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▲Noise reduction and power enhancement in fuel economy and torque improvement! "Q5・A8・Q7・A1・A1 Sportback・the A3 sedan・Q3・RS3 Sportback・RS3 Sedan・RS4・S3
Auction ends 2 days
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Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller kota512 +26747
Condition New ((Initial failure only returned goods exchange possible))
Start time 2018-11-20T20:10:41+09:00
End time 2018-11-22T20:10:41+09:00
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Lot number d298185341
Seller position Saitama Prefecture Kawaguchi-shi

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Gasoline is high!*** Want! And wailing for you to come
Industry No. 1 of the cost performance! Chronicles!
Fuel economy raised by・of to good・the audio quality of up・air conditioner at the start of the engine lighten the load on your have・up at the start to nimble on or off at the time of Data want to eliminate the・other. Engine engine system・electrical system・improve the wish to recommend.
! Yahoo auction sale price limited period!
From 2003 started production and sales for our C-Max series is,thanks to 100000 units and has a proven track record with many clients from a loved product. We put emphasis on opinions and requests from clients, convinced from electric theory,Industry No1 the cost of performance was bornKaka Ultra C-Max-mis.
Ultra C - Max - m 's amazing electrical performance is
Latest EDLC 500,000 μF
Built-in EDLC deterioration prevention circuit
Four types of voltage noise absorption circuits including special cores
Automatic return high current breaker fuse installed
Confirmation use LED mounted
★ Ultra C-Max-m Special price ★ only now for this amazing content
The effect of wearing
● Town ride - Improve fuel economy at high speeds
● Improvement of torque and power in all areas
● Stability of idling
● Improvement of accelerator response
● Smooth engine start
Reduction of shift shock of automatic vehicles
●Air conditioning operation during power-down decrease
● Increase the illuminance of the headlight
● Quality improvement of car navigation liquid crystal screen
●Car audio sound quality of the built
● Improve life by reducing the burden on the battery
Fuel economy improvement is cost effective
Fuel economy improvement for example: 1
Month 5000 yen gasoline use if you
Fuel economy improvement 5%
5000 yen x 5% x 12 months = 3000 yen savings
Fuel efficiency improvement example:2
Month 5000 yen gasoline use if you
Fuel economy improvement 10%
5000 yen x 10% x 12 months=6,000 yen savings
Fuel efficiency improvement example:3
Monthly 10,000 yen gasoline use if you
Fuel economy improvement 10%
10000 yen x 10% x 12 months=12,000 yen savingsFuel economy improvement 10% improvement only,in Example 3 years 12000 yen of savings
Capital expenditures (ultra C-Max-m Purchase cost)is only 3~4 months in it
After it is all savings income and.
* Each fuel efficiency improvement, for example, a car's condition and driving situation depends on.
Installation is easy! Connection time to the battery terminal only about 5 minutes
Cumbersome mounting of the changes. Terminal against all the nuts out・the screw is a long nut to remove the air in it・you don't have them. Adopts a convenient Y terminal when attaching to the terminal
In many opinions from customers, loosening the nut when installing it in the battery terminal → easy mounting just realized.

Compatible vehicles are your car
Domestic cars:foreign cars:motorcycles (12V battery-equipped vehicle)The model listed in the title is for search.

● Amazing product content aimed at the industry's top class Cospa ●
By adopting the latest EDLC 500,000 μF for the capacitor, the battery has been greatly reinforced.Capacity is "hundreds of times" large capacity of similar models using ordinary electrolytic capacitors. Furthermore, we installed an electrolytic capacitor for EDLC reinforcement. EDLC is widely used as next generation battery. Hybrid CAR・emergency power supply (UPS)・electric vehicles, etc. are widely introduced.

We introduced the industry's top electric noise absorption function circuit!1: Fundamental voltage absorption by special core
2: Reduction and absorption of high voltage by film · metallized capacitor
3: Reduction and absorption of fundamental voltage by multilayer capacitor system
4: Noise feedback circuit by Schottky diode
Electrical noise reduction and absorption function, why is it important?
*Noise absorption is why the effect of a high one?
Generally absorb noise(take)and hear audio other than no is--
Think many will think it is a big misunderstanding in....... The reasons are as follows. Noise (ground noise) raises the potential of ground (0 V). If the ground (0 V) becomes several volts, current flow will fail. (Instantaneously it may become voltage of 12V or more. At that moment no current flows
It will be in a state. It leads to serious deterioration of power characteristics such as plug ignition misfire time etc. )
This reduces the characteristics of the electrical system, torque: power: it is a big cause that leads to a drop in fuel economy. Others There are many possible obstacles to electrical systems due to noise.

