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▲ ★ ★ Exhibition model! For lighting // with AC power supply: Power supply base: lighting LED white 3 /// 5 point set ★ ★
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥3,980 $38
Start price ¥3,980 $38
Buy-now ¥4,360 $42
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller dysgr835 +2635
Condition New
Start time 2018-12-12T19:10:32+09:00
End time 2018-12-19T19:10:32+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f227060022
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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. ★.. ★.. ★.. ★.
. ★.. ★.. ★.. ★.
. ★.. ★.. ★.
★. ★.
@ ★ ★ Exhibition model! For lighting // 1 power supply base board and 3 lighting LED sets 5 pieces set ★ ★
★. ★.
★. ★.
Product Details It is an exhibition of a lighting set with a power supply base. It is an exhibition of 5-point set of AC100V power adapter, power supply base and 3 LEDs.The midnight exhibition model lighting is also beautiful but I think that during the day, I can illuminate more beautifully.Even if it is exhibited in acrylic case or glass case, it can be beautifully illuminated. Since the LED uses three 1W high power type white, the brightness does not compare with the general LED.The total number of LEDs is 3, but it is possible if expansion is desired.Also, if you hit the spot with a strong light of "Bullet-type LED" or "Ultra High Brightness Bullet Type LED" it is beautiful, so please increase it if you like.////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Product Details)///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Basic base: 70 mm X 50 mm. ※ Please change the base size by combination of parts. (It is + ¥ 200 yen)Attach the power switch to the base body. ※ When the main unit power supply turns on "Lighting with DIP switch"please do it.Power supply input check LED installed.Attach the brightness adjustment terminal (compact). (You can also change to large ones as option)
※ Brightness can be adjusted to your favorite brightness.
Power supply: AC 100 V adapter included. (It can be separated from the base)Since the voltage does not drop365 days maintenance is not necessary. Lighting LED: 1 W White X 3 pieces (Each wiring is 350 mmCan be extended.Two metallic foundations (left and right): PP case Round one (upper)The PP case may be "square" on account of inventory, but the brightness does not change."Screw fastening & double-sided tape fixing" can be done. It is self-sustaining as it is.With dip switch 3P. (Three LEDs are individually "ON: OFF"I can do it. )With 2 LED diffusion rubber caps. Please choose your favorite color from the bottom."Red: White: Blue: Green: YellowPlease choose from.If it is the same color as the model, the model looks more beautiful. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Lighting example)/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Picture 1= The whole image. I'm covering yellow and white caps. ※Picture 2= Blue Cap Attachment. Because it glows pale white is good for white things. ※Picture 3= Switching state of lighting in DIP SW. Even the upper LED has sufficient brightness.////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Power Options)///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// You can attach a DC adapter jack to the base. (It is exclusive for round type 5.5) The adapter will make the base connection smoother)Plug and jack are set. Those who add LEDs please contact us after a successful bid.Each switch installation. * (DIP switch: Tact switch: Slide switch)////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Additional lighting)///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1W star type power LED with white heat sink ¥ 320 (without resistance wiring processing)3W star type power LED with blue heat sink ¥ 370 (without resistance wiring processing)3W star type power LED light bulb color with heat sink ¥ 400 (without resistance wiring processing)1W: 3W exclusive focusing lens 1 piece ¥ 250 yen (Ideal for spotlight)Chip LED (red: white: blue: green: yellow: orange: lightbulb color) ¥ 480Ultra high brightness bullet type LED 10 mm: 8 mm: 5 mm (red 3 mm)Ultrahigh brightness Hight Power bowl shape 10 mm (each color)Constant lighting cannonball type 3 mm: 5 mm: 8 mm: 10 mm (each color is available)Blinking LED bullet type 3 mm: 5 mm (each color is available)Top placed star LED addition (capsule processing) 1 piece ¥ 320 yenHorizontally placed star type metal base extension 1 piece ¥ 630 yenBullet type 10 mm: Small metal base for 8 mm LED 1 piece ¥ 350 yenYou can install flash LED. (Separate circuit)
1External base storage BOX (domestic ABS made) Black ¥ 1175 yen
1. It is effective for "dust: rust: impact: insulation measure".Wiring holes etc.¥ 320 yen
Wiring extension is OK. Enameled wire is also OK. Since wiring is attached to the original 350 mm, in the case of extension, "Total lengthPlease contact us at. Please also contact us when adding bullet type LED etc.. (There are 3mm ~ 10mm)Regarding color, "Other listing"Or"Reference photoPlease look at. ※ "Comparison of LED sizes"Please refer to. It gets brighter as it gets bigger.Point chip LEDIf you place it at the four corners of the case as a lighting decoration the model will be beautiful. The case itself will also be lively.(Example) In the aircraft model around the aircraftBlueYa RedEmbedding is beautiful.////////////////////////////////////////////////////(Production time)///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For handmade late at night, we will give you time according to the order contents.Since we have decided the part placement after it is hung on production, please carefully consider "LED addition etc." as it can change. If there is a change, it will be OK if you can contact us immediately (within 3 days).If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a question. I refuse after a successful bid.
