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★★Car repair books,manuals,wiring diagrams, assembling,instruction manual CD ★★new
Auction ends 50 minutes
Current price ¥2,900 $29
Start price ¥2,900 $29
Buy-now ¥3,000 $30
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller oguniwara113 +7341
Condition New
Start time 2019-05-23T21:00:32+09:00
End time 2019-05-24T21:00:32+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k173085376
Seller position Fukushima City Fukushima Prefecture

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"Description of item"The regular version unopened new, Toyota service manual CD of it.. CD jacket described in the nineties(1994 to 1996-8 years) of a new type of car manual・repair manuals・wiring diagrams the gathering・instruction manual PDF file in all over the cover, and more.. Of course this CD is a regular version issued by Toyota. CD case back, to view Adobe Acrobat Reader5. More than 1 is required.. Operating environment * OS:Windows95/98/NT4. 0/2000/XP ・CPU:Pentium100MHz or more(Pentiumⅱ300MHz or more recommended) ・memory:32MB or more(64MB or more recommended) ・CD drive:Yes(24 times or more recommended). Copying, copying, reprinting, screening, public transmission, rental, translation, adaptation or modification without the permission of the copyright owner of the whole or a part of this CD-ROM is forbidden. All or part of this CD-ROMIf you make a copy without permission, you may be required to claim damages, actual cost 1,575 yenThere is description such as. In the brochure integrated with the blue CD jacket, the repair manual / reference manual / wiring diagram / manual of the handling document / classification (separate from the first edition / supplementary version) · Model of the vehicle · Issued date It is being done. And on the back of CD jacket · Since this CD-ROM is scanned as it is original PDF, the clarity may be different depending on the preservation state of the original, so please note in advance, etc."Please, attention" New IDTowardsBid / successful bid is not acceptedI will doNew ID personFor trouble preventionEven if bid / awarded, I delete itSo, please be forewarned. * Please refrain from the tender even if you can not contact the shipping destination etc within 24 hours after it makes a successful bid. * If you are able to complete the transaction even if you are a new ID (if you have a willingness to purchase securely) please tell that from the question column, depending on the content you may accept bids as-is,The direction of the new ID deletes it even if it is bid / awarded without a questionSo, please understand."Shipping method and shipping fee"Shipping fee is charged to the highest bidder.Letter pack plus Letter pack light Click post "Display relating to Specified Commercial Transactions Law"Although I posted it, this is
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