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Hindu · Tarot Curly Reed Books Publication Showa 61st edition · 51 cards + 1 card (total of 52 cards) + book + box
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,000 $48
Start price ¥5,000 $48
Buy-now ¥5,000 $48
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller booksresort +1937
Leader p*3*.***
Condition Used
Start time 2018-09-13T18:43:05+09:00
End time 2018-09-20T17:35:47+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g218357428
Seller position Aichi-ken

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· 51 sheets + 1 piece all 52 cards not missing
· There is a bruise on the book cover
You can read it,
Rubbing scratch equipped, stain dirt, hiyake color fading etc. therefore please acknowledge it beforehand
◆ secondhand book / used becomes
If you are looking for beautiful goods please refrain
Please keep in mind that it may be faded and deteriorated due to the period we keep, so please understand in advanceYahoo! official Yahoo! box / Image .. here .. reference .. only.
Following the guide after successful bid / purchase
We will ask you to take the procedure when you are in a difficult situation from within Yahoo auc expiration date
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We can not deal with methods other than the descriptionThose who are not accompanied by the described transaction method are sorry, but please refrain from bid / successful bid / dealings
Letter pack plus
· Japan uniform shipping fee: 510 yen
· Within the specified envelope specification
· Receiving delivery / post office available
· It is possible to confirm from the inquiry number (baggage No,)
Bid price + shipping = will be the amount you will pay
- Shipping - ◆ From Yahoo! Au side settlement acceptance decision [3 days] will be the scheduled shipping date
※ It will take time to accept the acceptance
(The next day of reception or the next day will be the scheduled shipping date / 3rd day will be the shipping reserved day)
◆ After shipping procedure you will be informed of shipment by registration of your luggage No,
(Post office side status will be updated from mainly after 18 o'clock to around 20 o'clock)
◆ Delivery scheduled date will be a rough estimate mainly within 3 days from [next day] registration date
(Depending on the area of ​​delivery and traffic conditions, delivery may be delayed)
※ Additional shipping fee will be required for re-shipment from returning at the time of unknown address
◆ There is no compensation for mail accidents etc【Please】
After checking the contents after checking your luggage
Thank you for your receipt operation in case of a problem
-please note- - Besides new / unopened clarification everything is secondhand book / medieval timesPlease refrain from those looking for beautiful goods◆ Goods will be image revaluation
· Please acknowledge understanding beforehand because there is a case of fading or deterioration due to the storage period
◆ Bulk transactions are simple settlement reception
· Depending on the size at the time of shipping the shipping cost / shipping fee may be subject to change
◆ Yahoo! box image correspondence link during the publication period Please let us know when the link has disappeared
◆ I hope the question until the day before the end
◆ Cancellation from the highest bidder / When the Yahoo auction period is exceeded, I will carry out the successful bidder deletion procedure
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