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Magnet holder L6003 Welding magnet (k897)
Auction ends over
Current price ¥601 $6
Start price ¥601 $6
Buy-now ¥602 $6
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller walktool +17166
Condition New
Start time 2019-04-21T00:20:14+09:00
End time 2019-04-27T20:07:14+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number k381297793
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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k897 Magnet holder L
Description of item
Useful for temporarily fixing steel frames, pipes, gussets, etc.! !«Specification»
● Angle 45/90/135
● Adsorption force: Approximately 33 kg (75 pounds)
-Body size: H24mm L135mm W135mm
● Body weight: 1100g
Shipment details
【A shipping fee】○ Usually ordered by our designated shipping company will be shipped
This item's guide is "■ @ spot sale Mr. 3.86 ■It was created with.
● About payment
Please enter the shipping address etc. of the product in the "order form" after making a successful bid. We will inform you of the total shipping fee included, so please pay after checking the total amount from our company
○ About shipment
Usually, we will ship the item within 3 business days after confirming payment. ○ About cash on delivery
In addition to the shipping fee, a separate fee will be charged. In the case of Sagawa Express
324 yen up to 10,000 yen
Up to 3 million yen 432 yen
Up to 100,000 yen 648 yen
1080 yen up to 200,000 yen
* Any questions, requests are in the request column of Order Form or our company address
Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or fax.Limited company walk
〒 599-8254
Osaka Prefecture Sakai City Naka Ward Fushio 2933-1
TEL 072-349-9222
FAX 072-293-7775
E-mail address walk@kawaseco.com
Payment Method
● cash on delivery
● Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
● Bank transfer (prepaid) only
· Bank name · · · Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
· Branch name · · · Sakai Branch
· Account type ··· Regular
· Account number · · · 1022595
· Account name · · · limited company Walk
Shipping classification
Shipping size Hokkaido Honshu / Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
A shipping cost 864 yen ¥ 756 864 yen ¥ 1296
B Shipping fee 1134 yen ¥ 1026 1134 yen 2376 yen
C postage 1404 yen ¥ 1296 1404 yen 5800 yen
D Shipping fee 2200 yen 1580 yen 1680 yen 6800 yen
E Shipping fee 3300 yen 1900 yen 2000 yen 7800 yen
F postage 4200 yen 2300 yen 2400 yen 8800 yen
G Shipping cost 5200 yen 2900 yen 3000 yen 9800 yen
H Shipping fee 6800 yen 3900 yen 4000 yen 12000 yen
I Shipping fee 8800 yen 5200 yen ¥ 5600 15000 yen
J Shipping fee 9800 yen 6200 yen 6800 yen 20000 yen
* We will inform you about the shipping fee for bulk order after estimating separately. ※ Unloading, moving and installing heavy-weight items on customer's side. * Shipping fee differs according to size and weight for each product. ※ If there is no description of the shipping fee in the sending out details, we will inform you of shipping fee by order confirmation e-mail from our company. ※ All items Shipping cash on delivery will not be shipped. ※ Usually it will be shipped in Sagawa Express. ※ About Okinawa remote island area, the amount of money of division postage may be added by area.
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