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Shader CARAN d’ACHE ball pen 849-997 BRUT ROSE Brut Rose Writing Instruments and stationery office supplies
Auction ends 23 hours
Current price ¥3,890 $39
Start price ¥3,890 $39
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller taimukurabu +558
Condition New
Start time 2019-05-18T23:14:27+09:00
End time 2019-05-20T23:14:27+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k362314811
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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■ Function Knock type
■ Size Length: about 12. 8cm,diameter: approx 9mm, approx 15g
■ Accessories Case
■ Specification Domestic regular goods
※ Depending on the monitor's environment, the colors of the actual product and the image may look slightly different.
※ The product is new, but there may be minor scratches and streaks that occur in the manufacturing process.
※ Accessories such as case may be different from image by specification change.
【About products】
Our products are all new and unused in domestic regular goods and foreign regular goods. Please be assured that overseas genuine products (parallel imported products) are definitely genuine as they are purchased only from credible vendors who are members of the Japan Distribution Self-Management Association. The product is new, but there may be minor scratches and stains that may occur in the manufacturing process, so please refrain from bidding for nervous ones. -The design of accessories such as BOX may be different from the image due to the specification change. -The color of the image may look slightly different depending on the environment you are viewing. -Since the product is also sold at other stores, it may be out of stock in rare cases. Please note that we can not accept returns or exchanges. Please contact us within one week after arrival if there is an obvious failure not specified in the description. We can not cope in any situation after one week. Because the initial battery of the battery-powered watch is a monitor battery for operation check, its life is shorter than usual, so it may be out of service in a few days from the very rare delivery. Please note that batteries are not covered by warranty.
[After the auction]
Please enter your shipping address and payment method in the order form.※ We can not use dealings Navi. We will contact you by email within 1 business day after confirming the order form in our shop. Business hours: 10-18:30 Regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
We will close the New Year holidays. Please check the self-introduction column for details.
【About payment】
Consumption tax and shipping cost will be required besides the successful bid price.Payment method can use Yahoo! simple settlement, bank transfer. ※ Fee will be borne by the successful bidder.
【Regarding delivery】
It will be delivered by either Japan Post, Yamato Transport, or Sagawa Express. ※ You can not select the shipping company. Shipping fee is 1,230 yen for Hokkaido and Okinawa, and 648 yen for other areas. Please contact us in advance if you are planning to make a successful bid for multiple items. In the case of bundled shipment, the shipping cost will be supported in one minute.
[About paperless delivery statement]
We are implementing paperless delivery notes in our shop. The delivery note is not enclosed, so please request before shipping if you wish. ※ PDF file will be sent by email to those who wished a delivery note after shipping.
[About warranty]
For products that have a warranty on the accessories, the manufacturer's warranty and our store warranty are included. Domestic genuine products are manufacturer's warranty, overseas genuine products are our warranty. ※The clock of the warranty of the machine nature of the failure in trauma (case・Glass・The Crown・belt such as corruption)and the interior of the machine to the water inlet, such as by the Airborne Toxic Event.
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