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A36 Still Beautiful BURBERRY BRIT Burberry Brit ◇ Size M Pink Long length Sweatshirt Parker Sweatshirt ▼ Ladies 31D
Auction ends 7 days
Current price ¥5,000 $50
Start price ¥5,000 $50
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller hiromix1717 +36404
Condition Used
Start time 2019-05-19T22:55:04+09:00
End time 2019-05-26T22:55:04+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e349318559
Seller position Hiroshima

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A36 Still Beautiful BURBERRY BRIT Burberry Brit ◇ Size M Pink Long length Sweatshirt Parker Sweatshirt ▼ Ladies 31D
Product Details
[Size]: the notation M(shoulder width about 37×bust about 82×sleeve length about 61×length about 63cm)
【Color】: pink
[Material]: the image of the material tags please check the
[Accessories]: no, you do not need to bring anything. 【Option】: some of and fine faded like a family there,still old clothes as the beautiful state in. 【Rank】: A
【USED beauty products】: the product the status of the images, item description column on your transaction details to read our Terms and agree on a bid thank you.
Product rank
N It becomes a brand-new, unused item.
S Used item similar to new
There is no feeling of use, but product with slight scratches and dirt with exhibition and storage.
A Although there is some feeling of use, it is a good product in the state.
AB There is a feeling of use that accompanies general use, but it is a condition that you can still use.
B There is a feeling of use such as scratches · yogore. Recommended for those who do not care about the details.
C There are dirt and noticeable scratches on the whole, and there is considerable feeling of use.
J It is an unusable junk item. Please think on the premise of repair.
«Contact for auction»TEL:082-545-1717(AM 10:30-PM 19:00)Email:info@foresight-br.com
payment method
● Bank transferThe Bank Xintiandi branch Ordinary Account 1422925 name: Limited Liability Company forms site
The highest bid+consumption tax+postage=payment amount.Please transfer within 4 business days of the bank. The transfer fee will be borne by the highest bidder. ● Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts Fee free!Credit Card Internet Banking Payment at a Convenience Store
The highest bid + consumption tax + shipping = settlement amount.Please give me payment procedure within four days after a successful bid. ● Cash on delivery (cash on arrival of goods)Please pay in cash to the driver when the product arrives
The highest bid + consumption tax + shipping + delivery charge = payment amountPlease receive within 4 days of product shipment.
About shipping fee · cash-on-delivery charge
■ Our designated contractor
Whole Honshu Hokkaido · Okinawa · Remote island
800 yen 1,200 yen
Marked price is including tax. Delivery company is only our designated company. ※ We do not receive out of the fixed form.
■ COD fee
~ 30,000 yen ~ 100,000 yen ~ 300,000 yen
216 yen ¥ 540 1,080 yen
Marked price is including tax. ※ Cash on delivery fee is required separately when using cash on delivery. Cash on delivery fee isWinning bid+consumption tax+Shipping costIt depends on the total amount of money.
Product delivery time specified
Please specify the desired time zone in the order form request column. ※ Depending on the delivery area, there may be cases in which the designated time after shipment can not be accepted. Please be sure to fill in the request column of the order form.
About leaving / enclosure
■ Reserve period
It is four days from the first successful bid day
After a successful bid, to the request column of the order form"Reserved · bundled hope"Please state that. ※ Please fill in also in case of multiple successful bids.On the 5th day, only those who are able to make a smooth payment will be able to ship products.
■ About the shipping cost of bundled shipping
1 to 5 points 6 to 10 points 11 to 15 points
800 yen
(Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote island 1,200 yen)
1,600 yen
(Hokkaido · Okinawa · remote island 2,400 yen)
2,400 yen
(Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote island 3,600 yen)
Marked price is including tax. Shipping will vary depending on the number of items shipped. 16 points or more will be added by the same formula. Only successful bids with the same ID can be bundled.
We do not accept cancellation of bid, cancellation after successful bid at all. Please participate in the auction only if you are serious about purchasing. ● All products are "genuine" that has been appraised. ● We are not allowed to return or exchange per recycled product. ● Our shop is subject to a consumption tax separately from the winning bid for store exhibition. ● The transfer fee and the cash on delivery fee will be borne by the successful bidder. ● The image is as dirty as possible where there is a spot · color close to the actual item may look different depending on the environment. ●Secondhand goods dirt and scratches, etc. you can get parts, etc., bid before question please. ● We do not accept questions and price negotiations after a successful bid. ● We also sell over the counter, so there may be cases where the products for which it was sold are sold out depending on the timing. ● Delivery of the product depends on the area, but basically it will be delivered within 2-5 days. ● Due to inventory management, shipping will be shipped the next day of the payment date. ● We have been able to evaluate only those who received an evaluation. If you do not require evaluation, please do not give us an evaluation. Also, please note that we have received 7 days from the evaluation to the return date.
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