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☆New goods★prompt decision☆specials★ ★ the mascara cone ☆ Shu Uemura ☆ service ★
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Condition New
Start time 2018-10-19T22:27:41+09:00
End time 2018-10-20T22:27:41+09:00
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Lot number j519940400
Seller position Okayama Prefecture

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The mascara container
Description of item
The Central bulge of the volume, the lashes and blow highlights. Cone shaped 25mm. In the middle of the Bulge, the eyelashes and the blog emphasize the.
  • Ingredients : nylon
Payment details
◆ Payment fee【Successful bid price】 + 【Shipping】 = 【payment fee】※ Please bear the transfer fee etc. ◆ Payment method[Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement]* Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts can choose the desired settlement method from bank transfer, credit, convenience store payment.
Shipment details
◆ Shipping feeNationwide even 600 yen (tax included)◆ Delivery method
Shipped by one of the following methods
(The delivery method can not be selected. We will select by baggage here)
· Yamato Transport
· Sagawa Express
◆ Please check
☆ ☆ We collect cargo collection from warehouse, delivery to post office to partner companies. (It may arrive by cardboard box of Amazon)
☆ ☆ personal information will be used only to the extent necessary for delivering the product. (We will notify third parties such as consignment delivery carriers)
☆ ☆ Depending on the stock storage situation, bundling can not be done. ☆ ☆ In case of two or more successful bids, I will charge one shipping cost each. Nationwide even 600 yen (tax included)
☆ ☆ We do not correspond transactions collectively. ☆ ☆ I do not do the correspondence correspondence correspondence. ☆ ☆ Hokkaido, Okinawa, some remote islands may require the delivery date of goods than usual. Thank you for your understanding, please tender after consent.
Transaction flow
1. Customer information(the highest bidder)For quick dealings, we ask you to register from the successful bidder to the form. (If by any chance input to the form can not be done, please describe in dealings contact)
◆ Information on successful bidder you input
● Address
● Your name
● Telephone number
● Scheduled date of payment
● Payment method
※ Please be careful about filling in the address, number room, etc.2. Payment (the highest bidder)[Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts] I ask for payment of price. ※ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts you can choose the desired payment method from bank transfer, credit settlement, convenience payment3. Shipping(the shop)After payment is confirmed, we will arrange for product shipment promptly.4. Receive contact(the highest bidder)When goods arrive, please contact reception on dealings Nabis.5. Mutual evaluation(the highest bidder,the shop)After dealings are completed successfully, if you like, please give a mutual evaluation. (Please inform us so in advance if evaluation is unnecessary)
* Please confirm the following before bidding☆ ☆ Please also look at the exhibitor profile field, please bid on understanding and consent. ☆☆ no claim no return, please. ☆☆ It becomes an exhibition by simple transaction. ☆ ☆ If there is no connection even after 3 days after a successful bid, we will cancel it at customer convenience. (Please make payment within 3 days)
☆ ☆ "Those who have three or more evaluations of" very bad successful bidders "have refused bidding, so those who are applicable will not be bidded. ☆ ☆ Basically we will try shipping immediately after payment is confirmed, but for popular items it may be out of stock. ☆ ☆ Please note that our product support is not available at our shop such as how to use · installation method. ☆ ☆ Package may be changed without notice due to specification change etc. ☆ ☆ If the instruction is attached, depending on the product it will be in English or Chinese. ☆☆Product is photo shoot・check the operation of the order,once opened and unused goods new to you.. ☆ ☆ There is a slight difference in the color of the product depending on the screen of your personal computer · smartphone. ☆ ☆ If you cancel by the circumstances of the highest bidder, the evaluation of the bad successful bidder will automatically follow on the Yahoo! Auction system. ☆ ☆ We can not accept cancellation due to customer convenience, such as not being able to meet the desired date and time. ☆ ☆ Although we are inspecting, if there is any trouble at the time of goods arrival, we will correspond fairly to returned / refunded. ☆ ☆ The consumption tax and the successful bid commission are not received. ☆☆ We are taking a break on weekends and national holidays. ☆ ☆ Inquiries in the business navigation【Transaction message】Thank you in. ☆ ☆ To the person who wants the receipt, PDF will be sent in dealings Navi. (Please acknowledge it will be a receipt for electronic)
Thank you very much for reading to the end.
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