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Limited time free cat! Cat Post shipping! A brand new unused product!! SNOMAN SHG quick code version LS-11 / Orange
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,728 $17
Start price ¥1,728 $17
Buy-now ¥1,728 $17
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nsxgt2lm1994 +5548
Leader I*f*B***
Condition New
Start time 2018-11-20T20:54:33+09:00
End time 2018-11-25T21:29:27+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e156422057
Seller position Prefecture west of Tokyo

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From Japan
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Time Limited Yahonko! Including Neko Posage Shipping! !
Genuine!! A brand new unused product!!
All year model! !
Quick code short LS-11
With bonus sticker
(It may differ from the image. )
Product number / LS-11
Details /Code 45 cm / 22 g
Color(Wire / carabiner)
Purple / BLK
Smoke / Silver
Orange / BLK
Lime / BLK
Red / Silver
Code color
Maker's suggested retail price ¥ 1,728 (tax included)
Use a boot attachment through a bootstrap or strap. Can also be used for hard boots
CAUTION: There may be some dirt such as manufacturing or packing, dullness of the plated part and some scratches etc.
We will refuse bidding for nervous people.
※ Limited Yahonko! We will be shipping Neko Pos! !
When shipping Neko Pos, we will ship your inquiry number etc on dealings Navi, we will ship.
Neko Pos (from the Yamato website)
· Delivery days as same as Takkyubin, delivery all over the country
· Posting and posting to post etc
· Underwriting limit for loss / damage of baggage will be 3,000 yen.
· Only available with exclusive invoice label.
· I will bring back when I do not enter the post.
· If you wish to confirm receipt, please use Takkyubin.
☆ Paying, but advance payment of Sagawa Express with security (There is no treatment of COD) I will recommend shipping.
* Carriage specification can not be done.
※Bid when the images and manufacturers, such as the home page only after careful examination of the bid, and Bid thank you.
☆ When using easy settlement, you can not ship it until Yahoo! becomes 'Receiving connection waiting' or 'Sales confirmation'. "Waiting reception reception" or "Confirmation of sales" will be shipped as soon as it arrives from Yahoo.
※Successful bid and bid,within 48 hours to the address of such contact possible person, payment must be made auction day by 3 days within payment possible person only.
* Only after receiving the item, only those who can contact you as soon as possible bid-wish.
* When you bid, please be sure to bid and make a successful bid after you have consented to the content after seeing the self-introduction by all means.
※ Although it is about evaluation, I am evaluating only those who have basically evaluated. Those who do not need evaluation do not also evaluate to us.
※ Please understand after all, please bid it.
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