Wearing state · Performance anxiety reliefAre you sure you are wearing it? Are you working really well?Wearing condition checkYou can check that the installation is OK if it lights up after installation.Performance confirmationIf you want to check, remove one side (+ or -), and if the LED is lit for several hours (over 2 hours) there is no problem in performance.*The LED is illuminated by current consumption is only 0. 001A the battery on a day out.

Troubleshooting fuse replacementAutomatic restoration without trouble Adoption of large current breaker fuse
Fuse is necessary for safety. If the reverse connection is made even for a moment, the fuse has to be burned out for protection and it must be replaced. The replacement was also the replacement is troublesome, easy also have a replacement fuse with no so what and I in....... Automatic restoration By adopting a large current breaker fuse, this troubles was solved. In addition, we realized large-current release charge compliance.

Built-in EDLC deterioration prevention circuitEDLC promotes deterioration in inrush current. By incorporating deterioration prevention function, we made it possible to ensure the original lifetime of EDLC. For unmeasured items, it will be about 1/2 of the original lifetime of EDLC. It is inevitable that the effect of deterioration advances is reduced.

Multiple loadingOf course there is no problem. With 2 units installedUltra C-MaxYou can expect an effect equal to or better than. With 5 units installedHyper C-Max / RYou can have an effect equal to or better than.

Production isHighly reliable made in Japan

OtherHigh synergistic effect can be expected especially when used in combination with the Earthing Revolution series.

Used EDLC unit 500,000 μF 16 V 1
Used electrolytic capacitor 470 μF 25 V 1
Electrical noise absorption circuit 1: Special core
Electrical noise absorption circuit 2: Film · Metallized capacitor
Electrical noise absorption circuit 3: Multilayer capacitor
Electrical noise absorption circuit 4: Schottky diode
Protection circuit Automatic return high current breaker fuse
cable High purity OFC material Multiple twisted wire: 12 G / heat resistant 106 ° C
Terminal 5.5-6 (6mm screws for terminals)
weight 120 g
Case W50 × H27 × D80 heat-resistant ABS resin (not including protrusions)
The prompt decision price is the price of 1 Ultra C-Max-m (black).Item is unopened new article. Security is covered by manufacturer's warranty for 12 months from purchase. All puma products are covered by PL insurance under the manufacturer responsibility law (PL law).
total fee
Free shipping Japan Post non-standard-size mailShipping fee = ¥ 0 -No cash on deliveryTotal amount = the highest bid (including tax)Notes It is treated as ordinary mail. *Delivery is the principle letterbox delivery in theft, etc., please note*
1:lost/damaged/etc. don't hold me responsible for. 2:missing support, etc. is not possible. 3: Delivery time can not be specified
1: Japan Post letter pack plusShipping fee = ¥ 510 - (tax included / nationwide fixed amount)No cash on deliveryTotal amount = the highest bid (including tax) x number of units + ¥ 510 -
Multiple items shipment is 3 packages at maximum
● Enclosed dispatch possible with other types of products. Notes
You can not specify time.
2: Courier Yu-Pack (60 sizes)Shipping cost = Please check the table below. Total amount = the highest bid (including tax) x number of units + shipping fee
There are no restrictions on the number of products shipping. ● Enclosed dispatch possible with other types of products. ● Time specification is possible.
3: Courier cash on delivery (Yamato collect: 60 sizes)Shipping cost = Please check the table below. Total amount = amount-of-money for successful bid (including tax) x number of units + shipping fee + ¥ 400- (tax included cash on delivery commission)
There are no restrictions on the number of products shipping. ● Enclosed dispatch possible with other types of products. ● Time specification is possible.
Paid shipping fee should be checked at the bottom of the item description (shipping table). Thank you for seeing to the end. Thank you.

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