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HG 1/144 group the United Self・Vuitton Wittgenstein machine [unassembled goods]
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥1,800 $19
Start price ¥1,800 $19
Buy-now ¥2,200 $23
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller uji_ss +1411
Start time 2019-06-24T18:30:51+09:00
End time 2019-06-29T20:30:37+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h230219105
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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■ Thank you for your interest in our exhibition. ☆HG 1/144 group the United Self・Vuitton Wittgenstein machine [unassembled goods] will. ○ I will exhibit for collection arrangement. ○After purchase the inner bag unopened in UN-assembled or stored for. ※Individuals who have saved for,the outer box of scratches, the mirror, etc., beforehand please understand. (If you care about the condition of the box as a collection item, please be careful)
○ The following shipping methods are planned, but we will consider if there are other desired methods, so please contact us. (However, depending on the exhibit, there are shipping methods that can not be used due to size, shape or other issues, so please be aware in advance)
※ About three kinds of Yu-pack, there are differences such as shipping date, dispatchable date, whether it is possible to specify date, whether it is anonymous shipping, size upper limit etc. (Specifically, please confirm with the following explanatory note)
※ In the case of this single item, the packing size will be 80. (1) Yu-pack(and which version) * compatible with like, the reception counter is far for shipping in some days to it.. ※ It is limited to prepayment. On weekends, we do not ship on weekends and holidays. In addition, basically we will limit the size 120. Bundled, etc. by over 120 size if the individual consultation will be. It will also be anonymous shipping automatically. In addition, in Yu-pack type, only date can not be specified. (2) Yu-pack smartphone discount ※ It is an advance payment only. On weekends, we do not ship on weekends and holidays. ※ In addition to the size limit is basically 100 in the specification, in order to receive some notification service, you need to be notified of the e-mail address. ※ If you wish the delivery date · time zone, please inform us of your preference in the transaction information section. (3) Yu-pack (special charge) ※ It is an advance payment limited. We can ship even on weekends and holidays. In addition, basically we will limit the size 120. Bundled, etc. by over 120 size if the individual consultation will be. ※ If you wish the delivery date · time zone, please inform us of your preference in the transaction information section. (4) Mail outside the fixed form (shipping fee is 500 yen, +160 yen in case of specific tracking request) ※ Due to the convenience of the window, shipping on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is not performed. Although the size of up to 90 is targeted by the standard of Japan Post, it is intended for up to about the size that enters into the envelope of 380 x 420 mm by the convenience on our shipping. Also, please understand that the packing method will be somewhat simplified because of the shipping method in which the charge changes depending on the weight. ※ Yu-pack various shipping costs will be as follows. ・ (1) Yu-pack (Oteharu version) ※ Please confirm the specific shipping cost in the linked price list in the delivery method column. ・ (2) Yu-pack smartphone discount ※ It will be equivalent to Yu-pack (a version that is not anonymous in nature). ※ As continuous discount is applied after 12/1, it is the cheapest method in most cases as a courier service. . (※ As a service, there is a discount by receiving the post office further, but it will not respond for the time being because it is too difficult to use. )
The Prefecture (Hyogo): size 60...558 yen,the size 80...747 yen,size 100...972 yen
Area A (Kinki・Tokai・Hokuriku, China, Shikoku): size 60...603 yen,the size 80...810 yen,the size 100...1017 yen
Area B (Kanto・Shin-Etsu, and Kyushu): size 60...693 yen,size 80...900 yen,size 100...1107 yen
Area C(northeast): size 60...810 yen,the size 80...999 yen,size 100...1215 yen
Area D (Hokkaido): size 60...1197 yen,size 80...1386 yen,size 100...1602 yen
Area E (Okinawa): size 60...1035 yen,size 80...1278 yen,size 100...1521 yen
・(3)Yu-pack(special fee) * size 120 or size in any other way than the cheap often in....... In addition, it is possible to ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on Yu-pack type only. The Prefecture (Hyogo): size 60...719 yen,size 80...908 yen,size 100...1132 yen,size 120---1348 yen
Area A (Kinki・Tokai・Hokuriku, China, Shikoku): size 60...764 yen,size 80...972 yen,size 100...1177 yen,size 120---1402 yen
Area B (Kanto・Shin-Etsu, and Kyushu): size 60...854 yen,size 80...1060 yen,size 100...1267 circle,size 120---1493 yen
Area C(northeast): size 60...972 yen,size 80...1159 yen,size 100...1375 yen,size 120---1591 yen
Area D (Hokkaido): size 60...1358 yen,size 80...1546 yen,size 100...1762 yen,size 120---1979 yen
Area E (Okinawa): size 60...1195 yen,size 80...1438 circle,size 100...1681 yen,size 120---1915 yen
Any chance. delivery middle accident such as has occurred we can not respond. Please contact the delivery company. (Especially warranty and tracking there is no way if you please)
○Multiple auction to bid if you included support hours of consultation please. (The reserve for bundling corresponds to within 5 days from the first successful bid)
※ However, I think that it is not rare, but if a large number of successful bids require a large box exceeding size 120, and if there is no cardboard of just the right size that can be reused, buy a cardboard box You may be asked to increase the actual cost of purchasing the box for some time and time. ○ When shipping, we will use packing materials such as bubble wraps, old newspapers and other cushioning materials as much as possible to prevent damage during delivery, but since it is an individual exhibition, the specification of the packing method is basically Please understand that we can not accept it. (You can choose to use the cardboard box only if you have notified more than one package size)
※ Packing may be minimized due to size and weight depending on shipping method. ※ Because we try to recycle as much as possible, we should use cardboard and other packaging materials. ○ Shipping is normally done within 2 days (except for non-standard-size mails except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on the day of the window) as soon as payment can be confirmed, but for correspondence using leisure time of amateur only May be delayed. ○ In the case of the shipping method in which the shipping cost changes depending on the weight and size, the shipping cost is notified by an approximation before packing. As a result, there may be a difference between the shipping fee paid as a result and the actual shipping fee, but please understand that we can not cope with the refund of the shipping fee even if there is a difference. (The difference occurs when you inform the dealer from whom you acquired the unit immediately as well as the costs of appropriation are not available.)
The difference occurs but also anxious bid please refrain. ============================
○ Since this exhibition uses dealings Nabis, please contact from the successful bidder after it makes a successful bid. In addition, please contact us in advance with the transaction message before entering the transaction navigation, for consultation about the bundled request and shipping method. ※ Please be aware that there are items that can not be changed once entered in the system specifications. ○ With regard to evaluation after the end of the transaction, we usually conduct it only for those who have evaluated. If you do not need evaluation, please be careful not to evaluate here. ※ Excluded in the case of bid cancellation by successful bidder convenience. ※ Please note that other transaction methods can not be supported. (For example, the non-payment of support, and the buy it now price set for the product of the early termination, such as is not done)
* Overseas shipping is not. (Seller will not ship internationally.)
※After a successful bid,within 3 days contact us if the successful bidder convenience cancellation cancellation will. ============================
○ As it is preservation, inspection by amateur, there may be oversight etc. ○ Because it was once in the hands of people, please bid only for those who can understand. ○ I need your help by a no claim and a no return. ○ There may be cases where we will refrain from dealings with those whose evaluation is extremely bad. Then thank you very much.
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