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New goods prompt decision◆resin stud earrings metal Allergy vintage French beaded embroidery Black Gold Handmade handmade accessories
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Current price ¥650 $7
Start price ¥650 $7
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Seller reviensnous +2322
Condition New
Start time 2019-01-02T22:23:57+09:00
End time 2019-01-05T12:17:45+09:00
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Lot number d321691484
Seller position Tokyo

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Resin stud earrings
+++ Thank you for viewing +++
Description of item *Handmade resin stud earrings*
【Important】state, you can introduce yourself and people through the eyes of this. After a successful bid,from here contact without waiting for the highest bidder, the trading navigation contact from the disclosure of information, thank you to. Then, the shipping contact with the flow there.. 【Length・beads size] The Last Picture please check. 【Metal color】transparent
[Product description] size is 20mm or so. The Central part is the vintage of the game.. Its atmosphere fits the matte gold beads at its finest.. Gold and black, chic feeling(^^) here, and catch part of the resin, the metal allergies and those with sensitive skin it can also be used to repair tough dry skin on your. Earrings and catch the resin to each other, slowly turning so that only system.. ★Metal Allergy, on the other of hook earrings such as a point to be + 100 yen in the resin to the hook of the change is possible.. Sorry, but Titanium is not available. Catch the piercing, such as already ready also available. please note. The interchangeable if you do not know or are unsure or have any questions please. ★Other accessories,many exhibited, and if it is alright, please take a look.
Payment Method ◎ か ん た ん settlement of accounts
shipping method ◎Ordinary mail or Letter Pack 360 only. Amenities large, unless most of the products is non-standard-size 120 ~ 140 yen shipping is possible,bulk buying deals.
comment ◆The resin to the hook of the exchange if you wish or pack if you wish, or the next day after a successful bid product is the first auction ends immediately ahead of the word to contact you, many times the settlement so that you don't have to buy a separate one for your cooperation thank you. ◆Close to the real thing as shooting can,monitor difference image difference in the return of such refund, accept it from us.. I hope in a no claim and a no return. ◆Natural materials, as natural stone is of inclusions, cracks, scratches, chipping, dents, etc that there is and will only thank you. ◆Depending on the product, relist when using the same image, there is natural stone and it,pattern the beads are each different, fine that you are concerned about please do not. ◆Deposit,within 3 days thank you. From here we also ship within 3 days will. ◆Mail service or Express mail, urgent delivery is non-compliant. These of you who wish to, and irritability in a rush from such people or other ways of in,bid please refrain from. ◆Mail accident because of lost or damaged we are not responsible for it.. ◆Other,specify other than that if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to charge..From here other products available☆
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