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Unused Chiyoda Seiki 4 cutting craters
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥4,000 $41
Start price ¥4,000 $41
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kougukan +310
Condition New
Start time 2019-08-17T22:12:18+09:00
End time 2019-08-24T22:12:18+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g155545725
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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★★★ Unused Chiyoda Seiki 4 cutting craters Used tools ★★★
Description of item
Please be sure to bid only for those who can read and consent to the end. ★ ★ ★Chiyoda Seiki cutting device crater
・ Manufacturer: Chiyoda Seiki
・ Part number: A-M2 x 2, A-M x 1, M2 x 1
・ Product size: 25mm long x 25mm wide x 93mm high
Although we have performed the operation test, parts check etc. on our side, there are cases where there are scratches, rust, dents, dirt etc. due to usage. We refuse the tender of nervous one. For second-hand goods, please give me a no claim no cancellation after understanding.
Payment and delivery fee
Payment amount is as follows.Successful bid amount + postage = total amountPlease transfer. ・ The courier fee table is at the bottom. ・ Please contact the seller for questions regarding shipping costs. I think that some amount of error will come out due to size etc. at the time of packing, so please understand that point.This item is courier【A rank】I will send it out The payment method is only Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts.
About sending
Shipper・ Seino Transportation
・ Yamato Transport* Please note that if you attach to a large product addressed to an individual (a total of three sides of 450cm or more or 90kg or more), you will not be able to ship locally and stop the sales office.. * Seino Transportation, Yamato, and household goods Takkyubin are insured as a precaution.. (Our burden)
* Corporate and individual operators will only ship locally if they can secure the staff to unload the product.. Please note that the driver will not assist with unloading.. * If you wish to ship large items locally to individuals, it is possible with Easy Household Takkyubin.. However, due to the reservation system, it will take 2-5 days to ship..
-If you are addressed to an individual at Seino Transportation, shipping will be expensive, so please be sure to let us know if you have a store name, shop name, company name. ・ Please note that Seino Transportation and Yamato flights cannot be timed.
・ Large items may take 3-7 days to ship.
-Regarding damage during delivery, it will be repaired to the highest bid. ・ Due to delays due to delivery, etc., no damages or business guarantees can be made. ・ After payment is confirmed, check the operation again before shipping.. Even if you are in a hurry, we will not be able to ship on the day of payment etc.. ・ In the case of direct pick-up, the address for picking up is Suminoe-ku, Osaka City (near Yamato River). In addition, the product will be delivered in an unpacked state. * Warehouse is not resident. We will correspond only to our designated time zone. ・ Please note that there is no shipping business on Mondays and Thursdays.
・ Since holidays are Sundays and holidays, we cannot contact you on Sundays and holidays or answer questions.. Thank you for your understanding.・ Please check the operation of the product after it arrives.. ・ In case of initial failure, please contact us within one week after arrival.. * If the repair cost exceeds the highest bid, it will be returned / refunded.. * Products with no warranty period should be checked immediately upon arrival.. Please note that we will not accept any complaints after 7 days of product arrival. Also, please forgive us for troubles after the warranty period.. ・ Consumables (bulb, packing, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.. · In the explanation, those with "junk" or "current delivery" are out of scope.-Please note that it may take some time to ship the product after confirming the transfer.. ・ It is up to 10 days from the successful bid date when placing a product. -If you can not contact for more than 7 days after a successful bid, if there is no contact and there is no payment, we will process the cancellation for the convenience of the highest bidder. In that case, please note that Yahoo's system will automatically get a "bad" rating.

Yamato courier service list

60 size 80 size 100 size 120 size 140 size 160 size
+140 yen +160 yen +180 yen

Takkyubin basic fare revision
For shipments after October 1, 2017, the above amount will be added to the current Takkyubin basic fare according to the size of the luggage.. It will be changed to the time zone (5 categories) that can be specified. Morning (until 12:00), 14:00 to 16:00, 16:00 to 18:00, 18:00 to 20:00, 19:00 to 21:00

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Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Ibaraki Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture
Mie Prefecture
Shiga Prefecture
Osaka prefecture
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Okayama Prefecture
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Ehime Prefecture
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Kagoshima prefecture
Okinawa Prefecture
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Rank C \ 1,990 \ 1,570 \ 1,470 \ 1,360 \ 1,360 \ 1,260 \ 1,260 \ 1,260 \ 1,360 \ 1,360 \ 2,410
D rank \ 2,200 \ 1,780 \ 1,680 \ 1,570 \ 1,570 \ 1,470 \ 1,470 \ 1,470 \ 1,570 \ 1,570 \ 2,940
E rank \ 2,410 \ 1,990 \ 1,890 \ 1,780 \ 1,780 \ 1,680 \ 1,680 \ 1,680 \ 1,780 \ 1,780 \ 3,460
F rank \ 2,620 \ 2,200 ¥ 2,100 \ 1,990 \ 1,990 \ 1,890 \ 1,890 \ 1,890 \ 1,990 \ 1,990 \ 3,990
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