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◆ Subaru genuine legacy navigation SYSTEM ★ [FVZ201F2] ★ KI5
Auction ends 3 hours
Current price ¥8,000 $83
Start price ¥8,000 $83
Buy-now ¥10,000 $104
Seller m_a_awan6 +2273
Condition Used
Start time Aug 21, 2014 2:55:51 PM Europe/London
End time Aug 28, 2014 2:55:51 PM Europe/London
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g104138092
Seller position Hashima, Gifu Prefecture

Yahoo!オークション 2012年2月度 出品マスター ゴールド
■ Ta Yes Le ■
◆ Subaru genuine legacy navigation SYSTEM ★ [FVZ201F2] ★ KI5
■ product description ■
item description
number ★ ★ [FVZ201F2] Y34-1620-00
management number A1210
description ◆ photograph the current situation ◆ minor abrasions, is relatively clean stains.
◆ because there are disconnected in the middle of the cables on the back of all the bonus. ◆ brand new as well as please refrain from looking
other listings so there are a number of other listings, please see please check seller's other listings just in case.
Please note, please -we are dismantling.
-Please note that may not answer technical questions. -Please no claim no return.
■ shipping instructions ■
item description
ship from Earth Hashima, Gifu Prefecture
prepaid Yamato flight collect only
please note, please directly the pick-up is available, the deposit is Bank Limited.
Receipt of payment confirmation. If that's the only 13-17 o'clock from Monday to Saturday.
■ Branch pay explained ■
item description
Bank Bank
easy payment corresponds
Please note, please after bid to inform designated bank account.

The description on the free serviceAUCSTER (August)in created. No download, no installation required, Windows and Mac in AUCSTER immediately available.
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