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★ EPSON EP-977A3 Waste ink error reset + Waste ink external kit ★
Auction ends 6 hours
Current price ¥1,500 $15
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Seller torachin30 +2250
Condition New
Start time 2019-06-10T19:09:48+09:00
End time 2019-06-18T06:09:48+09:00
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Lot number f331370313
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★ Waste ink limit error reset each manual + Waste ink tank externalization kit ★
Description of item
When using the EPSON printer and the message "Waste ink pad absorption limit error" is displayed, it does not move any more or less at the end.Why do such things happen? If you do head cleaning or margin photo printing etc, extra ink will be generated. The excess ink is absorbed by the pad tank in the printer and the waste ink counter is also counted.. Then one day the waste ink counter suddenly becomes 100% and "Waste ink pad absorption limit error" is displayed and the printer can not be used.. It takes ¥ 5,500 (including shipping cost) to repair the manufacturer and it takes more than 2 weeks..What would you do at such time?
Please do not worry. This exhibit is an inexpensive item that cancels the "waste ink absorption limit error" and further eliminates the waste ink..
furtherFree shipping 1,500 yenIt is only.
If you want to reset quickly, please download the reset program and reset manual from the link below. As waste ink does not leak immediatelyWaste ink tank externalization kitPlease take measures slowly after arrival.※ The link of the waste ink reset program (wic reset utility) and reset manual ⇒ http://yahoo.jp/box/TkluRQ
Waste ink limit error reset each manual
+ Waste ink tank externalization kit
廃 Waste ink limit error reset each manual: It is a set item of the following contents goods. * Waste ink limit error reset manual (for wic reset utility)
* Waste ink countermeasure manual
* Waste ink reset program (wic reset utility)
* We will notify you by the waste ink reset key 取 引 dealings contact.
・ Waste ink measures manualThere is both a waste ink externalization manual (part name and part dimensions included) and a waste ink pad cleaning and replacement manual, so there is no concern about ink leakage.. Please decide which method to use by the successful bidder.・ Waste ink reset program (wic reset utility)Reset waste ink pad absorption error using waste ink reset program (overseas free software) on windows PC connected to the Internet. One reset key ($ 9.99) is required for one reset. I will attach one reset key this time. ※ If you hit "trial" instead of the reset key, the waste ink counter will revive at 90%, but it is a first aid only (can not be used only once). ※ If you are using a Mac PC, please download the reset program from the link below. However, please be aware that this is out of support.Link destination of waste ink reset program (wic reset utility) for Mac PC ⇒ http://yahoo.jp/box/IJ4FZ5 ※ Reference: Overseas site link destination of waste ink reset program (wic reset utility) 廃 Waste ink tank externalization kit: It is a modification kit that you do not need to wash and replace the waste ink pad at each reset by storing the waste ink in the external tank. The contents of the kit are waste ink removal hose 50 cm and waste ink tank cap (PET bottle lid processed product). Please prepare the waste ink tank (PET bottle container) and tools (+ -drivers, vinyl tapes, etc.) yourself to offer the lowest possible price to the highest bidder..Since remodeling does not make a hole in the printer body, it is very easy and you can always put it back.. The remodeling time is around 10 minutes.
No claim, no return, please go at your own risk. Also, please be aware that if you do during the warranty period, you may not be able to receive manufacturer support.. The waste ink limit error reset manual (for wic reset utility) and the waste ink countermeasure manual are created from scratch by individuals. It has nothing to do with the manufacturer's manual. There may be a delay in the response because we are going between the other work. Please note. Since the mischief successful bid by the new successful bidder has increased recently, the successful bidder who feels uneasy about new and new evaluation contents will contact within 1 day after the successful bid, payment within 3 days (3 business days in case of bank transfer) When confirmation can not be taken, I will consider it as cancellation by successful bidder Mr. convenience (there may be an immediate cancellation).. In that case, please understand that the evaluation of "very bad" will be attached to the successful bidder.
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