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■ ■ guarantee authentic work of [Pukou Masayuki] Sakuao瓷 bowl both box ■ teacher: Miura Xiaoping two
Auction ends over
Current price ¥120,000 $1,267
Start price ¥120,000 $1,267
Buy-now ¥180,000 $1,900
Seller meikou_jp +898
Condition Other (Uninjured)
Start time Feb 22, 2014 1:54:24 PM Europe/London
End time Feb 24, 2014 8:10:36 AM Europe/London
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k157417309
Seller position Aichi Prefecture

■ ■ guarantee authentic work of [Pukou Masayuki] Sakuao瓷 bowl both box ■ teacher: Miura Xiaoping two
Work size Maximum value (about) H 6.0cm diameter 15.0cm
Work state Uninjured
Accessories Co-box, cloth, bookmark
I was born in Tokyo in 1964
1987 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music pottery course graduation
The Graduate School of Miura Xiaoping two laboratory completed in 1989
International Ceramics Exhibition excellent prize 1990
1993 Asahi Ceramics Exhibition rookie Ceramics Award
Japan Foundation for purchasing 1998
Ibaraki Prefectural Art Festival grand prize winner 2002
New Orleans Museum of Art in 2004 (U.S.) purchase
Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Shinjuku Keio, Takashimaya Osaka, Nagoya MARUEI,
Hiroshima Tenmaya, Utsunomiya Tobu, Fujino-ya (Tochigi), Tsuboyoshimi (Tokyo),
Solo exhibition, etc. (Tochigi) Gallery Moe
My booth Exhibited works allGenuine GuaranteedIs. If by any chance work was a forgery is
The amount of the successful bid
Full-refund guaranteeDo not worry because it will.
※ Please see the self-introduction column by all means For details of the guarantee.
Shipping Details
Shipping method ● courier service (prepayment)Equal: With the exception of the following area850 yenWill be.※ If Hokkaido, Okinawa, shipping destination. Remote island other¥ 1,700I hear.
Note ※ I can not accept the designation of the courier service, cash on delivery, personal delivery etc., delivery method other than the above.※ I is greater than expected in the packing at the end, you may want to up and down slightly from the actual charge or smaller, but I do not do an additional claim and refund of postage.
※ I ship by insured next until the day of payment is confirmed by strictly packing.
(This is after the holidays on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.)
※ I may I am allowed to use recycled products on hand packing material for where I am allowed to offer value for money, but please understand.
※ Please note that wrapping and packaging because you can not do it.
Payment details
Payment Methods ● Bank (formerly e)(It is recommended so you can earliest be confirmed after payment)● Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. ● Bank Shinsei Bank ● Japan Post Bank ● Yahoo! simple settlement ● cash on delivery(Please check below ↓ fee because it costs postage and non-contract price)※ I am sorry, but I can not use cash on delivery if Okinawa, remote island.
COD Contract price+PostageBy the total amount ofCash-on-delivery feeBut it will be as follows.
Successful bid price + shipping COD
¥ 10,000 ~In the case of 315 yen
¥ 30,000 ~In the case of 420 yen
¥ 100,000 ~In the case of 630 yen
¥ 300,000 ~In the case of ¥ 1,050
¥ 500,000 ~In the case of ¥ 2,100
※ You can not use the card only cash payment at the time of deliveryPlease understand.
Comment [Contact goods fee] [] [consumption tax system fee] [] packing cost is included all the successful bid price.
Note ※ Please successful bidder for the transfer fee.
※ Please transfer within five days from the date of bid.
Note ● the state of the work of the deliveryPlease let us know within 2 weeks from the date of successful bid if there is a problem. ● The setting of your computer monitor and photographic equipment of us,There may be differences in color may cause some to publication image and the real thingPlease note thing.Returned goods for reasons such as "different from the image", is strictly prohibited.Question received also trivial,Please give me a bid on eliminating the questions. ● and the answer to your question is delayed,It might not be able to answer the question of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and the end of the auction day, just before the endSo, I need your help as soon as possible.
● Although there are times when it can be confirmed and a small glaze spots and Kamakizu because it is art of handmade artist
I will display the intact flaws other than humanitarian. (It does not also described rattling of the hill.) AlsoThere may be a feeling of aging abrasion and dirt, such as cracking the accessories such as boxes, but is not stated.Please bid on your understanding.
● auction in session, after the end
I can not accept in principle the cancellationPlease do not bid therefore carefully.
You pay 10% of the highest bid in case of cancellation by the highest bidder convenience.
I refuse the bid is basically the person who has more than 1/100 the evaluation of "bad, very bad".Please note there is a case to cancel without notice bid, even if I have a successful bid.
In that case, a rating of "very bad" sticks automatically.
The successful bidder circumstances. Successful bid if we do not hear from us within 72 hours after a successful bid.In that case, a rating of "very bad" sticks automatically. Sorry to trouble you if contact not from us, but if we ask that you please contact us within 3 days. ● The top-up Masu say give me a bid only those who carefully read to the last sentence, you can understand. The one that had a successful bid and bid, I judge that there was consent.
Shipping and contact from dealings in this place,Monday, Wednesday and FridayIt becomes.● If you can give me the contact us in advance after a successful bid, so are explicitly dealings details successful bid e-mail from Yahoo!, please contact us business navigation will look there. ● If you hurry, please check from the question column before it makes a successful bid.
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