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Free shipping free shipping Doctor Shawl Deodorant / Antibacterial Shoes Spray Baby powder scent
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Product Details

Dr. Shawl Deodorant · Antibacterial Shoes Spray Baby powder scent

It is a new article genuine article. free shippingIt will be.【Product introduction】
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Contents: 150ml
  • Product size (width X depth X height): 45 × 45 × 175
size:Baby powder 150ml

Component Cokin Master instantly deodorizes odor and prevents re-breeding of bacteria. It is a deodorant spray that smells deodorant and antibacterial firmly with natural deodorant ingredients. The antifungal ingredients prevent the original occurrence of odor, so the inside of the shoes is always clean and refreshing. It can be used for all types of shoes. Baby powder scent.

From manufacturer

Doctor shawl Deodorant, antibacterial shoe spray

The amount of perspiration on both feet of the day is about 250 cc

The sole of the foot is the place where the sweat glands are densest as well as the palm in the body.
Socks, stockings and further sealed with boots and leather shoes, of course, the temperature of the foot rises and it sweats more and more.
"The sweating amount of the foot is large" and "the shoes are easy to stuff", the bacteria that will settle in the shoes will be quite large.

Odor of shoes that everyone is interested in

Although the soles of the feet scratch a lot of sweat, since sweat itself is mostly moisture, there is little odor.
However, since bacteria (bacteria) prefer an environment that is stuffy, it reacts with sweat to nourish dirt and dirt on the foot and grows rapidly.
It will emanate the "acid smell" which is a component of the smell, which causes the odor of feet.

Doctor · Shawl Deodorant · antibacterial shoe spray

If you are concerned about the odor of shoes, instantly deodorize odors + prevent bacteria from breeding bacteria = repel double odor
Doctor · shawl "deodorant · antibacterial shoe spray" recommended.
* 1: Intage SRI investigation Foot care market Doctor · shawl product cumulative sales amount (November 2015 - October 2016)
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