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Limited rare ◆ Pin badge ◆ Brassens singer pipe cigarette pin franc
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Current price ¥1,543 $15
Start price ¥1,543 $15
Buy-now ¥1,643 $16
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller pinsmarche +7794
Condition Used (Pins status: best)
Start time 2018-09-14T15:32:17+09:00
End time 2018-09-21T17:37:38+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h343178281
Seller position Kobe city, Hyogo Pref

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Pin's background grid paper is 1 square 5 mm. Pin's background grid paper is 1 square 5 mm.
Pin's background grid paper is 1 square 5 mm.

Pin's background grid paper is 1 square 5 mm.

Product description of piny · Brassens singer pipe cigarette
Pin's state level: bestddh 5
Also refer to this site! →https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Georges Brassens
The pin has a needle on the back side, and it is designed to stop with a metal clasp. A clasp is included.New clasps are also shippedI will do.
Made with all kinds of themes, cool, cute, beautiful, fascinating artistic and unique design is the charm of Pins. It is fun as a collection, such as rare limited items and designs of famous artists, as accessories to wear to clothes, hats, bags and so on. Pin badge · key holder · view bar · fave specialty store Pins Marches pins,FranceImported miscellaneous goods bought at. In the flea market, centered on French things, by collector's hands,UK, Italy, Germany and other parts of Europe and around the world including the United States, Africa and AsiaAre gathered. Antiques / vintages are collections that have been taken care of by collectors, limited items that are difficult to obtain. Currently, based on Kobe, we are shipping nationwide by mail order.shipping method Shipping fee: 120 yen(Non-standard-size ordinary mail. Hyogo prefecture Kobe city from shipping)
When two or more goods are bid successfully,
Even if you order at Pins Marche's website at the same time,
The shipping fee remains 120 yen (free shipping on orders over 10,000 yen total). If you order at the same time, we will correspond with all receipts and enclosed ships, so shipping fee and transfer fee etc will be benefited. Themes related to pinning under exhibitionSinger Tobacco Head Music Tobacco People Star Cigarette Atahama Music Persona Singer Celebrity Musical Tobacco Musician Head TOBACCO Tobacco Tobacco HEAD TABACThe Pins,
You can see it by clicking the character link above. In addition, if you are looking for more details please try the link on the right.Singer Star singer celebrity musician SINGER GROUP Music Music MUSIC Tobacco cigarette Tobacco cigarette Tobacco cigarette cigarette TABAC Head Atmama Head HEAD Person person personFrom the huge collection of 90000 kinds of Pins Marche
I searched by theme and brand. There are French miscellaneous goods collections suitable for various genres such as hobbies and work, things used everyday. Please also enjoy a more detailed search according to your interest from within Pins Marche's website. Also when you can not find products easily, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yahoo has a lot of pins and
In addition, it is exhibiting ↓ ↓ from around the world mainly in France.
For use of letter pack plus or cash on delivery shipping, for HP Pins MarcheHerePlease refer to the.Envelopes with bubble wrap or equivalent strict wrappingWe will send you with protection.Payment MethodPlease choose from bank transfer or cash on delivery.
shipping method
Shipping cost
We will send it from the post office. Depending on circumstances such as size, "Yu-PackWe will also send you.
Total product price Until 9 999 yen 10 000 yen to 19 999 yen 20 000 yen or more
Non-standard-size mail 120 yen 0 Yen 0 yen Letter pack plus
I will send it to you.
Letter pack plus ¥ 510 350 yen
Cash on delivery shipping (post office) 120 yen (+390 yen / delivery charge) 0 yen (+390 yen / delivery charge commission) 0 Yen
Letter pack plusIn our case, our shop is responsible until the point of receipt or signature. We will refund you in case of loss. Payment Method[Japan Post Bank] [Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation] [MitsubishiUFJ Bank] [comfort. Bank]
【Yahoo simple settlement】
【Cash on delivery (post office)】
Please choose your payment method from the top.About Pins MarchePins Marche,90000 pointsIt is a store of Internet mail order of French pins, key holder, buy bar, Phave which publish the above items.
HP address:http://pinsmarche.com blog Notation of Specified Commercial Transactions InquiriesTelephone / Fax Number: 078-855-6266
3 - chome 3-8 Fukada Town Nada ward Kobe city
Rokko Sakae Building 4F
Please feel free to contact us.
Please come and visit Pins Marche.Pinsmarcheはこちらへ♪
A BIENTOT! We also exhibit a number of other pins ↓ ↑ * ^^ *
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