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Period of the Edo period Castor crest crest
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥8,000 $78
Start price ¥8,000 $78
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kobuichi6334 +1151
Start time 2019-02-18T11:18:29+09:00
End time 2019-02-24T19:18:12+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k295196743
Seller position Tottori prefecture

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Period of the Edo period Casta crest crest
Description of item+++
Thank you very much for seeing. ■ Product status
It is a cup with crest crest. Diameter: about 41,5 cm
Height: about 10 cm
There is a sense of time as it is, a feeling of use corresponding to aging,
There are dirt, rubbing, peeling, cracks and chipping etc.. There is no expert knowledge, I can not do the explanation. Please check the product condition carefully, please judge it. The more nervous one should refrain from bidding.
Sending method+++
Yamato Transport
Payment Method+++
Yahoo! easy settlement (Details)
Thank you for reading to the last minute. In order to make the transaction smooth, please read the following notes, please bid it. Notes
◎ Thank you for thoroughness of no claim no return no cancellation. ◎ On account of work, every day from 17 o'clock, Sunday is not doing auction work in general. ※ Correspondence on Saturday will vary depending on the week, but I do not do basic auction work. ※ There are times when holidays are performing auction work like Saturdays and Sundays and not going. ※ Because I will inform you of long vacation etc. surely in the self-introduction column
Please confirm once before bidding. ◎ There is a time when the question that immediately needs a reply comes just before the end time. Basically, the reply to the questions after 17 o'clock is early.
· Monday - Friday · · · next morning
· Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays ... Weekday morning
As it becomes, those who have a question as soon as possible thank you.
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