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Saarinen marble Tulip dining table 122cm(search mid-century vintage marble Bauhaus space age Knoll
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥169,800 $1,627
Start price ¥169,800 $1,627
Buy-now ¥169,800 $1,627
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller seligman88 +3715
Condition New
Start time 2018-10-22T00:09:30+09:00
End time 2018-10-25T00:09:30+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e232649186
Seller position Minato-ku, Tokyo: Meguro-ku

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Saarinen design of the Tulip dining table.
Italy is made of natural solid marble tabletop is a high texture for it..
The legs are aluminum die casting(aluminum alloy casting)in the beautiful smooth curvy in heavy duty synthetic feel it..
I did build in many years to come and the structure and quality.
From restaurants and homes, a company related to a wide range of adoption we have received, rest assured we have experience in.
Natural beautiful marble, marble patterns and the room beautiful and luxurious feel.. FX it home from the store, such as commercial facilities, office relationships, corporate customers from a large number of adoption I have received the trust and we have experience. Cheap products is different..
Nord products is 100 million yen, but as the texture and at a reasonable price!
Leg material: aluminum die-cast matte white paint
Top : Italian natural marble solid (white marble)
122 round : W122 H72 cm (approx.)
※Marble pattern specifies the pattern to the claims will not be accepted.
Natural stone because of the pattern itself have a personality in Dating and each screen is a work of hope.
Grainy dark and thin, black marble,beige band, such as natural stone in the eyes of friends..
Eyes every or linear or both mixed, and in each personality there are.
Patterns such as the specification of the consultation also examined non-refundable and will not.
The exhibition is the marble white marble table top+aluminium white legs of a combination order in black marble, Rosewood, walnut and other production is possible..
Legs are in white or black to choose.
The exhibit is immediate delivery possible, otherwise a combination of delivery 3 months there..
* Keep listing and price is white. Other material please contact us.
Delivery time: 5~14 days
In case of out of stock it will be a reservation for the next arrival.
Delivery time Please inquire in detail each time.
deliveryUnpacking and installation shipping
* Is made by wooden crate packing, the weight for household goods flight only shipping will be.
Assembling the installation is done effortlessly flights.
The crate control panel, such as the bulky waste other than household goods flight shipping will be.
※Shipping is a legal entity, in the warehouse, such as a one-man delivery (vehicular)if it is possible under the eaves pass available, please contact us in advance.
Address after submission of your offer is unavailable.
After a successful bid on please check the reason for cancellation, etc. not allowed Please note.
Household goods flight shipping costs (Assembly only)
Part of our burden,and cheaper and more..
Honshu 17,800 yen
Kyushu,Hokkaido, Shikoku 21,600 yen
Other Islands,Okinawa is a quote
In case of out of stock (important)
We also have over-the-counter sales, and for popular items, there are many cases of out of stock.
Additional explanation, sometimes not being in time for updating the auction,
If you are in a hurry please "check inventory" as you please.
In case of out of stock it will be treated as a reservation even if awarded, thank you for your understanding.
In the case of cancellation "will be canceled by the highest bidder convenience".
Advance questions to the company WEB and contact us for more,"inventory confirmation"thank you.
There is a showroom (Garrett interior Meguro showroom)
※Before bidding,cash available.
※ Exhibits will be available only on select products of our company. It happens because each time please verify.
Location: Tokyo Meguro-ku 4 Meguro 4-1-29 (Weekday full reservation system: Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays open from 13 to 18 o'clock)
Please make a reservation in advance for visits to showrooms on weekdays (phone inappropriate. Yahoo auc question column or mail reception only becomes)
This product is the original design source to reprint your product will be.
Nord products is not.
Current production products are famous brand including all product and.
Copyrights harm the illegality of the product do not belong to.
The brand name than this carefully and seriously produced, the cost of the good product's true value and age, and it may also include as I have it..
We sell products of many companies,global brand shops, such as the adoption we have received,the quality,reliability or.
★ ☆ ★ About deal conditions. Please be sure to read. ★ ☆ ★
■ Important contact matter and terms of reference are also listed in "Self Introduction" so be sure to read.
■ Please check stock beforehand before bidding. It may be out of stock as it sells over-the-counter sales as well. In that case please note it will be the next reservation for arrival.
■ Inside the captioned parenthesis is a search term. Terms and phrases not directly related to this product may be included.
■ Additional explanations and so on may be listed so please be sure to scroll to the last line and see.
■ It will arrive from YAHOO after a successful bid, please also read the notice mail.
■ I will base on no claim no return. Returned goods refund will be impossible.
In the case of a new item, within a guarantee period such as a breakdown (offer and image transmission within the guarantee period are required from the delivery date). Warranty period within 1 year. Operation specifications such as eating and drinking establishments may be out of warranty coverage) is guaranteed, so please rest assured.
■ Cancellation will be deleted in the circumstances of the highest bidder in any case. We can not respond otherwise.
■Monitor and at the time of the photography lighting in relation to the actual color and may vary please note.
■ Please offer a bid on consent.
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