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【KOKUYO/Kokuyo】sliding door closed stacks S-D4355F1C key with/some difficulty having natural gray steel/ss0042
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Current price ¥8,618 $85
Start price ¥8,618 $85
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kidsdream0517 +8216
Start time 2019-03-03T21:04:40+09:00
End time 2019-03-06T21:04:40+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g317143417
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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◆ Product information ◆
Product name KOKUYO/Kokuyo
Size (approx) Width 1200 x height 880 x depth 515mm
Model year - Model number S-D4355F1C
Color Natural gray Material steel
accessories Key 1 book
State Rank C State Rank guide【N-rank] new / unopened products. 【S rank】 unused products. [A rank] use less of a feeling of the product. Secondhand mint. [AB rank] a bit of feeling of use is there, but the relatively good condition of goods. 【B-rank] a feeling of use, there are scratches and dirt of the product. General second hand goods. [C-rank] used to stand out and dirt of the product. 【J-rank] the operation and the details of the product to guarantee no junk items.※Because it is the seller's subjective judgment there.. Some recognition of the difference and please think.
State Details ★Overall size of such use, there is a feeling in some of the hard goods in. ■The original that comes with the partition plate is missing you.. ■The keys somewhat hard to your. Use is possible, the process is closed out.. ■Side at the top of the small screw hole there. ■Inside the bottom of the temple..
◆ About the postage ◆ 【Yamato Raku household TA-Q-bin】
This product is Yamato home Convenience Co., Ltd. provision of Yamato from household goods TA-Q-bin to send.
Delivery rank D Shipping destination prefectures by the shipping rates will vary. Shipping rates are the following: determine the ultimate fate of a victim by developing the most lethal illness possible. Check the destination to"Hyogo Prefecture"to see.
→ → "From prices" ← ←
* For the delivery confirm the mistake please note that.Shipping example: Tokyo, Japan shipping to you
【Yamato Raku household TA-Q-bin D-rank, Hyogo Prefecture~Tokyo】12150 yen
Large items the shipping is very expensive there.. Shipping from the direct delivery part.. Please after a successful bid,dealings Navi directly take wish to inform you,
The reservation,Itami-Shi, Hyogo, Japan Yamada 4-7-40 of our Itami warehouse please visit.
Takeaway means people who are not our own truck work good.. TrackReservation systemIn 2 hours the maximum rent will be. Also, the pre-bid of the status of the goods confirmation also we will correspond, in inquiry on how can I add a performer to my favorites list?.
◆ About payment ◆
The following payment methods and you..
Yahoo! easy settlement Direct cash payment
※Our according to circumstances,direct cash payments we will support you when you are away.. ※Yahoo settlement and payment of the examination until the end of the item delivery will be.
◆ About shipping ◆
Date of shipment Yahoo! easy settlement Yahoo from payment of examination after confirming the completion,within 2-3 business days order will be processed as quickly as possible..
Shipping from 2 days to 1 Week as the heart.. (Shipping depends)
※Consecutive holidays sandwiching, if we judge by The ahead of schedule shipping will.※Okinawa Prefecture and remote island, such as undeliverable region also.. Always advance, so please check the information carefully before joining the auction.
Delivery specifications
Possible times
◆In the morning/12 PM-15 PM/15 when~18 time/18 when ~ 21 when◆* For the delivery to the destination address depending on the requests I see.
◆ Please before bidding, please be sure to confirm ◆
Notes ◆Product images and the actual color condition is to look different and may. ◆Evaluation at the time of shipping will do. Charge in advance and tell you.. ◆In the following case,successful bidder circumstances according to cancel will be. ・After a successful bid,within 3 business days please contact us and we will help you
・Ordering・offer after a successful bid,within 5 business days of payment if you can't
To order・please after a successful bid,within 2 weeks you can come to me if※Successful bidder circumstances in case of cancellation, a full specification on automatically《very bad》of the evaluation will be. ◆Yahoo settlement and payment if a receipt is not issued. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, payment date・payment method・such as the amount stating the invoice will be issued. On payment of statement, combined with the place of receipt as please use.◆Rating is less than 90% of the people who bid,this decision will not.. ◆Bid mistake as bid cancellation request, about the
To the extent possible we will correspond, and the end of the auction cancel and do not guarantee. Also, our hours of operation just before the end,outside of business hours support is available from us.. Million a try, you will know how difficult tag between the difference of the bid and if the bid of the decline is the"highest bidder convenience"remove and.
About return ◆After the commodity arrives,the state soon please check. ◆Exhibition contents and real product differences after the goods arrive within 3 days, please contact us. ◆The above date, after the contact to respond notice please note that. ◆Product in case you have problems with your response is returned after the refund only.. Repair costs, such as bidder's designated by way of your response will be. ◆The customer due to cancellation or returns will be accepted in..
【★ Shop information ★】
◆Game Itami warehouse Itami-Shi, Hyogo, Japan Yamada 4-7-40★Yahoo trading related inquiriesTEL:06-4869-7333Closed / holiday 【Sat・Sun】【Golden Week, Obon and New Year holidays】★The condition of the goods or the vehicle, such as inquiries aboutTEL:072-764-7639Reception hours 10:00~19:00】
★E-mail: kidsdream0517@outlook.jp
Commodity after a successful bid, direct delivery,and the successful bid the goods before the state of the check we will correspond. Inquiries of on and go. Holiday shipping notification and confirmation of payment, shipping, responding to inquiries, such as any of the transactions will not. Sorry the holidays, and your response will be. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
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