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And from/about Jade・as the hand of Milt/ about 200g delicious Milt "big"
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥6,000 $58
Start price ¥6,000 $58
Buy-now ¥6,500 $63
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller shukugawa3 +685
Condition New (Deliciously delivered)
Start time 2018-10-18T12:35:12+09:00
End time 2018-10-25T22:34:49+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g202408865
Seller position Hyogo prefecture including in a package not possible

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From Japan
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Large・and,as I like Milt Large size of・:all my ball Milt I ball・Milt is delicious--the big size
Large・and,as I like Milt

Large・and,as I like Milt

ヤフオク! 2018年07月度 出品マスター シルバー////////////ヤフオク! 2018年07月度 出品マスター シルバーTrack all the tails of Milt・Milt liquor in one stage to a different taste, just to name a few.. (Bake. Simmer. Steamed. Frying. Tempura, etc.). Vacuum pack it.. Purchase will NEW of the rating・poor. Trouble after another for the new・evaluation of poor bids please,as soon as confirmed the bid to undo.
【Fresh light・as I like Milt】winter of pronouns
Product details
Fresh tracks/as I like Milt・event~all. And from/all my Milt liquor is also OK.
Our shop is cooked with Milt from/By My So about 200g in. Milt nature(196g more than~210g or less) in
And from/all my Milt is a fine taste in......
(Or as I like. At all I do. The God of the milt and it is a totally different concept and taste. Fine is superior mouthfeel creamy) with light/God of Milt remove the milt of the effect is not. About 200g vacuum pack frozen orders are shipped. Yamato Transport other than specified cannot be.
For whatever reason, has and
New・evaluation of bad and website.
The transaction will be. Bid if you cancel it..
As my pot surrounded by what?
Grilled soft ROE, tempura, steamed egg custard,Toji fried,
Milt liquor, 白子田 fun,sauce baked, baked with butter
Payment details
・ Yucho Bank
・ Resona Bank,. ・ The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
・ Cash on delivery also available. (Payment after confirming the prompt dispatch)It is a charge of sending out by Cool flight from Hyogo prefecture (60 cm x 2 kg) size. The price on one size (80 cm x 5 kg) will be applied depending on the shipment item. YAMATO TRANSPORT, Hyogo prefecture departing → New price 60 size X 2 ㎏. Hokkaido 1879 yen
Aomori. Akita. Iwate 1447 yen
Miyagi. Yamagata. Fukushima 1339 yen
Tokyo. Ibaraki. Tochigi. Gunma. Saitama. Chiba. Kanagawa. 1231 yen
Nagano. Yamanashi. Niigata. 1231 yen
Toyama. Ishikawa. Fukui. Shizuoka. Aichi. Gifu. Triple. 1123 yen
Kyoto. Shiga. Nara. Wakayama. Osaka. Hyogo. 1123 yen
Okayama. Hiroshima. Yamaguchi. Tottori. Shimane. 1123 yen
Kagawa. Tokushima. Kochi. Ehime. 1123 yen
Fukuoka. Saga. Nagasaki. Kumamoto. Oita. Miyazaki. Kagoshima. 1231 yen
Okinawa. 1555 circle
Shipping in 2017 is 10 months 1 from the date of the new fee,please note.
Milt between the ships is OK.
Details of shipment
・Yamato Transport Shipping
・Cash on delivery also OK
※Prompt in shipping it..
Commercial-60℃store in the freezer
(Vacuum-Packed for shipping)freshness in.. Heating delicious, (ponzu sauce) the tempura is also OK,how to eat it..
Vacuum pack approx 200g
As I like Milt redness of have to taste, there is no problem,all I do is bite you in red only. Please note. ※Refrigeration in ships.
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