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Book "Woman in four months" Utsumi Miyagawa autograph signature stamp payment
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Start time 2018-11-17T22:51:32+09:00
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Lot number e316502209
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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Author: Utsumi Miyagawa
Publisher: Central public opinion Shinsha
Description: A woman under a willow. sunflower. An ordinary man. Separated. backyard. A woman for four months. Traces of nails. fireworks. Fifty minutes of R Hotel Late Night. Mysterious and erotic nine stories.
Burning love and divorce, revenge and perversion. Mysterious and erotic stories about 'man' and 'woman'. "Female for four months" "Traces of nails" "Fifty minutes of R Hotel late night" "Ordinary man" and five more.
We do not accept system usage fee, packing fee, consumption tax at all.
The degree is average. There is no serious damage.
Since it is a secondhand book, I hope in a no claim no return. In the case of a stamp, thank you with an unused one with a face value of 500 yen or less. It can be a stamp for commemorative stamps or for stamps and mementos.
Those that are torn, dirty, those once stuck and peeled off etc are not allowed. Please forgive your fishing.
It does not correspond to bid cancellation during auction holding. Even if you receive an inquiry from "question" after bidding can not respond, please bid it after confirming the contents of the product well.
We will not compensate for any accidents at the time of shipment at us. I would like to receive it securely, hope for compensation, if you are in a hurry please select the shipping method with compensation. Also, please forgive "Bad evaluation" in case of accident at the time of shipment.
Although we try to ship as soon as possible, we may need several days from payment confirmation due to circumstances. If you are in a hurry please allow us to inquire the situation from the "question".
Please tender after acknowledging above.
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