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Mock version MOCKBERG quartz Womens watch MO1603 black
Auction ends over
Current price ¥13,971 $137
Start price ¥13,971 $137
Buy-now ¥13,971 $137
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller hiroryo6208 +8621
Condition New
Start time 2018-05-27T11:26:19+09:00
End time 2018-05-30T11:26:19+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k306674285
Seller position Miyagi Prefecture

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Mock version MOCKBERG quartz Womens watch MO1603 black
Mock version MOCKBERG quartz Womens Watch Watch Black MOCKBERG(mock group). Founded in 2013 in Northern Europe is hugely popular, and that is,Swedish watch brand. Elegant and classic,minimalist design with attention to detail to feel feminine design made in the. The most casual use it for your day to day life, a special Time Offer. Made in Japan movement used,fashion watch from Wristwatches and trust with it.. It is also recommended for gifts and gifts.
Item Information
size (Approximately)H33×W33×D7mm(lag, crown, except),Weight(approx.) 47g, arm around maximum(approximately)20 cm,minimum(approximately)15.5 cm
specification Stainless steel(case),stainless steel(belt)
Quartz,3 ATM water resistant,Color: Black(dial), Gold(belt)
1 year
accessories BOX, warranty card, instruction manual
Deal details and others
Thank you for seeing. Our store's exhibited merchandise will be the product we made purchase through a major trading company.Everything is genuine! Regarding imported goods from overseas (reverse import, parallel import goods etc), it will be only genuine goods passed through customs properly. There are no kind of bad products, fake objects at all. International warranty card (Gyarantikado) etc are attached for watches etc. Within the warranty period, we will respond to any trouble by our company responsibly. Please do not settlement immediately after a successful bid. Please read the flow of transaction well.
The shipping fee is 700 yen including tax (Hokkaido 1000 yen remote island, Okinawa 1800 yen).Goods with free shipping description are free shipping (remote island, Okinawa 1000 yen).Since storage of goods is kept in multiple warehouses, basically it can not be bundled. If you keep it in the same warehouse, you can bundle it, but the shipping fee will be changed.If you make a successful bid for more than one, we will contact you for shipping costs before settlement.
Flow of dealings If you make a bid for it, the automatic bid notification will be delivered.After that we will send you a mail from our company (the next day in the case of night end). Wait for a greeting mail from our company without hastening the settlement. After confirming your requested items and shipping fee, please settle. Recently, more customers have not received e-mail from us.If there is a mail error, we will contact you from the bulletin board, When sorted out as junk e-mails by mailer settings, we will not receive e-mail error notification. Customers who can not confirm e-mails or contacts from bulletin boards,
Set up your own mailer
Please check the spam folder.
When the customer's procedure is over and you can confirm the transfer, we will contact you with confirmation of payment and sending out details. Usually we will ship within 3 days (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). ♪Luggage until the arrival of the please wait♪
How to contact us by email(hiroryo6208@ybb.ne.jp)or from the Bulletin Board Thank you.All the exhibited products have secured inventory.
The shipping cost is 700 yen (Hokkaido 1,000 yen remote island, Okinawa 1800 yen). Items with free shipping description are free shipping! (Okinawa, remote island areas excluded. ) Since storage of goods is stored in multiple warehouses, it can not basically be bundled. If you keep it in the same warehouse, you can bundle it, but the shipping fee will be changed.
About payment amount Successful bid price + consumption tax + Shipping fee = total payment amount (Customer is responsible for transfer fee etc) (Consumption tax will be charged separately for the highest bid for store listings. )
payment method
You can choose from the following methods. Bank transfer
● Japan Net Bank
Rakuten bank
● Japan Post Bank
Yahoo か ん た ん settlement of accounts ● Cash on delivery can not be used.
※Notes※ Since storage of goods is stored in multiple warehouses, it can not basically be bundled. If you keep it in the same warehouse, you can bundle it, but the shipping fee will be changed. Inventory management of products is done strictly.We have sent after inspecting at the time of arrival. We perform final inspection after a successful bid, we ship to customers. About the bid of the new ID and minus evaluation many people may cancel the tender at our discretion. In case of initial malfunction or damage, please contact within 5 days from the arrival of goods. Please send it by cash on arrival. We will respond with responsibility. Those that have passed five days or more after the item arrives will normally be guaranteed faults and bear the return shipping fee for repair. Cancellation after it makes a successful bid if it is in the form of cancellation by successful bidder convenience, we will correspond. In that case, the evaluation of "very bad" automatically comes from the auction. We appreciate your promises not to do retaliation evaluation. In addition, if there is a question before bidding please contact me from the question column, from the bulletin board after it makes a successful bid. We do not issue receipts.
About wrapping For watches, wrapping is available separately at ¥ 200. If you wish, please add it to the request column of the order form. Wrapping may be possible even with other products. Please contact us.
Watch To customers who purchase
About belt size adjustment We can not accept belt adjustment. Please note.
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