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Grand play media #regular(fragrance free) 50g 【Grand play media】
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,100 $11
Start price ¥1,100 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nekoempeler0120 +369
Condition New
Start time 2018-10-28T19:37:10+09:00
End time 2018-10-29T15:26:59+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g294104682
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Grand play media #regular(fragrance free) 50g 【Grand play media】 [parallel import goods] 9421001820014 deodorant aromatic dehumidifying agent
Product Details
Product details
Manufacturer: Grand play media manufacturer part number: 9421001820014 deodorant・fragrance・dehumidifying agent, a deodorant・air fresheners cloth products for
Over time,your shoes disinfection・deodorization・antibacterial clustered! USA・Canada・Australia・England is also a big hit in! The "play media"environment, the developed countries・New Zealand-born shoes for anti・bacterial and deodorizing powder. Natural safe and powerful anti・bacterial and deodorizing effect of the shoes, not the smell of the bacteria to the root from the removal! The effect is long-lasting it.. Powder type,whatever form of shoes for,comfort is also not impaired. A regular bottle up to 8 pairs of shoes, deodorant, antibacterial and antimicrobial reduction, and even economical! Dedicated spoon with.
Payment details
· Yahoo! easy settlement only Please give me payment within 2 days after a successful bid. If payment is late please contact us. We can not accept cash on delivery. Those who can not make contact after a successful bid within the number of days specified here do not have any message after 2 days have passed after a successful bid will cancel with the highest bidder convenience. Moreover, when canceling dealings by customer convenience after a successful bid,
Please be forewarned that I will refund the amount after subtracting the successful bid commission paid to Yahoo.
Shipment details
· Shipping fee nationwide 850 yenNote: As for the shipping, the shipper who contracts selects the shipping method appropriately, so you can not select the shipper. Major delivery companies will be Yamato Transport, Sagawa Kyubin. Please understand beforehand that it can not be bundled, cash on delivery,.Moreover, because it is performing irregular work, it may take 3-4 days to ship.Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays, New Year's holidays can not contact delivery service and message. Please note.Since it may not be possible to respond to the direction of hurry, please offer a bid with time in mind.
Above all all after acknowledgment no claim, no return becomes. We refuse basic cancellation. As stated in the auction rules, we ask you to thank you for your understanding on "responsibility for bidding".
I will cancel your bid by the judgment here such as the direction of new ID, the one with bad evaluation, etc. It is a measure for people who do not have some manners. Thank you. We will not exchange for size differences, so please check the size carefully. Depending on the PC, the environment, the condition of the light, the image of the color may be slightly different from the image. · Sentence Contents The person who requests and requests ignorance such as "delivery method", those who pass the reserve period will refuse the bid from the next time.- Since it can not respond to a question after a successful bid, a photograph attachment etc, please give me a question before a successful bid.◆ Cancellation after bidding can not be accepted at all. ◆ We do not support product here, so we can not accept questions such as usage. ◆ This product is dented into the outer boxAlthough there are cases where there are scratches, since there is no problem with regard to the item, please refrain from the successful bid of those who are interested. ◆ Package of goods may be changed without notice, but the product itself is the same, so please understand. ◆ Reserve of goods can not be done.★ It becomes personal sale, it can not issue receipt.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or questions.
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