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30 poppies, I love flowers, cute in the wind
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Current price ¥60 $1
Start price ¥60 $1
Buy-now ¥60 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller hana77hanacyan +4085
Leader j*V*W***
Condition New
Start time 2019-08-22T18:54:17+09:00
End time 2019-08-26T17:51:38+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number e373950047
Seller position Aomori Prefecture

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宿根 to spill species it is not clear whether, and blooms every year and will
Stature of about 50㎝
Very thin petals swaying in the wind, that figure is cute
Light seeds, which germinate in the thin soil covering the bottom surface of the waterKind of Fine Flowers, such as garbage can and not
Sowing the seeds of our attention or time.Shipping fourth class mail(lost or damaged at the time of such responsibility Please understand that it does not bear)
Shipping is,outside of the flowers and even the score at 72 yen is included in.
When it is successful bid then to start trading button under for trading to start]
Press the button please
Shipping is lunch to make a Deposit for the next day or later Mon・Wed・Friday it will be shipped
31 years to the autologous harvesting of the
Image of flower seeds, and the germination rate・the same flowers bloom, there is no guarantee of
No claim no return, pleaseHobby growing Amateur so,raising questions about how to apply the knowledge no,
You may not yourself please examineFlowers・trash to clear to get rid of so that you don't have to buy a separate one
Hobby growing layman of the species in the magnitude of variation there.
There are plenty of flowers growing, for the other species mixed in that I won't go into too much detail so as not to
Wrong when another flower is lucky and seems great from the guests who bid to please them.
In a no claim no return please
The packaging is eco considering recycled products in simple packaging willYahoo Email, you can bid after the greetings,payment completed email,
Confusing Will is there,please refrain from it.The above and note that from the guests who bid usAbsence, etc., when you are away about me and you
Please before bidding to introduce yourself to as you can see from the bid money.
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