Payment details Yahoo!か ん た ん settlement of accounts Other, Bank If you wish to transfer directly to the bank, please contact us.
Shipment details Non-standard-size¥ 450 (No compensation: no pursuit: shipment delay)
※ We will refuse claims after arrival. (The base is precision goods)
Letter pack¥ 510 yen (no compensation: pursuit equipped: prompt)
Takkyubin Compact(Takkyubin treatment: with accident compensation: with pursuit: hour specified) http://date.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/date/Main?LINK=TC As Yamato exclusive BOX fee, 65 yen will be charged separately. Yamato Transport(Accident compensation equipped: pursuit equipped: hour designation equipped)http://date.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/date/Main? LINK = TKWe will ship 60 from Osaka.Sagawa Kyubin(Accident compensation equipped: pursuit equipped: hour designation equipped)http://www.sagawa-exp.co.jp/send/fare/list/sagawa_faretable/faretable-8.html#ft01I will ship it from Osaka at 60. ■ · · · · · (Outside fixed form attention) · · · ● Please wait 3 to 4 days for shipping due to work convenience. ● If you can successfully bid on timing, we will ship early.. ● "Lost: damaged: misdirectedThere is a danger of ". It is NC limited shipment. ● There is no shipping compensation. Please select the delivery method carefully considering the product fee. I can not take responsibility such as accident. (The base is precision goods. )If you are in a hurry please select a letter pack with tracking.Since post office can not ship large consecutive holidays and weekends and holidays, please wait a little.
Notes ///////////////// ★ (Be sure to read one.) ★ //////////////
■ We welcome successful bids of people with common common sense and social manner. Thank you. ■
Only those who can get the first contact within 24 hours always bid: please make a successful bid. When there is no communication, I judge it as a mischief and I will cancel with "successful bidder convenience".■ Please do not ask us what you do not understand in item description. The question after it makes a successful bid will be a trouble.Can not produce or ship large calendar consecutive holidays. Please give me a bid earlier..Proxy bidding will be refused because it becomes the source of trouble.■ ■Reliable: Quick, certain:】 I am willing to trade as possible.Those who can contact the LED successful bid can contact "LED: number of pieces: voltage type: color" please contact us.Settlement within 60 hoursThose who can make it in thank you. (We will wait if there is contact with late)
///////////////////// ★ "
About payment///////////////////////////The deposit amount is "winning bid + postage + option". Please add if there is an option.Outside the fixed form: Neko Poss ""Envelope Fee""Has been added. please note that.Payment should be made quickly. Shipment may be delayed for prompt products.When the settlement is delayed please be sure to contact us.2017.6.1 The postage price has risen. The price is increasing outside the standard (30 mm or more) outside the fixed form. /////////////////// ★ "About sending★ ////////////////////////
■ [courier service: Neko Pos] will ship promptly after payment is confirmed. Please forgive in case of illness or unhappiness. ■ Non-standard-size will be 【window contact shipping】 and it will take 3 to 4 days except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. If the timing is good
Early deliveryI will do. ■ Mail accident is not responsible. (Lost: damaged: there is a danger of misdirecting)Large consecutive holidays in calendar / GW: Bon break: New Year, shipping will be delayed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.I watch auction, and thank you. The foreigner has dealings only for the one that is is an email in the Japanese, but the which it is not possible for please do not participate.
Chinese nominees Treatment of Japanese only, comprehension of ability. Impossible unilateral striking on horseback, losing cancellation.
Bidding condition ※ Seller: For successful dealings to the highest bidder, thank you.New ID: Please refrain from bidding for those with an evaluation of 15 or less.Please refrain from those who can not do quick dealings or settlement.Only those who are comfortable dealings should offer a bid.We welcome those who can enter "transaction information" within 24 hours.
We are also sending other LEDs. Please have a look, if very well Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement (CLEA · net bank) can be used + + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No.218.003.013
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