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@★★ Display models! Lighting // AC power:power base: the lighting LED White 3 pieces 5 Piece Set ★★
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Current price ¥3,980 $39
Start price ¥3,980 $39
Buy-now ¥4,360 $43
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller dysgr835 +2597
Condition New
Start time 2018-03-12T21:43:55+09:00
End time 2018-03-16T20:13:16+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f227060022
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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.★. .★. .★. .★.
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@★★ Display models! Lighting // power base 1-piece, and lighting LED3 pieces 5 Piece Set ★★
.★. .★.
.★. .★.
Product Details Power base with a lighting set of the exhibition. AC100V power supply adapter and power supply base and LED3 pieces of the 5 Piece Set of the exhibition.At midnight an exhibition of a model lighting is very beautiful during the day, and more beautiful lighting, I think we can.Acrylic case or glass case in the exhibition if you have a very beautiful lighting to it.. LED 1W high power type white use 3 of the General LED and compared the brightness is nothing compared to the.LED a total of 3 points is added if possible..Or"Cannonball-type LED"and"ultra-high-brightness bullet-type LED"to intense light spot by the and beautiful of you like to install more.After a successful bid"Shipping information"To the destination input you are getting worse and worse.. ※After a successful bid, the"Foundation details"We will inform you of in the reply please.Standard specification is good"The standard set "And please contact us. ※Additional parts, contact us please.////////////////// Standard specification"Product set contents"///////////////////////////Basic Foundation:70mmx50mm. ※Parts by the combination of base size, please modify. (+¥200 yen)(The base body to the power switch,and mounting it.)
※Main unit to turn the power ON to it"DIP switches light operation"Please.
Power supply: AC100V adapter included. (Based off of anyway.)Voltage is not to fall in365 days no maintenance is necessary. Lighting LED: 1W white X 3 pieces (Each wiring 350mm in)Can be extended.Metal mounting 2 pieces (left and right): PP stainless steel case in round shape 1 piece (top)PP plastic cases in stock for the convenience of the"square"to you may the brightness does not change.Mounting"screws&double sided tape fixed"can. It's also good for self-reliance OK.DIP switch 3P with. (3 LEDS individually"ON:OFF"You can. )Terminal block with.3P and mounting it.. (LED to increase use please)The terminal block has the same color to install more. Parallel wiring is also color mix and will not light up - - - laugh at life or life will laugh at you.. (Caution)Example:the white and Red Book 2(the driving voltage by different ones), either 1 piece from the current it does not flow. 2 pieces at the same time is not lit.LED diffusion rubber cap 2 PCs with. Favorite color from below available."Red: white: blue: green: yellow"I wanna go.Model and the same color and model were.///////////////////"Lighting example"/////////////////////////////////
Picture 1=The whole image.. Yellow and white cap and all. ※Picture 2=Blue cap fitted. Pale light of a white object is good.. ※Picture 3=Dip SW lighting switch state. On the LED, enough brightness there.. ///////////////////"Power Options "/////////////////////////////Power supply input confirmation LED mounting.The brightness adjustment terminal mounting. ※Brightness like the brightness can be adjusted.Base-to-DC adapter Jack mounting can. (5.5 only)adapter base, the connection will be smooth)The plug and Jack set. LED add who, after a successful bid, please contact.Each switch mounting. ※(DIP-switches:tact, switches:slide switch)
////////////////●(Model lighting additional LED options)●////////////////////////1W star power LED white with heatsink with ¥320 yen (resistance wiring, no machining)3W star power LED Blue heatsink with ¥370 yen (resistance wiring, no machining)3W star power LED bulb color heat sink with ¥400 yen (resistance wiring, no machining)1W:3W LED dedicated condenser Lens 1 piece ¥250 yen (spot light on offer.)Chip LED (red: white: blue: green:yellow: orange:light bulb color)¥480 yenUltra-bright shell-type Led10mm:8mm:5mm(red 3mm)Super bright Hight Power type, 10mm(each color)Steady Cannonball type 3mm:5mm:8mm:10mm(each color for you.)Flashing LED bullet type with 3mm:5mm(each color for you.)Put on star-shaped LED expansion (capsule processing)1 piece ¥320 yenThe transverse star-shaped LED metal base expansion 1 piece ¥630 yenCannonball type 10mm:8mmled for small metal base 1 piece ¥350 yenFlash LED for mounting it.. (A different circuit)
1Base external storage BOX(Japanese ABS) black ¥1175 yen
1. "Dust:rust: shock:insulation measures such as"effective.Wiring hole such as diameter..¥320 yen
The wiring extension is also OK. Enamel wire is also OK. The wiring is original 350mm with all of the in case of extension"The total length of the"Please contact us. Cannonball type LED as add of,please contact us. (3mm ~ 10mm) andAs for color"Other listing"Or"Reference photo"See. ※ "LED size comparison photo"Good. The bigger it gets, the brighter you..Chip LED, pointLighting of decorate the case as to the four corners of the place and the model is beautiful there.. The case itself is bustling there..(Example) aircraft model aircraft around theBlueYa RedEmbed and children.. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Handmade, manufactured to order by the contents you will be informed of the.Making hanging from a parts place decide to change it in carefully"LED add"please consider. If there is a change, immediately(within 3 days)contact us I can.I've noticed not everyone ask. After a successful bid, are prohibited to..
