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New article prompt decision ◆ Resin stud earrings Metal allergy support Vintage stone bead embroidery Black gold handmade handmade access
Auction ends 18 hours
Current price ¥650 $7
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Condition New
Start time 2018-12-18T21:50:16+09:00
End time 2018-12-19T21:50:16+09:00
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Resin Stud Earrings
+++ Thank you for viewing +++
Description of item * Handmade plastic stud earrings *
Since [important matter] is clearly stated, it would be greatly appreciated if you can also see the self-introduction. After a successful bid, please do not wait for contact from here, thank you for disclosing the contact information from the dealer Nabis from the highest bidder. After that, it becomes the flow of the communication of the postage. 【Full length · bead size】 Please check with the last image. [Color of bracket] Transparent
[Product Description] The size will be about 20 mm. The center part will be a vintage stone. I surrounded it with beads of matte gold suitable for that atmosphere. It is chic feeling with gold and black (^ ^) Here, since the part of the pierced earring and catch is resin, you can also use one with weak metal allergies and skin. As pierced and catch are resin to each other, please use slowly turning. ★ If you are allergic to metal, other hook earrings etc can also be changed to resin hook by +100 yen per point. I am sorry but titanium does not correspond. Things such as catch earrings which are already completed are also impossible, so please understand. If you do not know whether you can replace or question, please question. ★ Besides accessories, we have sent many, so please have a look if you want.
Payment Method ◎ か ん た ん settlement of accounts
shipping method ◎ It will be only ordinary mail or letter pack 360. Most items can be shipped out of fixed form 120 to 140 yen, so bulk buying is advantageous.
comment * Person who wants to exchange to resin hook, those who wish to make a letter pack, or who wish to make a successful bid after the next day, if you can contact me a word ahead of the first auction soon after the end of the first auction, We will do so, thank you for your cooperation. ◆ I am shooting to approach the real thing, but I can not accept returned goods, refunds etc due to image difference due to differences in monitors. I hope in a no claim and a no return. ◆ For natural materials, there are things inclusive of natural stone, cracks, scratches, chipping, dents, etc., but only those who can understand please. ◆ Depending on the product, the same image is used for re-exhibition, but beads with natural stone and weave, pattern are different, so please refrain from those worried about fine things. ◆ Please give me payment within 3 days. We will also ship out from here within 3 days. ◆ Mail service and special delivery, dispatch of hurry is not supported. Those who wish for these or those who hurry up in a short temper are troubleshooting sources, so please refrain from bidding. ◆ I can not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged in a mail accident. ◆ Other, if there are any questions besides what is clearly stated, please do not hesitate to contact us.You can see other items from here ☆
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