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Burberry Blue Label ★ logo included ★ trainer ★ pink ★ Burberry
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,400 $14
Start price ¥1,400 $14
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller aquarius_oan1979 +0
Start time 2019-04-21T20:44:51+09:00
End time 2019-04-22T11:01:18+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number c740551438
Seller position Kyoto
Burberry Blue Label ★ logo included ★ trainer ★ pink ★ Burberry

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Manufacturer name / product type
Burberry Burberry Blue Label
The size display is about 38 cm in bust about 38 cm in shoulder width and about 58 cm in sleeve length and about 53 cm in length. (It is true size. ) (It is flat measurement. There may be some errors. )
Product features, status, etc.
The material is acrylic, Tencel. Logo is in the chest. There is tape with logo on the inside of Eri. I think there are no particularly noticeable stains. It is made in Japan with a tag of Sanyo Shokai.
Payment and shipping, shipping supplements
Shipping costs outside the fixed form will be 500 yen. Yu-pack size will be 60 sizesShipping time
Shipping time is within 3 days from the day when payment can be confirmed in case of bank transfer and postal transfer. However, in all cases Sat, Sun, holidays and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Bon holidays are excluded..
Please give me payment within 4 days after the end.
In the case of shipping and leaving collectively, in the case of the first dealings, please transfer it first.. (If you can pay in advance, you can extend it. )
As for the shipping method, we ask for shipping by non-standard-size mail or Yu-pack. In the case of non-standard-size mail, there is no compensation by mail accident etc., setting of delivery date, and inquiry number of mail. In the case of Yu-Pack, there is compensation. Please note that it will be the successful bidder's responsibility if a mail accident by non-standard-size mail occurs.. Mail service, fixed-size parcel mail (EXPACK 500 and letter pack 350, 500), simple parcel mail (pos packet), BO BOON, Yahoo home delivery, sending by various courier services is refused. In addition, in the case of cash on delivery, we usually refuse because we often come back due to receipt refusal. I will carry out communication of dispatch in dealings Navi. If you need an evaluation, please contact us.
About outside the fixed form
If it is outside the fixed form, we will measure the weight at home to calculate the shipping cost, so in the case of a subtle weight please note some errors.
If you notice the difference in advance, we will try to return it in a stamp, etc. as much as possible, but errors sometimes occur depending on the opinion of the station in charge, etc.. In that case, we have refused refunds etc.. In addition, because Yu-pack is shipped by pickup, there is no carry-in discount.
Packing is done using cardboard, wrapping paper, and paper bags of reusable products from supermarkets, etc. but not all products use cushioning materials.. If you would like packing with cushioning material, bubble wrap, etc., the packing fee or shipping cost will change, so we will answer if you contact us after making a successful bid..
In the case of non-standard-size mail, please note in advance that there is no product warranty or compensation..
In addition, when there is a mail accident, we will report to the post office in charge of shipping, etc. but we can not respond to refunds etc..
Requests / Notes Other
About the answer to the question
If you have any questions in the question column, we will answer as much as possible..
If the answer may not be in time but cancellation is refused if it is tendered. I have not basically answered the question for the product after it makes a successful bid.
About the product
About the product I am selling things such as my own and acquaintance friends family. Most things are purchased through shops, thrift shops, bazaars, auctions, etc.. We have confirmed that it is genuine to the person who gave you each as much as possible, but please rest assured that it will correspond by refund including shipping fee and deposit fee if there is a fake copy by any chance.
Since I am not a trader in personal buying and selling, I do not get 8% of commission and consumption tax. The winning bid + shipping will be the amount you receive.
If you are new, people with a lot of bad evaluation, etc. We may cancel the bid by this judgment.
In addition, since it is basically USED, I will not accept returns basically except in the case of complete uselessness and mixing of fake copy etc..
I intend to check the product firmly, but some of the stains and scratches on the check leak (small tears) may have a smell when stored or have a feeling of use.
In that case, unless you are in a state where it is not possible to use it, we do not recommend bids for those who care about it, as we have refused returns, refunds, etc..
Expressions etc. may differ in how they feel from the successful bidder, even in relation to the condition of the product etc. In this case, we can not respond to any claims..
In the case of returned goods at the convenience of the successful bidder other than mixing of fake copy, please understand that we will deduct the shipping fee, transfer fee, return shipping fee, system usage fee etc from the refund amount.. There is also the possibility of receiving returned goods etc. in the case of being unusable due to a fault here etc. In that case, the refund will be returned as to the item price and the return shipping fee, and will be returned regarding shipping fee and deposit handling fee. Can not do. Also, in case of a return, we will send the product first and we will refund you after checking the product here.. Please bear the postage which it takes in that case. Also, in case of trouble with the product that could not be confirmed when it was sent, we will charge the shipping fee for the round trip again..
We refuse the cancellation of the bid and the cancellation after the successful bid for any system usage fee introduction for any reason.
The display that it takes for a specific commerceSelf-introductionPlease refer to the.
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