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Fujitsu FMO-230USB 230MB-MO drive x1
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,980 $29
Start price ¥2,980 $29
Buy-now ¥2,980 $29
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller minna_no_hiroba0324 +2552
Leader .*q*u***
Condition Used
Start time 2018-08-31T22:49:29+09:00
End time 2018-09-01T16:13:01+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k273994705
Seller position Nagasaki Prefecture

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Product Details
Model name ★ Fujitsu FMO - 230USB 230MB - MO drive x1 ★
accessories AC adapter
Categories second hand
Product shipping size 60
Product information
● Operation checked
Optional: 50 pin SCSI cable (800 yen)※ Product photo of this exhibition uses other product photos in the same state. ※ There are cases where the color condition looks somewhat different in the display picture and the real thing.
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