Payment details Yahoo!か ん た ん settlement of accounts Direct Bank transfer if you want, please contact us.
Shipment details Non-standard-size¥450 yen (without compensation:tracking:shipping delay)
※After the arrival of claims are prohibited to.. ■Letter pack¥510 yen (without compensation:tracked:i.e. shots)
Takkyubin Compact(TA-q-bin handling:accident compensation:tracked:at the time specified by you) http://date.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/date/Main?LINK=TC Dedicated BOX instead of as 65 yen will be charged separately. Yamato Transport(Accident compensation:tracked:at the time specified there)http://date.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/date/Main? LINK=TKOsaka than 60 days. ■ · · · · · (Outside fixed form attention) · · · ●Work on the convenience of the shipping 3 to 4 days of contact. ●Timing bid if you can early shipping to you.. ● "Lost: damaged: misdirectedThere is a danger of ". It is NC limited shipment. ● There is no shipping compensation. Commodity prices consider carefully the shipping method please select. Accidents, such as liability have no.If you are in a hurry please select a letter pack with tracking.Since post office can not ship large consecutive holidays and weekends and holidays, please wait a little.
Notes //////////////★(Be sure to read and have fun.) ★/////////////
■Common sense that social manners have those who bid welcome in.. Thank you. ■
Within 24 hours in any 1 second contact only those who bid:successful bid Thank you. Please contact us if there is no mischief judged"successful bidder circumstances"to will.■PRODUCT DESCRIPTION in minutes no questions please. After a successful bid, the question of trouble there..Calendar of major holidays, fabrication and shipping is not possible. Early bid Thank you.Proxy bidding is the FOR and website..■ ■Safe:fast: reliable】Trading with my aspirations, and more..LED bid ahead of contact can those who are"LED: quantity: voltage type: color"to contact you..The settlement is 60 hoursCan I ask in the way you. (The delay and will contact you if we can)
///////////////// ★"
About payment"//////////////////////Deposit amount is"successful BID AMOUNT + postage + option"in. If there are more options plus, please.Shaped outside: a business system is"The "envelope rate""In addition it.. please note that.Payment is quick money.. Each development ship the package may be delayed.Payment is delayed if you want to be sure please contact us.2017.6.1 postage will increase your. Standard(30mm or more )shaped outside the rates have gone up. //////////////// ★"About sending"★ ////////////////////
■【Courier:business system] in the settlement confirmation, after quickly sending it.. Illness or misfortune, if you please forgive me. ■Non-standard-size is [contact for shipping] on weekends and holidays except for 3 days ~ 4 days of time hanging. If lucky
Early shippingI will do. ■ The postal accident is not responsible for the. (Missing:damaged:faulty wiring there is a risk of)Calendar of major holidays/GW:tray is closed: New Year holidays,on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays shipping is late..I watch the auction, and thank you. The foreigner has dealings only for the one that there is by an email in the Japanese, but the which it is not possible for please do not participate.
China human throw standard Japanese limited Yomiuri curing,能理 solution to the Taiwan Ying. Disability by one-sided in the standard beg horseback,transfer our cancellation.
Bidding condition ※Seller:successful bidder with good dealings for, Thank you.New ID: Please refrain from bidding for those with an evaluation of 15 or less.Please refrain from those who can not do quick dealings or settlement.Only those who are comfortable dealings should offer a bid.We welcome those who can enter "transaction information" within 24 hours.
Most LEDS exhibited. Please have a look, if very well Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement (CLEA · net bank) can be used + + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No. 218. 003. 013
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