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◆ Macintosh remodeling way-strongest tune up manual (2001 supplement edition) ◆ Similar to new item
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◆ Of the last exhibition2004Following the year edition, even older rare2001Year edition came out.
This is an older version, but I wondered if the storage condition in the dark for a long time was good without being read,
Although it is subjective to the last, I think that it is as good as a book as new as it is not wrong even if it is now lined up in the store without any burn at all.
17I think it is impossible to obtain in this state in the old Mook book, so how is it at this opportunity?.
MACIt is a must for fans and suitable for permanent preservation of mania and researchers.
◆ Contents
Monthly "MacPowerMainly on the article of "Imai Takashi's Remodeled Road" which was published in36Model113Thorough analysis of the model.
PerformaComplete coverage from the series to the latest model at the time, including logic descriptions and spec tables for all models.
A schemek book(2001/01) 360page
It is not easy to get old nowMACThere are a lot of internal photos that you can not usually see because it is full of information.
HD centered on clock upDHow to replace the cover, such as memory expansion was covered from beginners to advanced users
Various hard remodeling methods are explained clearly.
People who want to remodel, of course, those who do notMACI think it will be very about in understanding the genealogy and structure of the past.
◆ As a point of caution, after the successful bidtwenty fourPlease contact us within hours. Also, if a new person or one with a bad evaluation is bid without prior contact There is a case to let me cancel the bid by our judgment. Please promise no claim, no return after a successful bid.
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