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Zucca shirt cut casual long-sleeved check-tea-based М
Auction ends over
Current price ¥480 $5
Start price ¥480 $5
Buy-now ¥480 $5
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller vectoroomoto +440126
Condition Used
Start time 2019-09-15T22:11:46+09:00
End time 2019-09-17T22:11:46+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f348099097
Seller position Okayama Prefecture Tsuyama City Hall

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Zucca zucca shirt cut casual long-sleeved check-tea-based М Men
Important notice regarding successful bid
After a successful bid, I will contact the mailing address of the registration and the message bulletin board. Yahoo auction! Please check the address of registration. If the mail can not deliver mail (yahoo@vector-enter.jp),
Telephone (086-251-6125), orBid inquiry formPlease let us know.
brand Zucca zucca
Notation size М
Actual size Shoulder width: 46cm
Width: 52cm
Length: 70cm
Sleeve length: 52cm
Will be absolutely some of the error is generated by products. Please note in advance the error of 1 to 2 cm.
Material 50% cotton rayon 50%
color Brown
※ Since I have judged by the subjectivity of the exhibitor of this product in terms of color, the catalog and regular color might once said is different.
State Rank [B]
State There is a general wearing feeling. There are no other noticeable dirt or damage, so I think you can still use it. ※ The more nervous one should refrain from bidding. Since it is a used article to the last, there are items different from the state of a new article.
accessories ※ Since the product is not included accessories such as not listed in the photo or description column Thank you.
Control number 126-201812071981
Vector size guide is here
シャツ カットソー カジュアル 長袖 チェック 茶系 М
★ Please be sure to confirm the following contents before a successful bid ★
In case of dealings we will judge as bidding after consent on the following. (We can not accept dealings by methods other than stated payment and shipping method etc)
About dealings
Shipping fee · Delivery method
○ Shipping fee
Nationwide850 yen○ Delivery method
Sagawa Express · Parcel delivery service (shipping prepayment)
Delivery method is only the above. We can not accept your specifications in other ways. Although it will be delivered in simple packaging, please understand. ○ About bundling
Enclosed is only for items bidding on the same day. No matter how many points you send together, the shipping fee will not change. ○ Dispatch time
★ If your order number is only one point ... after payment same day ~ 3 schedule
★ If your order number is a multiple ... payment after about one week (to get time to put together products)
Payment method
○ Payment amountBid price + consumption tax + shipping cost = payment amount For the auction of the competition, we will receive a separate consumption tax. ○ Payment method
· Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
· Japan Post Bank transfer
Please give me the transfer commission at the highest bidder load.
Other Requests and Notes
Rarely awarded items sell at the shop, there are times when it is out of stock due to cancellation in time. Moreover, even with the item under bidding, there is a case that I am allowed to cancel the auction in a state not foretelling unavoidably due to the stock situation. I will be careful enough, but please forgive kindly when out of stock after a successful bid. ※ If you are worried, please check inventory from the question column beforehand. After bidding without confirmation, those who attach bad evaluation about out of stock should refrain from bidding. (Since confirmation may not be completed in time just before the end, we will ask you a question as soon as possible. )
Although we check the item before exhibition, it seems that there are times when you may overlook dirt and scratches. Since the values ​​are different depending on the viewer, understand the above, please deal with no claim no return. To avoid troubles, those who are nervous and those who are asking for perfect goods should withhold a bid. Although we are trying not to make a mistake in dealings, there is a case where you may receive your time to contact you in the absence of charge when there are missing dispatch, mistake, etc. I will correspond as quickly as possible to the end, I am pleased if you can understand.
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