5 components totaling 1.2 times
Pesticide concentration is also half the standard concentration
I cultivate beyond special cultivation.
<<< Storage >>>
For dry adjustment, far infrared ray drying.
Storage and storage in rice state where rice does not get bad even after years
We are keeping high quality storage at a store with temperature easy to rice.
<<< About shipment >>>
Shipment is sent directly from the shipping farm of the Yu-Pack
We will ship rice milling and stone removal.
In order to provide rice which is as delicious as possible, usually polished rice is shipped two hours before shipping
I try to ship in a state with high freshness.
The reason for 4.5 kg is because it is polished and reduced by about 10%.
If you win a bid on the prompt decision price
We will increase by 10% and ship by 5 kg x 2!
The more polished rice is, the more rice is delicious
We will polish as much as possible as much as possible!
Shipping fee
Kanto · Tohoku 850 yen
Hokuriku Tokai 950 yen
Hokkaido · Kinki 1050 yen
China · Shikoku 1,200 yen
Kyushu · Okinawa 1400 yen
I will send it out.
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