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[Operation goods] disk grinder sander 100 mm [Mitachi MK-100Ⅲ]
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,500 $25
Start price ¥2,500 $25
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller honbasu11329 +2868
Leader 9*Q*_***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-05-29T16:40:57+09:00
End time 2019-06-01T16:40:57+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h372528728
Seller position Saitama Prefecture Kawaguchi-shi

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[Operation goods] disk grinder sander 100 mm [Mitachi MK-100Ⅲ]
Mitachi: part number MK-100Ⅲ
· Rated voltage: AC100V
- rated frequency: 50-60Hz
■ can be mounted grinding wheel size ■
   Outer diameter 100mmx diameter 15mmx thickness 6mm
Operation confirmed
Shaft fixing spanner is non-genuine
Lock nut wrench is Yes to non-genuine / processing. * Image shades may vary slightly. ※ When you ask questions "When you ask questions" may not be answered in time. ※ We can not answer questions on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. (I will correspond as much as possible)
Cannot be bundled (please contact us)※ I need your help on the condition of no claim no cancellation. ● (Please pay the transfer fee)-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------In addition to this, we have exhibited abundantly from hobby to practical goods.------------------------------------------------※ We will use "recycled materials" for packaging materials.-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
● ◎ Information on dealings ◎ ● (Please read carefully)
Please understand "Product Description", please join the bidding. ----- About display> ---------
* Please contact the maker directly for the trouble after it makes a successful bid. ----- <[Second-hand goods] About display> -------
※ Although we have sent cleaning products and easy inspections as much as possible,
I think whether there is a point that does not get it. Please give me a bid for recognition as a used item. It can not respond to the guarantee attached to the item you used after it makes a successful bid. ----- -------------------● always description details and questions about the product "before a bid"
"After convinced" the answer such as "question to exhibitor" Please bid.
※ Please acknowledge that we may not be able to answer your question on professional questions even if you can not be satisfied. ※ (Sat) (Sun) (national holiday) "question" can not be answered the same day. ---- --------------------------☆ Yahoo auction "automatic successful bid notification e-mail" I will inform you.Please inform us of "necessary items" as soon as possible at "" dealings Navi ".※ "Successful bid price"Please arrange remittance within 7 days.
※ When we can not arrange remittance within 7 days after a successful bid
Please note that we will be "cancelled" as "successful bidder convenience".
------ --------------------------● "Transportation method" can not respond to requests for methods other than "us designation". ★ Please refrain from the tender of those who can not understand the above freight charges ★-------------------------------------------------------------------- -
The item is markedly different from "exhibition image" or "explanatory note". Or "reception" such as "defect" of goods or "damage during transportation"
We will say "within 7 days" from "shipping date". 【Not on the unpacking day or the arrival date】
I will not respond to any further correspondence. ----- ------★ after confirmation of payment, we ship "within the same day to three days.".However, (Saturday) (Sunday) (national holiday) will be shipped within 3 days after the holiday. ----- --------------
★ I hope in "dealings Navi" after a successful bid. ----- ---------------------
◎ I will certainly do from here for those who gave "evaluation". ---- -----
  [Saitama prefecture Public Safety Commission permission No. 431340017129]
        Or more, thank you.
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