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☆New☆ Yamagata DEWA mountains at the foot of the eco-farmer is a special cultivation over that cultivated organic compost applied for the special cultivation and the Princess 4.5㎏×2⑲
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☆New☆ Heisei 30 years 9 Months 29 days harvest
Yamagata 庄内平野(DEWA mountains at the foot of the) solar farm production
Special grown beyond organically grown close to and Princess white rice
To introduce.
The farm, food safety, rice products aimed at 30 years will.
Eco-farmer certification. Number D1-2392 No.
Eco-farmer is
"Highly sustainable agricultural production methods on the introduction of the plan"to the Governor submitted to the
The adoption plan is appropriate shall be of the certified farmers(certified farmers)this nickname is..
The farm is their cultivation as"delicious!" And I eat can
Rice worked on.
And the taste and safety of this grow.
This one and the Princess
The sweetness also was dry and the tailoring of taste to it all..
Brown rice is eaten for those who think,fine of pesticides a safe and delicious rice to me.
<<< Cultivation method specially cultivated beyond even special about planting >>>
Seedlings one by one healthy in order to grow
Can and common seedling grown Japanese
8 tatami Mat room with 20 people and it'll all grow methods
General of the seedlings grown in
Our seedlings grown by 3 to 4 people to 8 tatami room to give our
And in an environment that can grow seedlings
Healthy seedlings in the rice paddies planting in such
More delicious rice based on the aim of how to grow as.
The farm of the cultivation methods as
The life force of pulling out the special active organic silicon materials &
The rice, the sweetness of that act and said, ripe organic compost to use
Rice of taste involved is said to be a growing and water is
Even in summer snow remain 2000m level of the sacred mountains by our.
Snowy areas this winter for the"snow"with the fertilizer there..
It is also the rice cultivation of loving you..
Growth method itself
Usually farmers grow more than about 2 times the number of shares one share to take care of the cultivation methods to grow.
Pesticides about pesticides, minimized fine-pesticide cultivation.
Common rice cultivation farmers of pesticides the basic number of components is 20 ingredient in
Specially cultivated in 5% of the 10 components are specified in the.
The rice pesticides 2 component 0. 5 times the herbicide 3-component to 0. 7 times for a total of 5 Ingredients 1.2 times to reduce
Pesticide concentration standards-half of the concentration of the
Special cultivation over cultivation.
<<< Storage >>>
The drying adjust, the far infrared ray drying.
Storage・storage for many years to come and the rice is not go bad paddy in the state of
The rice and the temperature of the warehouse is a high quality store and manage all.
<<< Shipping >>>
Shipping is Yu-pack of shipping from the farm direct
Rice milling・stone to ship.
Your delicious rice for providing the usual rice order 2 hours before
The freshness of the high status of the shipment by.
And,4. 5kg as is rice with 1 assigned to the most Reduce for it..
The Buy It Now Price in the auction if you have
1 premium amount 5kg×2 in the ship!
Polished as how rice is delicious
All shipping on the verge of rice milling experience.
Shipping fee
Kanto・Tohoku 850 yen
Hokuriku・Tokai 950 yen
Hokkaido, Kansai 1050 yen
China・Shikoku 1200 yen
Kyushu・Okinawa 1400 yen
I will send it out.
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