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Life as "all for money" (Yamanashi Prefecture-grown wheat 100%use)
Auction ends 19 hours
Current price ¥600 $6
Start price ¥600 $6
Buy-now ¥600 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller aaatrus +10498
Condition New
Start time 2019-01-21T20:52:01+09:00
End time 2019-01-23T20:52:01+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e210821273
Seller position Yomanashi kamikama gun Showa machi

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Yamanashi's local food "as a"farm-fresh in!! Yamanashi Souvenirs・local"as"Farm fresh flights home, and we want to help.!!
Recommended points Valuable,Yamanashi flour(all for money)to use 100%"as is". Yamanashi Prefecture, to a milling plant having a"is high"your provided by,
Wheat (variety name: all for and)just politely noodle was"born as"in. Preservatives, etc. does not use any handmade wind of noodles
Special 生味 in miso, with our most popular items. Gift also offer.. Still eat someone who does not have this opportunity to serve you!?
Hit the"as"delivered direct from the farm in products.. Limited quantity, so please be early please order.
Internal capacity 2 servings noodles(150 g)×2 生味 miso(25g)×2
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight,store at room temperature please.
Manufacturer (Shares)Shimura noodle
Yamanashi's local food"as"a seasonal vegetables, along with the flat strike of noodles, braised
Miso seasoned with all family together eat can be. Still eat someone who does not have this opportunity to serve you!?
Hit the"as"delivered direct from the farm in products.. Preservatives, etc. does not use any handmade wind of noodles
Special 生味 in miso, with our most popular items. Gift also offer.. ● Shelf life at room temperature in 90 days. ●Your order number,the number does not matter. ●All orders in about 1 Week, and we want to help..
Attention and requestHow to eat guide pack included. The enclosed"oxygen absorbers""oxygen detection agent"is,to maintain freshness of the food is not. Noodles to simmer before you take out. Please bag very small hole about"oxygen detection agent"is the blue color changes to have. If so, contact us only if you exchange the goods, please check.. (To open the bag and the color is blue will change to. )
■ Option ■ * The case is sold separately. If you are interested please click here
A direct sales price for a studio that can only be purchased at our shop! Please contact us for order processing, remodeling, after-sales service
We will deliver directly to your home from the studio with direct selling unique to the studio. Free shipping on orders over 10,000 yen combined. Notice of business hours - Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. It is closed on weekends and national holidays.
■ How to contact after a successful bid (important) ■
* Please successful bid after Yahoo than successful bid notification. You will receive an email. Please write the successful bidder information necessary for dealings in dealings Navi. We will inform you about dealings on the auction bulletin board.
* Please contact us if you do not receive the mail within 24 hours after receiving the mail in dealings Navi, or if you can not receive it. I will correspond.
* Please prepare the environment where you can receive mail. E-mail address difference, contact does not reach when domain setting is done. Yahoo Mail (***@yahoo. co. jp)the email address of the customers Inbox and junk mail box also
Please check. There is a case where our mail gets misled into an annoying box.
* Inquiries after a successful bid, please offer an auction ID and your name.
* Even if one week passes after a successful bid, if there is no connection, there is a case I am allowed to cancel an auction. please note that. Also, if there is no transfer even after the shipping schedule, we will contact you from here. In case there is no reply, we may cancel. please note that.
■ Store Introduction
Our company is a manufacturer who processes and manufactures jewelry from Yamanashi planning, designing. We carefully handmade each one one by one. It is not mass production. Because most of it is manual work, I'd like to tell the feelings of the maker directly to the customer. Especially remodeling is an item that can realize our ideal jewelry. We aim to make products incorporating customer's wishes. Please leave it if it is about processing!
In the jewelry shop it is a start from a low price which I can never obtain. Since it is only net sales, it can not be purchased at other stores. Please enjoy our original products.
Shipping method · Yamato Transport
Shipping cost · Yamato Transport: Nationwide uniform 500 yen (prepayment) When the purchase price is over 10,000 yenfree shipping
Payment method If you would like to make a transfer·Japan Post Bank
· Kofu Shinkin Bank
If you wish to order cash on delivery COD fee will be charged.In the case of cash on delivery commission 1 yen to 9999 yen 324 yen
10,000 yen ~ 29999 yen 432 yen
30000 yen to 99,999 yen 648 yen
100000 yen or more 1,080 yen
In order to reduce the price of the item, the expert opinion is a separate charge. It is 3,500 yen per point. If you wish, please offer. We will issue sales warranty only if you wish. It is valid for one year from issue date. As a wedding ring · engagement ring · marriage ring · engagement ring · bridal ring, very nice ring
· Pinky ring · Hawaiian jewelry · Hawaiian ringRecommended for marriage ring · Christmas, marriage, engagement, anniversary, birthday gift to propos · handmade jewelry
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