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California Poppy 30 capsules #
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Current price ¥110 $2
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Consumption tax 0% included
Seller cir39900 +26049
Leader T*l*l***, g*g*k***
Condition New
Start time 2019-09-01T21:47:46+09:00
End time 2019-09-07T12:45:28+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h403283227
Seller position Aichi-ken

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California Poppy 30 capsules
It seems to state flower of California. In the spring sunshine, you have also the view and the wonder such a feel where you are swaying in the wind. (Nante California, I I'd never been)
Orange. Red is of mixed species
Sowing March to June September to October
Flowering time from May to July
If you wish to bundle shipping after making a successful bid for multiple seeds,
Please see the following "◆ conditions of bundled shipping ◆".
◆ Shipping method ◆
Fourth-class mail 72 yen (nationwide uniform)
If you wish to bundle only the seeds, regardless of the quantity
It will be 72 yen.
However, breakage and loss under mailing because we can not refund your money
The following, if you wish, please tell us without reserve.
Other shipping methods from Japan Post
1 letter pack light-360 yen-post in-trackable-no compensation
2 letter pack plus-510 yen-handing-tracking possible-no compensation
3 Yu Pack cash on delivery-trackable-with compensation
        With cash on delivery of Yu Pack, only Yu Pack charges at the time of arrival
        It is a payment system. (The successful bid price is prepaid)
Cash on delivery is not supported.
◆ Payment method ◆
Yahoo! Easy settlement only
◆ conditions of bundled shipping ◆
The condition in the case of wishing bundle shipment after making a successful bid for multiple seeds only,
Time of bid = successful bid (immediate decision) only on the same day.
Under the "Start Trading" button, from the link "Request Bundled"
  I would like procedure. ◆ Notice ◆
Please contact me from the successful bidder after a successful bid. In case of multiple successful bids, please contact us from one representative. If there is no contact after 48 hours, we will cancel.
For bid = successful bid (prompt decision), I do not do reserve correspondence. Bundled shipping will be the only successful bid on the same day.
Purchased seeds do not have seed bags at the time of purchase.
The seeds of the self-collection may be mixed with flowers that could not be removed. In the case of self-collected and self-sorted viola / pansy species
There is also a case that a different color from the parent stock may appear.
With regard to germination rate, it depends on the weather and environment at the time of planting and after planting
It depends greatly on.
Please note that compensation can not be made.
How to grow is a rough statement. There is also a thing without a statement of how to grow. Gardening is within my hobbies. Since I am not an expert, the details of how to grow and sowing by region
Please investigate by the highest bidder.
Shipping will be Monday and Thursday. As there may be days of holidays even on the above days
Specifically, please confirm "self-introduction column". The shipping deadline for each day is Monday 8:00 pm on Saturday
Thursday shipment will be confirmed by 8 pm on Tuesday
It becomes correspondence of the parting which was done.
Although there is a case to be able to correspond only in the case of hurry when posting to the post
Please do not expect too much because I am working. In business, there is a day when successful bid communication and shipping procedure can not be done. I would appreciate your favor since it will be listed in the "self-introduction column".
Since I am trying to make a pleasant transaction,
If you have any questions or concerns
Please contact us from the question column in advance.
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