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ELECOM DTSR2-CTX used goods body only
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,000 $10
Start price ¥1,000 $10
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller fukueishop +8297
Condition Used
Start time 2019-08-17T12:34:08+09:00
End time 2019-08-19T14:53:56+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h241815908
Seller position Kita-ku, Tokyo

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There is no accessories.
only a main part
※ Standard attachment / sold separately There are no relationships published in the image or above
Things not listed are not included, so please understand.
Operation check:
For use free environment, operation check is not available at all.
I will exhibit as junk.
Please take advantage of the research and part picking, etc.
Those who were awarded must see "Message from the exhibitor" within the notice of successful bid arriving from YAHOO and enter it in "Order Form" within the e-mail. · The highest bid separately costs consumption tax and shipping fee. Please note that the customer will enter the order form after entering the total amount. · For cancellation after it makes a successful bid, we do not accept it at all. · The warranty period other than the junk item is one week after the item arrives. In the unlikely event of an initial failure, we will respond to replacements and returns (Please bear the shipping cost when returning the product). In addition, please acknowledge that initial failure will be delivered to us and checks will be done and judgment of initial malfunction will be made. Please understand that it can not respond to appearance state and matters that do not hinder operation. Please understand beforehand that returned goods can not be accepted after one week even if there is any reason. When goods arrive, please confirm the state as soon as possible. ※ If the contents of warranty are different, please refer to that there is a description on the product page. ※ Products that are exhibited as junk items,
① There is no guarantee at all. ② Original product performance is not guaranteed at all. ③ We do not check anything other than the contents written. In addition, if you plan to use it as a part for junk goods, or if you plan to use it as the original product, even if there is a malfunctioning part other than the notation, you repair it yourself, the original Those who have skills to restore product performance, or only those who are convinced of ① to ③ above, please bid it. · Please contact us via e-mail. In the case of telephone contact, it does not take the system of support by phone because there may lead to problems such as not say who said further at a later date by such misunderstanding. Thank you for your understanding. · We are not responsible for lost, damaged etc in the middle of delivery. We will not accept any returns after receipt of goods due to customer's convenience. We will refuse receipt if goods are returned unilaterally by cash on arrival etc. ● In any case, regardless of the cause of legal claims, the damage caused by the use or inability of this product (loss of circumstance interest / business interruption, loss of business information or other monetary damage) We assume no responsibility with respect to.
● In order to make effective use of resources, we use newspaper as cushioning material for reuse of packing materials, so we appreciate your understanding. In addition, packaging materials collection at the time of delivery is not received.
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