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★ Tanaka Mfg. Tanaka type A welding crater acetylene 6420-7 (thickness 5 to 7 mm) x 1 piece Shipping fee 185 yen! ◆ Melter Oxygen Blowpipe Crater Cutting Crate Nisshin TANAKA
Auction ends over
Current price ¥780 $8
Start price ¥780 $8
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller the_daikichis +9241
Condition New (Unused long-term stock There is a small scratch)
Start time 2019-04-27T20:39:05+09:00
End time 2019-05-04T20:39:05+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e350080853
Seller position Shizuoka prefecture

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★ Tanaka Mfg. Tanaka type A welding crater acetylene 6420-7 (thickness 5 to 7 mm) x 1 piece Shipping fee 185 yen! ◆ Melter Oxygen Blowpipe Crater Cutting Crate Nisshin TANAKA
Product status

● Tanaka Works Tanaka type A welding crater acetylene 6420-7 x 1 piece, it is an unused item. Long-term stock! I will exhibit at a disposal special price
※ It is an unused item, but there is a small scratch / box damage with storage per long-term stock. Please bid only for those who can understand. ● There is more than one stock! The states are almost the same. Bundled!
※ Please note that the detailed image will be the representative image of the average one extracted.★ Under various bargain related items at low price, bundled shipping is also available at actual cost!⇒ Related product exhibition list Click

Specifications etc
● Please check the details in the image.
About sending
● This product is a post office click post nationwide uniform:185 yenI will send it out.※ This product is fixed shipping fee from usI will not contact you for shipping. Please add 185 yen to the product cost and settle it. However, if you wish to bundle the shipping will be summarized, so sorry to trouble you, but please contact us so before transfer. ● We welcome direct pickup

Please bid for the following notes by all means before confirmation and consent before bidding Attention about the product ·All of our products are second-hand goods and will be sold as they areAll products can be checked and commissioned in advance by contacting us in advance, so we recommend that you check and touch the actual item to confirm it.. ・ We do the operation check as much as we can, and try to give a clear and honest product description.It does not mean that we do long-time tests that we actually do at work, and there may be some oversightsBecause how to catch the state is also ten people color, please bid on your understanding and consent. Attention about correspondence at the time of product failure -Since the warranty period is one week after the product arrives, please check the operation as soon as possible after the product arrives..Please contact us promptly if a defect is discovered.Please note that you will not be able to respond to bad evaluations or repairs by the highest bidder before contacting us.
・ Although the test before shipment is OK, there is a rare case that it is bad when used after arrival. In order to be able to purchase even a little at ease, within one week after the arrival of the product, except in the case of junk article handling, it is a defect of product origin and only in the case of a serious defect Please acknowledge that), we will accept correspondences such as returned goods / refunds at the time of consultation. However,In any case, please note that you can not pay for any damage / shipment incurred due to a defect in the product and shipping fee / refund..Even the burden of the shipping fee, please do not bid absolutely. In particular, those who buy large items, those who are in the distance, those who live in the relay area should be careful..
Attention about dealings ・ I try to be able to respond as quickly as possible,In cases such as when successful bids overlap dozens of cases in a day, etc., the correspondence may be delayed as it corresponds sequentiallyWe apologize for any inconvenience, but if you are in a hurry, please call us at 054-262-7794. ・ After a successful bid, order form is automatically sent to your e-mail address, so please fill in and reply promptly.. If the reply is delayed, the response will be delayed.If there is no reply within one week, we will delete the successful bidIn that case, the evaluation of the very bad successful bidder is attached. · Order form,I have not received an email from usIf you're Yahoo! Please be aware that email addresses not registered with may be confirmed, or they may be classified as spam.. ・ Even if you receive e-mail from us, it may be classified as spam, so if you do not reply, please contact us at 054-262-7794..·Sat, Sun, Holiday communication and correspondence are not doneSo, please understand.Notice about shipping ・ When large wooden products need to be manufactured by wooden pallet, separate packing fee (listed in the product description column) is required.. On the system, it can not be described in the order form, so please add the product price and make a payment. -Although we are careful not to make any mistake, depending on the product, the packing size and shipping company may change with the estimate (listed in the shipping section), so please understand. ·We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays and holidaysSo, please understand.


In addition, various machine tools, parts, etc are under exhibition. It can be shipped together, and you will receive a discount on shipping costs. ! There are also many bargain products! Please take a look! (* '▽') / ~ Click to show the listing It is our homepageThank you very much for making this happen at our auction store! !
It is a family-owned small company, and it is busy every day, and there are many points that can not be reached, but we are working hard to make it a better shop.. We will do our best to accommodate you with sincerity.

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