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I can not tap Infrared communication HotSync CLIE CLIÉ PEG - NX 70 V small red
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Please contact the University of the Air, especially those taking the radio. I would like to consider broadcast content etc. Negotiable. If you have TV version 2018 "22nd section", television NHK Hangul 180516 broadcasting, English interpretation in the exam, English words in the exam, and English version of the examination in the test please contact us on TV. Negotiable
Previously, the highest bidder was waiting patiently until Shinsei Bank, Rakuten Bank, Sony Bank, Orix Bank Account opened, I have been waiting for more than one month from bid to payment
From March 1, 2018, the settlement method becomes "simple settlement" only. Please do not describe other settlement methods (bank transfer etc) in the item description.
Those who saw this sentence think that it is better to think that other transactions are also considered and it was better to open Shinsei Bank, Rakuten Bank, Sony Bank, Orix Bank account earlier.
Conditions became painful when preparing everything in case of multiple bidding.
It seems that money will not come to the seller unless the highest bidder pushes the button received within 14 days after the successful bidder is deposited. Although it may have been answered that I do not know well even if you ask the successful bidder for the part that was not deposited, so please let me know how to complete the procedure.
When it is Japan Net Bank, points seem to be accumulated.
Because VHS tape is 25 mm thick, I think that Necospos is possible if there is no box. Depending on the product, there are many cases where it becomes cheap if it sends only a part. Yu-Pack · Yu Packet (Otaru Version) takes a little hands because it is hard to print the QR code. junk / If it was not specified as junk, although it was launched when selling it, there are times when there is no confirmation equipment at the time of shipment. Junk / Junk is clearly stated that when there is no confirmation equipment when it is sent,
We will explicitly state that things that can not be started will not move. There was something that I did not specify junk / junk even though there was no confirmation device, but I will write in the future if there is no confirmation device if there is no confirmation device. There is no confirmation device for junk / junk for a while.
Although it is written as a new article, there are also second - hand goods such as junk etc. Although there is a column to write whether it is a new article at the time of exhibition it is difficult to scroll so it is easy to inadvertently. Because it is not easy to collect bromide while Sakura Wars have no time limit. Well Thinking in Common Sense Things that are not new are second hand.
Even if Neko Pos is in the choice, I do not want you to receive money without my consent. Because I sometimes lose items.
Neko Poss can not use "Yahu Neco! Pack" in dealings Navi (message system). As you can see from the question
If you would like to use Neko Posu Yahoo auction! Please select a pack for delivery method on the delivery method of Yahoo auction! Pack, you must select Yahu Neko! Pack at delivery method at the time of bidding.
Sometimes you will list items that can not be delivered Necos. I had been told to send only possible parts after being bidding for impossible goods so I did so. Because of the circumstances Neko Poss may be in the choice. Even if Necopos is in a choice, I do not want you to receive money without my consent, as it may be supposed that the contract is completed if you pick up Neko Pos and paying shipping costs. Capacity of Necopos
· Square A4 size (within 31.2 cm × 22.8 cm)
※ However, excluding within 23 cm × 11.5 cm
· Within thickness of 2.5 cm
· Weighing within 1 Kg
If you choose Nekopos and paying shipping costs you may be supposed to complete the contract so please send us only the possible parts of Necopos impossible items before contacting the bidding.
"Yu-pack (Otaru version)" by the delivery method stated on Yahoo auc!
Select "Yu Packet (Otaru Version)". ※ You can not use it by dealings Navi (message system).
If you look at the case
If you would like to use Yu-Pack · Yu packet, it seems that you have to select Yu Pack · Yu Packet as the delivery method in Yahoo auction! 'S exhibition form and select Yu Pack · Yu Packet as delivery method at the time of bidding.
Things reflected in rulers and backgrounds are not products.
Since there is a possibility of going to JR · Kintetsu, Hankyu and Keihan railway lines, handover is possible near the station.
I feel worried that I was late for the fact that Sagawa was late for Sagawa's mistake after I called and heard that I was late. There is something recommended by Sagawa for other exhibitions, but the correction is not just catching up.
Currently Yu Pack of a post office can also be shipped smoothly if the amount of cash on delivery and same payment with home payment of Yamato Transport are same at home collection.
I think that there are other methods if it takes time.
Because it does not depend on Yahoo auction all day long, simple mistakes and corrections may not keep up with it.
Click post requires printing of bar code on printer, so it takes a long time to ship when the printer is broken. Although click post needs to print bar code on printer, it is broken, so if you save it in memory and print it at copy store you can not charge that extra cost of 10 yen.
