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【30%OFF】【shipping\390 s】Mammut MAMMUT skyline stretch pants Skyline Stretch Pants Women WOMEN's S charcoal system
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Current price ¥3,920 $40
Start price ¥3,920 $40
Buy-now ¥3,920 $40
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller shop_2ndgear +5602
Leader Y*I*U***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-07-25T21:39:06+09:00
End time 2019-07-27T21:00:25+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number k397726786
Seller position Tokyo Prefecture Musashino City Kichijoji

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Second gear is a store specializing in climbing products and outdoor brands!
Based on abundant expertise and experience gained in the field,
Buy your precious gear higher than anywhere!
Please leave everything from the latest gear to the old collective items!
Description of item
■Product description
Sheer, lightweight stretch material: durable water-repellent processed, or ladies using pants in.. Light rain most of the actions possible in the convenience is high, the rise is slightly shallow silhouette is a clean one on it.. ■Material
100% polyester
■Manufacturer product ID:JP1030050
■Color: charcoal-based
■Size:WOMEN's S
■Measured value
・Length: - cm
・Shoulder width:cm
・Sleeve length: - cm
・Any length: - cm
・Waistline flat:74cm
・Hem width: 22cm
・Outsole length: cm
・Height: cm
・Width: cm
・Depth: cm
・Weight: 220g
※All dimensions in. In addition, please forgive the error because it is measurement by hand and simple measurement.

■Overall condition rating: 7 Used:use less beauty products (10 stages)

* Total state evaluation criteria(our staff's subjective, and reference it.. )
10 new or unused
9 new article ・ unused: outlet · difficult
8 used: same as new
7 Used: Beauty with less feeling
6 used: some feeling of use
5 used: feeling of use (usually used)
4 used: significant use feeling
3 used: very significant feeling of use
2 Used: functional problems
1 junk: fatal problem

■Status line (no・fine・small・sort・in・large・pole)
■Internal control items
・Product code:z00012311
・Receiving officer:
・Shooting officer:
・The exhibition contact person: W001※ This item is also on sale at Yahoo! Shopping at the same time. ※ There is also a product that can be purchased even if the auction has ended. ※ If you are looking for other colors and sizes, or if you would like more than one item, please click here.セカンドギア ヤフーショッピング店※ If the product of the finished auction is the last one in stock, it is sold out in Yahoo! Shopping. ※ Basically, the sales price for Yahoo auction and Yahoo! Shopping is the same, but depending on the timing of the exhibition,
There may be differences in sales prices. Please be sure to confirm in advance, as you can not change after making a successful bid or after ordering.
shipping method
Shipping cost
・Kuroneko Yamato TA-Q-bin
Shipping is nationwide uniform 660 yen (Okinawa excluding)
The time zone can be specified. (9-12 at・14-16 at・16-18 at・18-20 time・19-21 at the time)
Okinawa, the case of shipping 2000 yen fee. If you want to purchase multiple ships available.. Make a successful bid from the same YAHOO ID on the same day,
It is a condition that I send it to the same address. ・Kuroneko Yamato business support
Shipping is nationwide uniform 390 yen
Time zone specification is not. Mailbox to mail shipping. Tracking is possible. Cash on delivery is not possible. Bundled is not possible. Products individually, shipping will. During the delivery of the lost or damaged for the warranty 3,000 yen in. ※Other shipping method is not accepted.
Payment Method
・Rakuten Bank
・Yahoo easy settlement
・Cash on delivery
The settlement amount(product price + shipping):delivery charge(tax included)
├1 million yen:324 yen
├1 million yen over 3 million yen less than:432 yen
├3 million yen over 10 million yen to less than:648 yen
└10 million yen over 30 million yen less than:1080 yen※Commodity price + postage besides cash on delivery Commission it.. * From the system use the case of cash on delivery is not available. Make sure"Yahoo! Settlement"or"Bank transfer"please select.
・ The products being posted are basically stored in the warehouse. If you have products that you would like to see directly at the Kichijoji store, please call us by the business day before your visit. ・ We sell many products using natural hair such as wool in our shop. Please forgive the adhesion of minute objects and fine dirt etc. ・ Please fill out the order form within 24 hours after a successful bid, and settle within 2 business days. If you are late due to unavoidable circumstances, please consult us before bidding. ・ Don't your transaction be delayed after making a successful bid
Please contact us before bidding if you have any questions or inquiries regarding products or transactions. ・ An answer may not be in time during the exhibition period depending on the timing of the question. (When overlapping with fixed holiday etc)
Usually, the questions are reset by automatic re-listing and we can not answer. We apologize for the inconvenience, but in that case it would be appreciated if you could get some more questions. ・ Basically we have been shipped by the next business day of the payment date. (In the case of cash on delivery, next business day after order form entry date)
・ If you make a successful bid for multiple products,
Please fill out the order form for all the successful bid items. ・ We will deliver the order confirmation email as soon as you fill in the order form. In addition, we will deliver a shipping completion email as soon as shipping is completed. Please set to receive the following domain. ( @2ndgear. jp,@system.tempostar.net )
・Receipt refusal and long-term absence, address unknown, etc., shipped to the customer in the convenience of our store have a return if
Have back minutes and re・send the minutes of the postage, and fees charged them.. ・ If there is any defect or defect not described in the item description in the item purchased by the customer,
If you can contact our shop within 5 days after the product arrives, we will replace the non-defective item by the cost burden of our shop. If there is no stock and replacement of good items is not possible, we will refund the amount and shipping cost for the item you paid. Please note that we can not accept returns for customer convenience, such as oversights and misunderstandings in the description. ・ We can not take responsibility at all for exchange and repair after product use, injury and trouble with product use. Returned or exchanged after use will not be possible at all, so please be sure to check the product condition before use. ・ Please check the sales calendar below for the timing of shipment and inquiries.
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