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Recommended for welding and heat work! Leather foot cover Velcro for welding work protector for welding Safety shoes Work shoes Shoe protection Foot protection Easy removal
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Condition New
Start time 2019-04-20T11:43:48+09:00
End time 2019-04-27T21:05:09+09:00
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Lot number h393254413
Seller position Saitama

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Description of item ● Protect shoes from sparks in welding work. ● Sander, grinder, spark of high speed cutter. ● Protect the ankles and safety shoes from sparks, paint, and scattering materials.
Product content Product height approx. 26 cm
As a footpad, it is a short product and is mainly suitable for protecting safety shoes and preventing perforation. ■ Size fit is free size for men. ※ In the image, it is attached to 26.5 cm safety shoes.
Payment Method ◆ Price substitution
◆ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
◆ Bank transfer (JNB)
Carriage · Our company designation delivery method: nationwide equal350 jpy (Yahoo! simple settlement bank transfer customer only)
※ We have received 2 ~ 3 business days time to ship. * As for non-standard-size, there is no loss of goods and damage guarantee at all. ※ Even if there are other problems, such as lost or malfunction
We can not assume any responsibility. ※ Please understand that we can not respond in any case. * We consider that you acknowledged the above contents at the time you bid. · Courier: B type
※ Customers who choose cash on delivery will be courier. ※ Please confirm fare in the image below. (In the unlikely event that the image is not displayed and you can not check the shipping fee, please contact us from the question column although you are in trouble). )※ Shipping fee, cash on delivery fee will be subject to a separate consumption tax.
Include ※ Please check the bundled amount in the image below. ※ Please contact us from the question column when image display is not done.
Guarantee ※ Initial failure correspondence for 7 days from the shipping date. Please confirm whether there is a mistake in the product when the item arrives at hand. When the deadline expires, we can not respond in any case. We do not issue warranty ※. Delivery voucher will be a substitute for warranty card. In any case it is out of warranty if there is no original for delivery slip. ※ We will correspond only once for warranty. * Please understand that the return shipping fee accompanying the guarantee will be paid by the customer. (* Initial failure replacement is excluded. )
Notes When the product arrives, please be sure to confirm the item contents. Although we have shipped after inspecting, but in case there were defective items in any case,
Please contact us via email instead of evaluation. We will guide you on how to return. ■ It is impossible to exchange / return goods etc due to purchase mistake of size. Please check the size and dimensions of the current car in advance Please purchase. ※ We can not take conformity check. ■ We do not accept any cancellation depending on customer circumstances such as different product images. ■ Depending on the car, processing may be necessary. ■ Support for products is not done at our shop. Please ask a specialist. ■ Because this product is imported goods, there may be some dirt, threads. ■ Product specifications are subject to change without notice.Terms of service (* We assumed that you acknowledged when you made a successful bid. )
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