The confidence in my Yahoo auction has been killed so I want you to pay additional wages.
Click post
It is safe because you can check delivery status of baggage with tracking service. You can send baggage up to 1 kg. Long side is 34 cm or less, short side is 25 cm or less, thickness is 3 cm or less
I will not compensate for damages.
Although I am planning to transport at the best price for the time being, how much is the shipping cost? There are also some sides that I do not know until packing up. When selling it, sometimes it is something that is obviously impossible as it registers the transportation method without measuring it too closely. Although it is an excuse, the possibility of being bid successfully is low, and there are many things that do not even know whether they are interested.
Some excuses that I do not want to say too much, but other exhibitors apparently have uploaded a different image, although some texts admit that they are being noticed, some images have not been exchanged yet, There may be cases where commentary on another image is attached to. It is impossible to completely prevent human error, I want to change my point of view to how low damage can be suppressed, and to make efforts in the direction of checking several stages.
I noticed that it was displayed as if posted at the time of re-selling, as if posting is possible, I felt it was funny and I measured again and I realized that I was wrong again.
We will measure it at home if you can ask a question before making a bid, but if you are told that it is different when actually shipping you will have to do that price. It can be said that it can be shipped smoothly if it includes home delivery of Yamato Transport and Yu Pack cash on delivery. Products become heavier if packed, I do not know if I have enough money to go to the office and measure it. I will understand almost exactly if it can be said that it will be shipped the next Sunday and the next day of the week, but it will be late.
I think that it is good to deposit the shipping fee later. First of all, the highest bidder deposits the price of the goods, I got the postage etc measuring the commodity and I temporarily shipping fee
You will be responsible for sending it and then re-depositing that shipping fee.
"Alternatively, it is also a system that gets an obviously large amount and refunds after shipping. You can also enclose the difference in stamps. As little as possible 50 yen 10 yen 1 yen stamps. "
I also said that it is also a violation. There are also written that it is possible to enclose the difference as a stamp, but the correction is not just catching up.
My confidence in Yahoo auction has been killed so I think I gained some flexibility.
Takkyubin Compact is a system disadvantageous to the seller who can make the successful bidder bear the BOX 65 yen exclusive for Takkyubin Compact. My confidence in Yahoo auction has been killed so I think I gained some flexibility. If you use takkyubin (home delivery service) compact, I would like you to bid good for takkyubin compact exclusive BOX fee?
Please also encourage your attention every week if you would like to do so as you may accidentally forget mutual evaluation.
Because I can only answer once for a question, I will slowly become a me. If asking for a quick reply If multiple questions are asked, the first will tell you the recognition at the time of reading but sometimes you make mistakes if you examine it well. Extra time may be required to retrieve items. Photos are easy to add, but it is not easy to delete, so I make it the least.
Because the explanation is simplified because it is massive exhibition, there are many places that seems to be contradicted at first glance and there are many places which are really contradicting so if you seem strange,.
I will see the mail in the morning, but as long as it is not a prompt decision, the reply will slowly become me.
Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation large consecutive holidays, we can not do all the auction work including communication and shipping, so we are sorry for inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your understanding.
Click post will seem to be possible even if you do not select it at the time of a successful bid
As you can see from the fact that this BOON is over, I do not know what is there in the beginning but I will try to arrive as soon as possible. It is impossible to assert asserting that accidents such as the impossibility of a sudden net connection can occur occasionally or shipping may be delayed due to an earthquake or typhoon.
Although it generally takes a lot of time and labor to do this alone, if the item you sell is a CD, it's OK with a click post If you print on an A4 paper it's okay if you bend it for a fixed form, I think that it is useless if it actually measures it, so it will not get worse. Also there are shops that have good service such as being able to cancel the voucher once issued once the goods which were not accepted at some stores are sent out at other shops etc. There are also sides that can not be described as one There.. There are also people who are not credited for a month even if they are made a successful bid, there are many things confused as to what items from whom, since there are many re-listings, contacts are likely to be choppy but because they are low price routes, I would like to be patient.
I will bundle it. Every Sunday is easy to get to Kyoto station, so I would like to fill every Sunday for shipping, but as typhoons overlap, it will be quite late so we may make it another day of the week. It is probably not convincing if it is not a prompt decision. I am saying that. If you give special preferential treatment to a certain successful bidder, time will be increased and time to other successful bidders will be reduced.
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